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Bright Shadow Overview

Bright Shadow is a free-to-play 3D fantasy anime-style MMORPG from Gamepot. The game is set in the land of Luciena, which has been under attack by the Umbrans for some time. The people of Umbra have utilized Soul Power with evil intent, believing that killing is the way to unlock Soul Power's ultimate strength. This has caused Umbrans to mutate into monsters. You start out in Luciena to fight back. Lucienans too have decided to study this power. Soul Power, or Reiki, the force at the heart of the game's conflict, is also present. When defeating monsters, some Reiki will be released, which players can collect and use to learn and perform certain skills, or even temporarily transform into monsters themselves.

In addition to traditional RPG features and quests, Bright Shadow is also a heavily social game. The guild and party systems are well developed, and through bonuses such as combo moves and XP boosts, the game encourages grouping. The game also features a Pokémon-like pet system, Umbra Guide, where players can fight monsters, who drop collectible cards. These cards can be traded or used in different combinations to collect various pets and customize one's player experience. Bright Shadow, which also features a dynamic weather system and full 3-D graphics, is a free to play title, with an item shop for optional upgrades.


  • More than 500 collectible monster cards.
  • Unique shell-shaded visual design.
  • 20 unlockable classes.
  • Extensive character customizations.
  • Special skills allow characters to transform into powerful creatures.