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Chronicles of Elyria Lawsuit Finds Lawyer

Class Action to be filed by end of month

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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It looks like the saga of the lawsuit stemming from Chronicles of Elyria has finally found a lawyer.

The news comes to us from a post on the official lawsuit Discord which states that they have been in contact with the McCathern Law Firm and spoke with a lawyer there who has taken up the case. The lawyer confirmed that he’ll be filing a Class Action suit by month’s end. Some additional information was shared regarding the cost of services,

“The agreed upon price of his service is set at 35% of all potential winnings, and the estimated timeline for this case will be anywhere from 1 to 4 years. We asked him whether individuals outside of the US can join in, to which he said he was unsure and would get back to us at a later date.”

His assistant will join the Discord server to gather more information from the community and all who are involved. A follow-up Discord message provided some additional details on the lawyer update,

“- The firm is filing a joint case against SbS and Xsolla.

- At the present time, you don't need to do anything. There'll be emails sent out a latter time asking if you wish to opt in.

- Even if you've done a chargeback to your bank, you may still be eligible to participate. Information on this is pending right now, and the lawyer in question will address this at a later time.

- As it currently stands, this case DOES NOT prevent you from continuing to use Xsolla for other purchases. I'll update this after emails are sent out in the event that changes.”

The server’s admin also recommends against downloading the previously released Chronicles of Elyria parkour demo which was released prior to the game effectively shutting down,

“I extremely doubt it'll bar anyone from participating in the case, but it may be used as a weapon in the case to show some form of product was delivered. The client it launches from was intended to be the same client CoE was run from, and I'm certain they'll try and argue it's the same as a release despite Caspian saying several times it's not.”

Be sure to read Soulbound Studios’ message on how they plan to move Chronicles of Elyria forward.


Poorna Shankar

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