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Borderlands 3 Articles

Gearbox’s Plans to Fix Borderlands 3 Hits All the Right Notes

Borderlands 3 is an incredibly fun game, but it’s not without issues. Gearbox has been making strides towards addressing some of them in hotfixes and some recent patches, but there’s still lots more to do.

Surviving the Borderlands 3 Nerfpocalypse

The latest BL3 hotfix deployed yesterday and boy was it a doozy. The Nerfpocalypse, as I call it, is definitely real, but there are tons of new opportunities for fun (or even OP) builds to come out of the new update.

Borderlands 3 Has an Endgame Problem

I’ve been playing nothing but Borderlands 3 since the game dropped last week and while I’m having more fun than I’ve ever had in the series due to improvements in gameplay, there are some significant problems with the endgame right now.

One Borderlands Journey Ends and Another Begins

Now that the full Borderlands experience is fresh in my memory, here are some things I’m looking forward to/hoping to find in Borderlands 3.

What We Know About Endgame in Borderlands 3

With all of that endgame focus over the years, what does Gearbox have in store for Borderlands 3? Well, this time around Borderlands 3 was designed with endgame in mind from the beginning and we learned quite a bit about what Gearbox is bringing to the table at this year’s Gamescom and PAX West shows over the last few weeks. Let’s dig in.

My Borderlands 3 Wish List

The looter shooter is a hard genre of game to get right, but Gearbox managed to get pretty close with its series of Borderlands games. As fun as they were, it’s important not to look back on them with rose tinted glasses. There were definitely some areas I’d have liked to see improved and I’m hoping Borderlands 3 will address the issues and also add some new features along the way.