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Bound by Flame Overview

Bound by Flame is an independent action RPG with an emphasis on story and player choice. You play as Vulcan, a hero whose gender you can choose at the start. Vulcan got a little too tempted by the promise of power through summoning a fire demon and then faces some tough decisions. The demonic possession grants the extra power, but at a cost of Vulcan's humanity. Players will be able to choose just how deeply they will go toward either side in the rest of the game. Bound By Flame is not quite as open as some similarly themed RPGs of recent years, but the developers promise that interaction between the player character and NPC companions, as well as choices will bear much influence on the outcome. With three skill trees to choose from, including one dominated by those ever-tempting flame powers, players can decide the future of the character and the success of his or her mission. FEATURES
  • Meaningful Choices | Will you follow the ways of the fire demon possessing you and become magically skilled or will you choose a more human path? It's up to you and will affect the way others treat you as well as the story.
  • Three Skill Trees |Tank, Ranger, or Pyromancy let you play the game to suit your style.
  • Story-Driven | Bound By Flame features action combat and its central concept features an internal battle within a protagonist with a greater mission - to rid the lands of some terrible evils. Will Vulcan succeed or be consumed?
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