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    Action MMO
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    Whitemoon Games
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    Beta Testing
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Broken Ranks Overview

Broken Ranks is an upcoming MMORPG from studio Whitemoon Games, creators of The Pride of Taern. The world of Broken Ranks is a place that does not forgive weakness. Lands where humans carved their enclaves in the wilderness are ruled by ruthless laws of history and politics. Monstrous beings, always thirsty for human blood, lurk outside of cities and villages. And amidst all of this are normal people who are just trying to live their everyday lives and survive for yet another day.

Exploration, either by yourself or in a party, plays a very important role in the gameplay of Broken Ranks. Visit vibrant cities, remote mountaintops, mysterious settlements, and terrifying ruins inhabited by powerful creatures that cast a shadow over the human world. To the brave adventurers who dare to defeat the most powerful monsters, the world offers riches, fame, and power. To the weak and scared, only oblivion.

There are 7 classes to choose from: barbarian, archer, sheed, druid, voodoo shaman, fire mage or knight. Each of them uses their own set of unique abilities. The combat features elements of both turn-based and action games. Players plan their movements at the same time and have only 10 seconds to do so.

Jump Into Broken Ranks for Open Beta 2 - Starting in the Second Half of September

Looking to try something a little different? Well September is the perfect time for that, as Broken Ranks is headed into its second Open Beta in the second half of September. Exact details have not yet been provided but those interested in the turn-based strategy MMORPG should keep their eyes on the official Whitemoon Games twitter account.

Broken Ranks: A Preview and Interview with Whitemoon Games

The premise of a truly unique MMORPG can sometimes feel like an impossibility these days. In lands built with familiar classes, traditional hot bar systems, and standardized combat tropes, few games truly set themselves apart. Between speaking with the Founder of Whitemoon Games, Krysztof Danilewicz, and Lead Game Designer and Story Writer, Gabriel Marczak, along with getting some hands-on time with the game, there really is no other way to describe it other than, unique.