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Sponsored Soulbound Studios Talks Crowdfunding, Funding Fatigue, and Transparency

In the early days of the industry video games were two-dimensional, had two colors, and were controlled by a single input device. While retro games are making a comeback, the fact remains that over the years the complexity of games has increased exponentially from 2D, to 3D, and now to VR. Where before it was fine for games to make beeps and blips, today’s immersive games are expected to have award winning scores

Player-Created Dungeons

Hidden staircases, trapped doors, and underground chambers bring out the imagination in all of us. These are just a few of the reasons player-made housing in Chronicles of Elyria is both captivating and compelling.

Player Housing Part 1 – Architecture & Construction

Build and customize your house and other buildings using Chronicles of Elyria’s player-created blueprints and modular housing. Also, learn how houses help store your extra inventory, make survival easier, and support CoE’s unique family system.

Technology & Research

Chronicles of Elyria pushes the envelope with an innovative technology system - one that lets players set the direction of research, leveraging guilds and existing crafting mechanics to add brand new technology to the world.

Identity, Disguises, and Reputation

By connecting your deeds to character's identity, by giving you the ability to choose how/when to be recognized, and by creating a unique system where your reputation proceeds you, Chronicles of Elyria reminds you that your actions matter.

Equipment & Inventory

With three layers of armor, WYSIWYG looting, equipment that effects your survival, and an innovative new inventory system, find out how Chronicles of Elyria continues to defy the status quo, to create the most immersive and challenging MMO to date.

Maps, Cartography, and Navigation

In this week’s design journal delve into the Explorer role with a look at a few of Chronicles of Elyria’s most compelling and innovative features: player-created maps, dynamic place names, and sensory maps.

Crafting & Professions

Learn about how Chronicles of Elyria uses skill challenges, item specialization, component-based construction, and recyclable materials to create an immersive, customizable crafting system.

Character Roles and Skill Advancement

Tired of having to raise your character level so you can craft? Chronicles of Elyria allows players to focus on just the areas they want. Finally, you can be a full-time crafter without having to gather or engage in combat.

Contracts and Player-Created Professions

Contracts give power back to the players, enabling an infinite number of character-driven occupations. The foundation for marriages, guilds, trade agreements, in-game mail systems, families, and even governments, contracts make Chronicles of Elyria one of the first true sandbox MMOs.

Character Customization and Bloodlines

Half nature, half nurture, learn how your family’s bloodlines and genetics, your starting region, and the occupations of your parents work together to define what most MMOs call your character’s race. Then, learn how character customization continues after character creation.

Design Journal #5 – Families & Family Selection

Begin as a wealthy nobleman, a village merchant, or a lonely Ward, all made possible by your choice of family. Explore Family Selection, Wards, and non-traditional characters in this week’s design journal.

Design Journal #4 – Incapacitation, Spirit Walking, and Permadeath

Explore the difference between incapacitating and killing someone, what happens when your soul is separated from your body, why family is important when you’re facing the grave, and what people can loot off you when slain - All in this week’s Chronicles of Elyria Design Journal.

Design Journal #3 –Time, Aging, and Offline Player Characters

Learn how day and night cycles, seasons, character aging, and offline player characters creates a dynamic gaming experience unlike anything seen before.

Design Journal #2 –Soul Selection, Destiny, Achievements and Soul Mates

In this design journal Soulbound Studios Creative Director Jeromy Walsh ventures back inside the Akashic Records, taking a revealing look inside the Chronicles of Elyria Soul Chamber to talk about soul selection, destiny, achievements, and soul mates.