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Breach Articles

QC Games is Winding Down Operations on Breach & as a Studio

In a surprise announcement, QC Games has said that "today is the last official day for" the company and developers are starting the process of winding down operations on Breach. At this time, they do not have any information about the game's future and player accounts but they will be offering information in a future article with answers to questions. For the time being, Breach servers will remain open, though any purchases will be shut off beginning tomorrow.

Breach Updated with the Shadow Master Veil Demon Class

Breach players have a new class to try out after yesterday's patch brought the Shadow Master Veil Demon class into the game as well as the new challenge system. This new system gives players an opportunity to unlock in-game goodies for every class leveled to 30. Items include gems, ability unlocks and class-specific talents.

Breach Announces Valley of Kings Content Update with New Map & Class

Breach players will soon have a new map and class to play with the launch of the Valley of Kings content expansion. In addition, a new Boss will become available named Sekmet, the warrior goddess of Egyptian mythology. Players will be able to take the part of the Medic Hero, the new class that arrives with content. Medics can "summon microbots to follow and heal allies over time and then redirect them to converge on enemies for burst damage".

Breach is Now Available on the En Masse Launcher as Well as on Steam

QC Games and En Masse Entertainment have announced that Breach is now available on the En Masse Launcher as well as via Steam Early Access. Players can purchase a copy of the game from either Steam or EME for $24.99.

Breach - Pyromancer Class Trailer

QC Games has sent out the latest class trailer from Breach, its co-op RPG dungeon brawler. This time, attention is focused on the Pyromancer, quite the fiery fellow.

Breach hits Early Access and First Impressions are In!

Breach, a co-op action RPG from QC Games, has hit early access on Steam after quite a few rounds of alpha testing and I’ve spent the last four days playing it so I can give you the skinny. I’ve been looking forward to getting my hands on it since then because we all left HQ excited about the possibilities of what we had seen.

Breach - Sniper Class Trailer

Breach has officially launched into early access on Steam and as part of the celebration, QC Games has released a new gameplay trailer showcasing the Sniper class.

Breach Launch Trailer Heralds the Official Early Access Start

It's Early Access launch day for dungeon brawler Breach. To celebrate the big day, QC Games has sent out the official launch trailer.

With Early Access Starting Today, Breach Devs Provide a Peek at the Future

Today marks a major milestone for Breach and the QC Games team as Steam Early Access kicks off. Early Access is, however, just the beginning and QC has posted a robust Early Access Roadmap that provides players with a look ahead at new features and systems that will be coming to the game between now and September.

Breach - Worldshaper Veil Demon Class Trailer

The Breach team starts out the description for the Veil Demon with an interesting quote: "Some days, you don't feel like being a hero. Some days, you want to be the creature that causes mass chaos in a game, summoning creatures and spawning traps to trip up other players". Don't know about you, but that sounds pretty fun...

Breach - A New Co-Op ARPG - TheHiveLeader

Breach is a new Co-Op ARPG hitting early access on Steam very soon. But is it worth your time? TheHiveLeader is here to help you out with that and to give you a quick look at the game.

Breach Early Access to Begin on Steam on January 17th

QC Games has announced that Breach will be entering Steam Early Access on January 17th. Fans can get hold of pre-order packages starting at $25 that includes bonus content, though these will become unavailable once early access begins. Bonus content includes the digital artbook, dance emotes, sprays and other in-game content.

Breach - Elementalist Class Preview & Gameplay Trailer

The Breach team has sent out a brand new trailer that shows off the gameplay and abilities of the Elementalist class, a member of the Arcane school of magic.

Breach - Necromancer Class Trailer

From the PR: "The Necromancer is a master of summoning spirits and undead minions to skillfully deploy in any tactical situation. Feel free to direct a squad of skeletons to attack a specific target or draw health from the spirit energy of minions with explosive benefits. Maybe you prefer to utilize the ultimate ability of raising an undead army to overwhelm your enemies? Regardless of your choices, you’ll welcome the power of the dark side with the Necromancer."

Breach - Arcane Mender Class Trailer

The Breach team is ready to show off yet another of the playable heroes coming with the game. This time, the spotlight shines on the Arcane Menders. These versatile characters "can do more than just provide healing skills. They can also use the Guardian Sprite ability to apply a damage shield to [themselves] or an ally and build up Transcendent Blast" that can do some serious damage.