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Champions Online Articles

Get Ready to Unleash Your Inner Villain

You could be forgiven if you haven’t played or paid attention to Cryptic’s Champions Online for a while. Heck, some of us here at MMORPG have lifetime accounts and we haven’t checked in. But that should all be changing as Cryptic is refocusing in on the superhero MMORPG with loads of new content in the coming months. We sat down with Lead Designer Randy Mosiondz to discuss the new Supervillain Onslaught content update due out in September.

On Alert Update Interview

The Champions Online team is ready to unleash the PR dogs with the recent announcement of the On Alert! update which is, by all accounts, supposed to be HUGE. We caught up with Rob Overmeyer to ask him a few questions about On Alert. Keep reading!

Free for All Launch Interview

Yesterday was a banner day for Cryptic Studios, Atari and the Champions Online development team with the debut of the game's Free For All version. To celebrate the event, MMORPG.com Community Manager Michael Bitton sat down with Champions Online Executive Producer Shannon Posniewski. They chatted up the Free For All Champions within hours of its official release. Check it out and then weigh in on the conversation in the comments below.

Revelation Interview

MMORPG.com's Garrett Fuller recently spoke with Champions Online's Bill Roper about the upcoming free expansion, Revelation.

Progress Since Launch Interview

Champions Online has withstood a fair amount of criticism since its launch. Recently, MMORPG.com's Jon Wood spoke with Cryptic's Bill Roper about the game, its future, and the criticisms that it has weathered.

Bill Roper Interview

MMORPG.com's Dana Massey recently traveled to the Cryptic Studios offices and spoke with Champions Online's Bill Roper about the game, its launch and its future direction.

Bill Roper on Blood Moon

MMORPG.com's Garrett Fuller had a chance recently to ask some questions of Champions Online Executive Producer Bill Roper about the upcoming Blood Moon event and the general future of the super-hero game.

One Month Out Q&A

MMORPG.com's Garrett Fuller posed five questions to Champions Online Senior Producer Chris Lena about the state of the game as it moves closer and closer to launch. These questions were submitted prior to the beginning of the open beta.

Exclusive Screenshots

The team from Cryptic Studios sent along these three exclusive screenshots for our viewing pleasure.

Monster Island Interview

Cryptic Studios' Bill Roper recently sat down to answer our questions about Champions Online, discussing Monster Island and more!

Bill Roper Q&A

We talk to Design Director Bill Roper of Cryptic Studios about the game's delay, his views on the MMO market after his recent Gamasutra comments and more.

Combat Interview

MMORPG.com's Jon Wood recently caught up with Champions Online Lead Designer Bill Roper to talk about the combat system in Cryptic's upcoming super-hero game.

Interview with Randy Mosiondz

At Gen Con, MMORPG.com News Manager Keith Cross caught up with Randy Mosiondz from Cryptic Studios to talk about their upcoming superhero MMORPG, Champions Online.

Gen Con Interview with Randy Mosiondz

While attending Gen Con Indy in Indianapolis last week, the MMORPG.com team had the opportunity to sit down and talk to with Randy Mosiondz, the Lead Designer for Champions Online at Cryptic Studios, where they discussed fan response to Champions, design philosophy, and the features that make Champions an upcoming MMO to watch.

Interview with Champions Creator

At a recent press event held by Cryptic Studios, MMORPG.com News Manager keith Cross had a chance to talk to George MacDonald, the co-creator of the original Champions RPG.