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Borderlands 2

2011 Ignited Games Inc. | Official Site

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    Action RPG
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    Unreal Engine
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    Gearbox Software
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Borderlands 2 Overview

Borderlands 2 is the sequel to the original co-op action RPG Borderlands. The game can be enjoyed with friends or solo, and Borderlands 2 has the same twisted, sharp humor and stylized graphics in an expanded storyline. The game features an all new set of protagonists and classes (with the Siren returning in a reworked form), the crazy cast of characters, and a charmingly smarmy new villain. Oh and countless enemies to blast away with the huge arsenal to be found in the game. Vehicles, guns, and surprises are in store. Borderlands 2 also features an extensive amount of DLC to continue your adventures. These include new story content, time with notable characters in their own content packs, and even more guns to fill your holsters. FEATURES
  • Team Up! |Play co-op with up to three friends or enjoy the game solo.
  • Guns, Lots of Guns |The arsenal gets bigger in this lively sequel that features lots of cannon fodder and larger than life bosses too.
  • Choose Your (New) Class and Playstyle | You'll be able to customize your characters through skins, stat items, and skill trees in a number of options to suit your play style.
  • New Faces & Old Ones |Story features four new protagonists with other characters returning from the original Borderlands