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Cabal 2 Articles

ESTgames Announces Cabal 2 Closure

ESTgames has announced that Cabal 2 will be closing "in the months ahead", though no more specific date was announced. "Unfortunately, Cabal 2 didn't resonate with as many players as we had hoped, and its continued operation is no longer sustainable", the letter reads. Players will no longer be able to refill eCoins, though the item shop is available for the time being. The team has promised to reveal more about the "next steps" in the coming days.

AI Ascent Update Goes Live

The Cabal II site has been updated with the patch notes from today's deployment of the AI Ascent update. The content expansion adds the Sand Sea Ruins zone for players at or above level 50. There is no faction requirement to enter and players can level up to 60.

Chapter 2 - Calamity of War Update to Go Live Tonight

ESTsoft has announced that the Cabal 2 update called Chapter 2: Calamity of War will be going live later tonight. Players will be able to journey past the Great Wall and will be able to take advantage of a 50% boost to Abysmo, Honor, Conquest and Challenge points. Panda Masks will also be on special sale for 1 eCoin.

Calamity of War Update the Biggest Yet

ESTsoft has announced the deployment of the biggest update to Cabal 2 since launch. Called "Calamity of War", the update brings a huge number of new additions to C2 including a level cap increase, open world PvP, new dungeons and equipment and much more.

Black Wave - Gray Canyon Defense War Update Deployed

Cabal 2 players will have lots of new content thanks to today's deployment of the Black Wave: Gray Canyon Defense War update. A new 24-player wave will pit high level players against twelve increasingly difficult waves of the toughest monsters in the game that will yield powerful items on completion.

Challenge Mode to Include Timed Battles

ESTsoft has announced that the next major update for Cabal 2 will be called "Challenge Mode" that pits players against ever-increasingly difficult waves of monsters. These challenges will see players in familiar dungeons, but ones filled with new twists and challenges.

Ruins of the Gods Site & Trailer Debut

The Cabal II site has been updated with a preview of the upcoming content expansion, Ruins of the Gods. Players have a new zone, dungeon, story objectives and a higher level cap to achieve along with additional skills to learn. To celebrate the new information, the Cabal 2 team has published a preview trailer. Check it out!

September 10th Will See Trial of Champions Release

ESTSoft has announced that the next update to Cabal 2 will arrive on September 10th and will feature a brand new pair of battle arenas and a new reward system for top ranked players. Called "Trial of Champions", the new arenas will require players to be level ten to enter and then to choose between a monster arena or a PvP arena.

Blackwaves Update Released

Cabal 2 players will have a new feature called Blackwaves to try out thanks to the arrival of today's update. Blackwaves pits players against twelve waves of monsters in increasingly difficult groups. Players will score some new gear that is better than that found in high-end dungeons or through mob drops.

OBT Launch Day Arrives

ESTSoft has announced that OBT launch day for Cabal 2 has finally arrived after a period of beta testing recently. You can check out the game's launch trailer and learn how to get started in Cabal 2 by visiting the official site.

Limited Time Founder's Pack Preorders Open

From now through June 26th, Cabal 2 players can get their hands on a Founder's Pack that will contain several in-game items and three days of early access to the game launch on July 2nd. The items are worth $50 but can be purchased for $19.95.

Launch Date Slated for July 2nd

ESTsoft has announced that the official launch date for Cabal 2 is nearly here. Scheduled for July 2nd, open beta testers will be pleased to hear that there will be no character wipe and that all characters created during that time will be available on launch.

The Path to Open Beta

The Cabal 2 site has been updated with a short note to let players know that the transition from closed beta testing to open beta testing can often times take longer than anticipated as the development team works to ensure that player feedback is implemented and that the game is the best it can be in preparation for OBT.

More Closed Beta Keys!

We received just 500 more Cabal 2 beta keys to give away today. These are going to be gone in a matter of minutes so get yours now!

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