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Book of Travels Articles

Book of Travels Gives All An Anniversary Gift, and a New Update is Full of Improvements

 Book of Travels has a new update full of improvements, and the Might and Delight team has a digital gift to mark a year of Early Access. 

Book of Travels Shows New Character Customization Options, Team Plans for Price Increases With Major Updates

Book of Travels has some major new character customization options, which developer Might and Delight shows in a new video. The team also reflects on a year in Early Access, refocusing the team, and what's coming.

Book of Travels Update Brings WASD Controls, Foundation for Controller Support, and New Settings Options

Book of Travels patch brings some fixes, improvements, additional settings options, and some significant movement system changes.

Might and Delight Offers an Updated Book of Travels Roadmap

There's an updated roadmap for Book of Travels, as Might and Delight outlines goals after making some additions and reassessing.

Book of Travels Gets a Tech Blog, Which Informs Some About What's Been Happening in Development

If you understand tech updates and git comments, the latest Book of Travels devblog is for you, as Might and Delight focuses on a tech blog with recent changes.

Book of Travels Fixes Bugs, Adds Effects to Traits, and Stops NPCs From Sliding

A new update for Book of Travels is out, and the Might and Delight team is holding to its promises to devote all development resources for a time to fixes and improvements.

Book of Travels Gets a Series of fixes to Combat Bugs, UI Issues, Event Triggers, and More

Book of Travels gets a new update, with Might and Delight following its promise to dedicate all development to fixes and stability work. The new patch brings a series of fixes from combat bugs, UI issues, and event triggers.

The Book of Travels Team is Temporarily Shifting in Full to Fix Bugs and Improve Servers

Book of Travels will get significant bug fixes and server improvements, as Might and Delight dev team shifts in full temporarily to these improvements

Book of Travels Adds New Dungeon-esque Outmark, Fleshes Out Game World In Latest Update

Tiny MORPG Book of Travels is giving players more areas to explore in its latest update, as the dev team details its new dungeon as well as more of the Braided Shore being fleshed out.

Death in Book of Travels is 'Essential', Might and Delight Offers Direction on Death, Mourning, and Ghosts

In Book of Travels, death is "essential" to have risk and reward, so the Might and Delight team is considering a deep system involving mourning, closure, and ghosts.

Book of Travels to Get Two New Features , as Smaller Might and Delight Reinforces Commitment to Development

Book of Travels continues development with a smaller team, but Might and Delight has confirmed two new features coming soon and reinforces commitment to the game.

Might and Delight Down to 10 Developers after Layoffs, Book of Travels Development to Continue, Slowly

Work will continue on Book of Travels, albeit at a slower pace after developer Might and Delight announced directly that the team has seen significant layoffs, going from a team of 35 to 10.

Might  and Delight Addresses Book of Travels Server Issues and How They're Addressing Them

Book of Travels developer Might and Delight issued an update regarding recent server issues, and their plans to address capacity.

Book Of Travels Early Access Impressions

It's finally here - Might & Delight's TMORPG Book of Travels has launched into Early Access today. But is it worth the wait? Mitch explores the Tiny Multiplayer Online RPG.

Book of Travels Outlines Creatures You'll Meet In Your Adventures

Upcoming RPG Book of Travels shared a video earlier outlining the various creatures you may meet in your adventures.