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Amazon Game Studios Announces Development Has Ceased

Amazon Game Studios has finally fessed up to what pretty much everyone already knew: Breakaway is no more. This is hardly surprising given the number of months since any word was heard from the development team, but it is significant given it was AGS's first foray into the games market.

It's Official: Amazon Game Studios Puts Breakaway on Hiatus

Amazon Game Studios' first fledgling project is on "indefinite hiatus". The announcement was made earlier today in a brand new post on the Breakaway site. The team will be taking time to "iterate and evolve" the core game play to deliver the experience that players are looking for. How long it will take remains to be seen and the post indicates that the time frame is open-ended.

Hannah the Protector Goes Live for Weekend Arena Fun

Breakaway has a new hero in town in the form of Hannah the Protector. She is "a powerful mountain of muscle and metal". She uses metals and "magnetic" wild damage along with strength to provide an almost literal wall of protection.

Warrior Greyven Anchors Latest Alpha Event

Greyven the Dragon Eater is the latest Warrior character headed into Breakaway. He arrives just in time for the alpha event that will run from September 9th through September 11th. Greyven is a formidable warrior whose speciality is taking down heavily armored enemies.

Gamescom Trailer Excites Players for Multiplyer Action

Amazon Game Studios has released a new Breakaway trailer to get potential players excited about the multiplayer action. The trailer was released today at Gamescom and players / viewers are invited to head to the Breakaway site to sign up for inclusion in the game's alpha.

New Warrior Spotlight - Gallion

The Breakaway team has put out a new trailer to introduce fans to Gallion, a Warrior archetype that, unlike back line healers, is there in the midst of the battle to lend assistance to companions.

Rawlins the Gunslinger Given a Visual Update

The Breakaway site has a fun article for a Friday morning. In it, the team gives a brief overview of the visual redesign of Rawlins the Gunslinger, one of the game's warriors. The team wanted to bring his game play style in line with his visual style. To do so, Rawlins went through a number of visual iterations to give him an edgier "hey I was executed by firing squad" sort of look.

Battle on the High Seas Recap: Echo Fox vs Rogue

On June 25th, Breakaway devs and two professional teams took to the high seas with the Dutch Royal Navy in a competitive match. To show how the action went down, the Breakaway team has posted a highlights reel of the epic confrontation between Echo Fox and Rogue.

Hands On with Amazon’s First Game

Announced at Twitchcon September 2016 by AMAZON GAMES Breakway is a 4v4 arena battler with currently one objective, seize the relic and slam dunk it into the opposing teams base!

Taking the Fight to the High Seas with the Dutch Royal Navy

The Dutch Royal Navy will be playing host to two professional teams aboard a battleship as they duke it out in Breakaway. During the Twitch live stream, viewers can win alpha keys or gaming hardware. The event is sponsored by Red Bull Esports and AMD with professional esports teams Echo Fox and Rogue taking part.

Alpha Testing & Beyond with Dave Verfaillie

Breakaway, the forthcoming team battle sport from Amazon Game Studios is getting set to enter a brand new phase of alpha testing. We caught up with Creative Director Dave Verfaillie to chat about the game’s design, its recent feedback, and how things are changing for the next wave of public testing. Read on!

Alpha PlayTest Weekends to Begin on June 15th

The Breakaway team has announced that alpha play test weekends will begin on June 15th. According to the Breakaway Facebook page, anyone who had registered on or prior to May 4th will be invited to take part.

Jarra the Shadow Huntress Introduced

Amazon Game Studios has revealed the next warrior coming to Breakaway. Named Jarra the Shadow Huntress, she is, as the name implies, a stealth-based assassin. She is quite literally a glass cannon with low health but high damage in the right conditions. She uses stealth to offset her health pool.

Gameplay Update Brings Changes Due to Community Feedback

The Breakaway site has been updated with the highlights of a recent live stream where Amazon Game Studios devs talk about changes coming to alpha as a direct result of player feedback. Movement, casting, the economy and "buildable" changes are all addressed.