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Cabal 2 Articles

The Plate Classes Revealed

Over the past few weeks we've covered Cabal 2's Cloth classes, the Leather wearers, and finally it's time for the heavies in Plate. Read on for an exclusive look at the Warrior and the Force Shielder. Find out what makes each unique from the other.

The Warrior and Force Shielder Class Spotlight

In this exclusive video, Cabal 2's developer EST Games shares with us an in-depth look at the game's two plate-wearing classes: The Warrior and the Force Shielder. Watch and learn about each, and let us know your thoughts on them in the comments.

New Video Heralds Closed Beta Start

The Cabal 2 team has sent out a new video to announced the commencement of the closed beta starting on April 30th. Players are invited to visit the official site to sign up.

Feature Spotlight: Dungeons

A quick overview of the dungeons of CABAL 2, with commentary by GM Icee!

The Force Archer and Force Blader Revealed

We’ve teamed up with the ESTsoft folks dive deep into Cabal 2’s six unique classes. Last time it was the Cloth wearers, and this week we’re focusing on the death-dealing leather-wearing Force Archer and Force Blader.

All About Abysmo Cores

The Cabal 2 team has released a new video to show off some of the core game features that players can expect in the forthcoming title. Today's video centers around abysmo cores and the creatures that dwell inside. Check it out!

Feature Spotlight: Abysmos!

Get a close look at the Abysmos of CABAL 2 with GM Icee!

An Exclusive Look at the Cloth Classes

Over the next four weeks, the ESTsoft folks are partnering up with us to dive deep into Cabal 2’s six unique classes. This week, we’re focusing on the finger-waggling cloth-wearers of the MMO sequel: the Wizard and the Priest.

Closed Beta Sign Ups Begin, Testing to Start in April

ESTSoft has announced that players interested in working with the development team for Cabal 2 can head to the official site to sign up for closed beta testing. The closed beta is expected to begin towards the end of April.