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Champions Online Articles

MMO ReRoll - Champions Online

After adventuring through a few high fantasy RPGs for MMO Reroll, Mitch felt like it was time to take a break from dwarves and trolls and try something different. So he turned to Champions Online. What's it like to check out this MMO in 2021 as a new player?

Patrolling Champions Online

Every good game deserves a plethora of players coming in to tour the game and, hopefully, be sold enough to stay awhile. In today's The Tourist column, we take a look at Champions Online. Check it out and then let us know what you think in the comments.

Champions Online, F2P & The Governator

In his latest Free Zone column, MMORPG.com's Richard Aihoshi takes a look at two larger than life news items that came across his virtual desk last week: CHampions Online going 'F2P' and The Governator taking on the EMA (Entertainment Merchants' Association). See what Richard thinks of Atari's announcement about Champions Online and whether or not the EMA can successfully challenge California Governor Schwarzenegger. Let us know your thoughts on the forums!

The Story of the Week

In his latest column for MMORPG.com, Managing Editor Jon Wood picks what he believes is The Story of the Week. It was a tough choice to pick only one out of all of the interesting news this week. Both Vindictus and LEGO Universe opened for business and Tribes Universe was announced. But what trumps them all is the revelation that Cryptic Studios and Atari will be taking Champions Online into the free to play realm. Check out Jon's thoughts and then add some of your own on the forum.