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Bound by Flame Articles

First Impressions

Bound by Flame is an independent action RPG with an emphasis on story and player choice. You play as Vulcan, a hero whose gender you can choose at the start. Vulcan got a little too tempted by the promise of power through summoning a fire demon and then faces some tough decisions. The demonic possession grants the extra power, but at a cost of Vulcan's humanity. Players will be able to choose just how deeply they will go toward either side in the rest of the game. Bound By Flame is not quite

The Fire Fizzles Out

Every show we saw Bound By Flame at had us believing this could be the studio’s breakout RPG. But at those shows, we only saw the game… we never played it. That should have been our first warning. Bound By Flame is a generic, poorly designed, and almost offensive experience that I would only recommend ever picking up when it’s $5 or less during a Steam Sale.

New Trailer Paves Way for Friday Release

The Bound By Flame team is getting fans worked up for Friday's release by producing a brand new launch trailer. This video focuses on the lore behind the story and the relationship between the main character and the flame demon. Check it out!

New Music Trailer - With Composer Commentary

In anticipation of Bound by Flame's May 9th release, developer Spider Studios has released a trailer focusing on the game's music. Written by award-winning composer Olivier Deriviere, (who's credits include Remember Me and Assassin's Creed 4) the emotive soundtrack features a unique musical language sung by Bulgarian singer Ire Zhekova.

Wide Variety of Characters Shine in New Screens

The Bound by Flame team has release five brand new screenshots to show the breadth of character customization in the game that is set to be released on multiple platforms on May 9th.

New Video Details Combat System

Spiders Studios' Bound by Flame is set for release on PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4 on May 9th of this year, and a video just released demonstrates what players can expect from the game's combat system.

The Demon Within GDC

Focus Interactive is coming out with two great RPGs in the next several months. Bound By Flame will be coming out on May 9th and serves up some action combat, a dark story, and the chance to play as a demon warrior capable of mass destruction. So if you are looking for a solid RPG that goes into the darkness of a man’s soul, then continue reading.