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Opinion: Lawsuits Be Damned, Chronicles of Elyria is a Farce and Must End Now | MMOWTF

The money has been spent, the game is veritably nonexistent, and yet, the developer still has the audacity to talk about the future, after fleecing so many over a promise that will never materialize. Chronicles of Elyria, Kingdoms of Elyria, and projects like it must end now!

Chronicles of Elyria: Wherefore Art Thou?

I always knew Chronicles of Elyria was going to be a dramatic ride. It had a fiery studio lead that was mad at the current system and wanted to rebuild it from the ground up! The pitch for the game was as audacious as any I’d seen brought to Kickstarter. I went in cautiously with the assumption they would either pull a Han Solo, damn the odds and find a way, or go down in flames. Either way, I was willing to observe and lend a hand (or a handful of money).

A Delayed Concern

Chronicles of Elyria has been delayed. This week Tim Eisen reflects upon the delay and the massive update that came along with it.

Pics, PAX & PvP

This week YOU are invited for this FREE EXCLUSIVE OPPORTUNITY to join our own Tim Eisenzimmer as he works through the latest tremendous Chronicles of Elyria update about pics, PAX and PVP.

From Game to MMORPG

This week Tim Eisen looks for news within the news and wonders how the game world eventually becomes a massive multiplayer online world.

What's It Worth to You?

This week Timothy Eisen covers what was a potentially combustible situation involving two entities that no beast nor demon dare come between, MMORPG fans and their wallets!

Nine Months in Elyria

This week Timothy Eisen looks back at the last nine months of the development of Chronicles of Elyria and looks forward to development in 2017.

Exposited Unknowns

This week Tim Eisen addresses the latest delay and delves into some inevitable (and unpleasant) consequences of game development.

Weathering the Storm

This week Timothy Eisen looks at surviving the weather and making it to launch in Chronicles of Elyria.

Can You Dig It?

This week Tim Eisen digs deep to solve problems with the implementation of tunneling. Did he brace his arguments or is his thought tunnel about to collapse?

Gambling with Elyria

This week Timothy Eisen looks at gambling, stretch goals, water warfare and frequency of updates for Chronicles of Elyria.

Communal Reflection

This week Timothy Eisen reports on the trajectory of crowd funded communities and how Elyria’s affected him.

Another Combustible Update?

This week Timothy Eisen dares to read the Chronicles of Elyria update from October 12th. Will it combust or is it one of the calmer updates of yore, read on to find out!

Kinks in the Communication

“We've been very transparent from the beginning that $900k was all we needed from Kickstarter to get the game done, not that it's all we'd needed.” This week our own Timothy Eisen goes back to the beginning to see if that claim from Soulbound Studios holds up.

Difficult, But Not Impossible

This week our own Timothy Eisen mulls over Chronicles of Elyria Update #42 featuring the belated store, server issues, stretch goals, wild internet speculation and more!