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Chronicle: Runescape Legends Articles

First Impressions - Muscling in on Hearthstone's Territory

Chronicle: Runescape Legends took me by surprise. Few would think there was enough room for a card game to muscle in on Hearthstone’s territory and yet Jagex have somehow managed to do it. Not only have they succeed in creating a game that’s fast, fun and visually appealing but there’s also a surprising amount of depth here, with some clear innovations.

Open Beta Preview

With their rich fantasy background, collectible card-games have become fertile ground for MMOs looking to expand into new areas. As a result, it’s unsurprising to see Runescape-developer Jagex enter the fray with a new title of their own. But, far from being a reskin of run-of-the-mill mechanics, Chronicle: Runescape Legends is something entirely different, offering a surprisingly interesting twist on traditional turn-based play.

GDC 2016 Hands On Preview

Yesterday at GDC we got an in depth look at RuneScape’s CCG Chronicle. The game brings in a new element to the MMO world that has spanned almost fifteen years now. As a CCG the game offers a very different play style which is not anywhere near the likes of Hearthstone or HEX. Chronicle is definitely its own concept which really sets it apart. Here is how it works.