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Boundless Articles

Boundless Has Been Acquired By Monumental, Joining Crowfall and Mythgard On Its Roster

Monumental, the Texas-based company that most recently acquired Crowfall, has now acquired open-world, cross-platform sandbox MMO Boundless.

Boundless Empires Launches as the First Big Release of 2019

Boundless has been updated with the Empires content expansion, the first big release of 2019. Players will find a number of new features to check out including a Guild System, "cross universe messaging", four new decorative blocks for both building and crafting and a number of quality of life improvements.

Boundless: 10 Tips on How to Get Started

Red Thomas tried Boundless with one of his nephews, and now returns with some tips for new players based on his own rocky introduction to the game. If you get past the early learning curve and relatively slim selection of post-release community guides, Boundless can be a lot of fun.

Boundless: With Kids… Again!

After his last article about trying out MMOs with kids, Red Thomas takes the advice of several members of the community to try introducing them to Boundless. The kids responded more positively this time, and Red takes a look at why.

Boundless Review - A Unique & Often Satisfying Experience

Sandbox MMO’s are always an interesting genre to dive into. Many aspects of this genre can be found in other genres; building, survival, economy, and combat to name a few. However when mashed together on a massive scale where the only real narrative is governed by the players that inhabit said world, it creates a unique and on occasion, satisfying experience.

A Beautiful World Created One Block at a Time

If you’re like me, you might have never heard of this game before, but you’re going to be glad you’ve heard of it now. If you like Voxel Sandbox games, you should definitely check this one out. It might appear to be a typical game in this genre, at least from the outside, but once you step into Oort Online your eyes will be awestruck by the outstanding graphics. Add to it the community driven development and this game definitely has the potential to be a major contender.