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Boot Hill Heroes Overview

Boot Hill Heroes is a retro-inspired RPG set in the Old West. The game's four heroes can be played solo or in up to four player co-op. The game draws from 90s console RPGs as well as spaghetti western films. Here, you'll find archetypes like cowboys, lawmen, and outlaws in the wild west, all in an overarching tale of good versus evil. Heroes can be customized via a job system represented by different wearable hats. Wear a Stetson and unlock pistol abilities, for example. The system lets you customize your play style via this skill system. The game's combat is designed around a real-time strategy based system and the game's UI is designed around the potential co-op play. Boot Hill Heroes was successfully funded through a Kickstarter campaign. FEATURES
  • The Old West Meets 90s RPGs | The archetypes of both the old West and fantasy RPGs meet in this game, which can be played solo or cooperatively.
  • Job Hat System | Heroes will learn new skills via a series of wearable hats, allowing party customization. Equip hats, learn abilities, and then equip the ones you want.
  • Real-time Strategy Combat With Seamless Menus | Battle strategically with your party, and if playing co-op, equipping skills and using items without needing to pause.
Headed to Steam October 10th

Experimental Gamers have let us know that their cooperative 'Wild West RPG', Boot Hill Heroes, will be arriving on Steam on October 10th. In addition, players will be able to grab a Steam copy for 50% off the normal price for the first week.

A Special Experience for RPG Players

Over the last decade, turn-based battlers seemed to fall out of style. RPG developers moved further and further from their roots, adding in layers of complexity; paradigm shifts, action-combat, dynamic combos – answers to questions many gamers had never asked. Boot Hill Heroes couldn’t have come along at a better time.