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Chapter 2 - Calamity of War Update

The update consists of a level cap increase to 50, new dungeons, equipment, skills and the introduction of the new zone Great Wall and open world PvP Nation War! As Nation War erupts within the Great Wall, players starting at level 45 can now join the madness and choose to join a cartel as they fight against other players for control of capture points on the new map. The battle for domination of resources, experience and skills becomes even deadlier as cartels vie to earn access to three new

Ruin of the Gods Update

ESTsoft has announced that the Ruin of the Gods update to Cabal 2 will be going live on October 14th. Ruin of the Gods is designed specifically for players of level 40+ and features the Gray Canyon zone. Journeying through Gray Canyon will offer players the opportunity to level from 40-45 through three brand new dungeons complete with quests and gear drops. According to ESTsoft, these dungeons offer the most challenging game content to date. The dungeons are: * Silent Snowfield for level 43

Closed Beta First Impressions - TheHiveLeader

TheHiveLeader jumps into the closed beta of Cabal 2. CABAL 2 is an action-MMO with fluid, skill-based combat that offers the genuine MMO experience that made the genre so popular. With classic classes such as the Priest, Wizard, Warrior, as well as new takes like the Force Shielder and Force Blader and Force Archer, the combat of Cabal 2 takes center stage. Fight in massive PVP battlefields, across large gorgeous open zones, and in intense group dungeons that tell the story of the world. F

Is Cabal 2 the Most Immersive MMO?

Last weekend Cabal 2 had its second beta event. Lock didn't have the opportunity to play very much, and was connecting to servers the other side of an ocean, but managed to have Opinions through sheer force of will! Sign up for the beta! http://cabal2.estgames.com/ Visit the site! http://www.mmorpg.com/ More LockSixTime! https://www.youtube.com/user/locksixtime

More Warrior Gameplay and Crafting - (Stream VOD)

Bill sneaks into the Closed Beta servers before they're open in Cabal 2, plays more Warrior, dies against a group boss, and learns how to mine and craft. Watch!

PvP Battlefields

As your guide, GM ICEE gives players an overview of the multiple PvP battlefields that players will be able to play in the game. From the massive 18-on-18 map to the more intimate 6-on-6 Maelstrom Castle, players will be given all the details on which battlefield will be best for them when the CABAL 2 launches this spring.

A First Look at Cabal 2's Closed Beta

Bill dives into the Cabal 2 closed beta test with a Warrior. Taking on the starter zone, answering questions in chat, and beating down some monkeys. Cabal 2 is a new MMORPG sequel to the original cult hit from ESTsoft.

The Warrior and Force Shielder Class Spotlight

In this exclusive video, Cabal 2's developer EST Games shares with us an in-depth look at the game's two plate-wearing classes: The Warrior and the Force Shielder. Watch and learn about each, and let us know your thoughts on them in the comments.

Feature Spotlight: Dungeons

A quick overview of the dungeons of CABAL 2, with commentary by GM Icee!

Feature Spotlight: Abysmos!

Get a close look at the Abysmos of CABAL 2 with GM Icee!