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Broken Ranks Articles

Broken Ranks Finally Adding a Marketplace to Its Player-Driven Economy In Tomorrow's Update

Up until now, Broken Ranks has had a player-driven economy but no marketplace. Tomorrow's update brings that marketplace, allowing for easy, streamlined trading. The update also adds a new quest, skin set, and a number of tweaks and bug fixes.

Take on the Castle Specter in Broken Ranks' Newly-Added Instance

Today's update for Broken Ranks adds a new quest, some loot changes, and the Castle Specter instance as new additions from the development roadmap arrive.

Broken Ranks Lets You Choose Your Own Quest Reward in The Bunny Marathon Event

The Bunny Marathon is coming to Broken Ranks. Collect Easter eggs, take on tough event mobs, and complete event quests to choose your reward and craft a new event skin.

Broken Ranks Gets First Quarter Update With Guilds at the Center, Plus a New Quest and Fixes

The first big quarterly update for Broken Ranks it out, and it brings a new quest, crafting changes, lots of bug fixes, and at its core, a lot of guild-related content, including land buy.

Broken Ranks 2022 Roadmap Will Add Several Instances, New System, Events, and More Quests

The 2022 roadmap for Broken Ranks is out, and coming soon is a new instance, new content, and an event, while further out are multiple instances, PvP tournaments, and more.

Broken Ranks Review in Progress - A New Take on the MMORPG Formula

In the ever-growing world of MMORPGs, Broken Ranks is a new take on a genre that has been around for a long time.  From the top-down view with cursor-based movement to the turn based quick decision combat, Broken Ranks does a lot of things that aren't typical for the genre while doing a great job maintaining the MMO feel. Broken Ranks does a lot really well but definitely leaves a lot to be desired and only some of it has to do with the attempted innovations.

Broken Ranks Gets Its First of Many Planned Events, Starting With Valentine's Day

Broken Ranks is getting its first event, a Valentine's Day event that will introduce an event-only skin, and the new skin morphing system.

Broken Ranks Launches With Servers Crushed Under Demand, But Whitemoon Has Fixed Most Issues

Broken Ranks launched yesterday with a series of bugs and servers crushed under the unexpected demand. Developer Whitemoon Games has stabilized the servers.

Broken Ranks Devs Introduce The Strategic, Turn-Based Combat System

Broken Ranks will be out tomorrow, and there's a new preview of the game's combat system from the Whitemoon Games development team.

Broken Ranks Client is Up for Download, as Whitemoon Details Monetization and Launch Server Plans

Broken Ranks is out next week, and Whitemoon Games details more on monetization and launch servers as they release the client for download.

Broken Ranks is Launching on January 25th, With Client Downloads Beginning a Week Earlier

Broken Ranks, a new independent isometric MMORPG with turn-based combat, will be released on Tuesday, January 25, 2022.

Broken Ranks is Launching in January on PC, Cross-Platform to Follow

Broken Ranks , Whitemoon Games' upcoming MMORPG will release in January on PC. The game features turn-based combat and will be free to play with a cosmetic cash shop.

Jump Into Broken Ranks for Open Beta 2 - Starting in the Second Half of September

Looking to try something a little different? Well September is the perfect time for that, as Broken Ranks is headed into its second Open Beta in the second half of September. Exact details have not yet been provided but those interested in the turn-based strategy MMORPG should keep their eyes on the official Whitemoon Games twitter account.

Broken Ranks: A Preview and Interview with Whitemoon Games

The premise of a truly unique MMORPG can sometimes feel like an impossibility these days. In lands built with familiar classes, traditional hot bar systems, and standardized combat tropes, few games truly set themselves apart. Between speaking with the Founder of Whitemoon Games, Krysztof Danilewicz, and Lead Game Designer and Story Writer, Gabriel Marczak, along with getting some hands-on time with the game, there really is no other way to describe it other than, unique.