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Chronicles of Denzar Overview

A completely browser based fantasy MMORPG, Chronicles of Denzar requires no flash or download! It scales to almost any size browser including those most commonly found on smartphones, tablets, and desktops. Inspired by classic games like Dragon Quest and Zelda, players adventure through the world of Evita as one of five core classes each with their own unique play style. With over 100 unlock-able unique abilities and spells, players face hundreds of enemies as they set out to uncover and defeat the dark forces that are creeping into their world! Now solely developed by early players, Chronicles of Denzar is a crowdsourced marvel!

  • Adventure through 38 maps each with their own unique enemies and bosses! | Learn how to tame monsters you slay to fight by your side. Every enemy you face can be tamed to fight with you. Conquer elite enemies and bosses for gear with hidden abilities!
  • Play The Way You Want | Battle ferocious foes and level up, apply your stats the way you want! All stats matter for all classes!
  • Robust Crafting | Mine for ore and gems in the underground city of Dravoes! Smith your own weapons and armor in the bastion of hope Cajar! Fish up and cook your next meal at the docks! Author your own guides and lore in the Cajarian Library! Open your own shop to sell your own wares or a kiosk to buy from other players!
  • Help developers to make the game grow | Our staff works hand-in-hand with the player base to bring their ideas to life! Have an idea for a quest? Submit a suggestion! Drew a cool enemy and want it in game? Let us know!