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Bravely Default Overview

Bravely Default is a JRPG released for the 3DS that draws inspiration from the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest game series. The game features party and job systems similar to earlier Final Fantasy games. The game features an original fantasy story, cutscenes, and voice acting. The title is derived from a gameplay mechanic that lets players choose to Default, and save up battle points, or Brave, which lets characters use those saved points in multiple attacks on a single turn. The game's story follows four heroes who come together and explore the world as certain terrible events are happening. Crystals in the world of Luxendarc are tainted and causing these events and the massive destruction they leave. Can our heroes cleanse the crystals? The game also features multiple endings and turn-based combat. FEATURES
  • New JRPG IP, Feels Like a Classic | Taking cues from series like Final Fantasy, Bravely Default is designed to feel like a classic, deep JRPG from its look and feel to its gameplay.
  • Multiple Endings | Play your way through the game to see which of the story's endings you'll receive.
  • Job System | A flexible way to choose your characters' talents and progression, the game features a job system to suit any player.
  • 3D Graphics and Social Features | Utilizing the 3DS' special functionality, Bravely Default's graphics make good use of the 3D function and Nintendo's StreetPass system grants in-game perks.