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Broken Ranks Articles

Broken Ranks Celebrates a Revamped Forefather's Eve Event and Gets Closer to Mobile Version

Broken Ranks uses real Slavic folklore as inspiration for its fictional world. The latest update introduces this year's version of the Forefather's Eve event, an update on the mobile version.

Broken Ranks Adds Difficulty Options to Some Boss Instances, With More in the Works

Broken Ranks has its first custom difficulty options for boss instances, with more to come. Whitemoon Games also added quality of life changes like marketplace sale notifications, and fairer loot.

Broken Ranks Previews New Difficulty Levels, QoL Changes, and Fairer Loot Drops on the Way

Broken Ranks will get a new update soon to add new features, additional difficulty levels for instances, fixes, and improvements.

More Gear Overhauls and Customizable Instance Difficulty Coming to Broken Ranks This Month

Broken Ranks  will bring the second part of its promised gear overhaul in late June. The development team at Whitemoon Games recently shared an update on what to expect.

Broken Ranks Adds New Endgame Instance and the Promised Major Gear Overhaul

There's a new update for Broken Ranks, with a new endgame instance, along with an introductory quest, and part one of the promised gear overhaul. 

Broken Ranks Gearing Overhaul Beginning Mid-April, Devs Tease New Endgame Instance

The Whitemoon Games team has an update on work to overhaul Broken Ranks' legendary gear, as well as some of the timeline, and a new endgame instance coming.

Broken Ranks Valentine's Party Event Has Something for Everyone

Broken Ranks is celebrating Valentine's Day with event quests, a special helmet skin, XP boosts, and even a way to send letters to your fellow players to be broadcast over the announcements.

Broken Ranks Celebrates First Anniversary With 2022 Stats, Free Premium and Events

 Broken Ranks is marking its first anniversary today, with some new statistics about the first year in service, some new events, a free week of premium, and events.

Broken Ranks PvP Rework is Live, Along With a New Instance and Boss, and a Holiday Event

There's a new update from  Broken Ranks that closes out the year with a holiday event, a PVP rework, and a brand-new instance and new boss.

Save Some Souls and Slay Undead With Broken Ranks' New Event, Forefathers' Eve

Whitemoon Games is launching a themed event this week in Broken Ranks. Forefathers' Eve will give players the chance to help some tormented souls wandering around by defeating hordes of the undead and securing some needed items.

Broken Ranks Introduces Players to the Valdarog Instance in Latest Trailer

Whitemoon Games has released a new trailer showing players what they can expect from the latest update to Broken Ranks.

Broken Ranks Updates Roadmap Through Q2 2023, Promises Balance and Gear Changes, Mobile Version Tests

The development roadmap for Broken Ranks has been updated through Q2 2023. The Whitemoon Games team promises several major rebalances, moving around some plans, and announcing plans for a mobile version.

Broken Ranks Adding The Puppet Master Instance and New Achievement System Tomorrow

Broken Ranks update will add part one of the achievements system, a brand new boss instance, along with a new quest that continues the Castle Specter storyline.

Broken Ranks Finally Adding a Marketplace to Its Player-Driven Economy In Tomorrow's Update

Up until now, Broken Ranks has had a player-driven economy but no marketplace. Tomorrow's update brings that marketplace, allowing for easy, streamlined trading. The update also adds a new quest, skin set, and a number of tweaks and bug fixes.

Take on the Castle Specter in Broken Ranks' Newly-Added Instance

Today's update for Broken Ranks adds a new quest, some loot changes, and the Castle Specter instance as new additions from the development roadmap arrive.