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Blossom & Decay Overview

All the Blossom & Decay's mechanics serve the idea that players build and determine everything. From respawn-points, buildings and city networks to quests, trade and even law. The world starts in an empty, vast wilderness. Instead of scripted story-lines, players create their own narratives through a wide set of social mechanics and external pressure from dynamic PvE. Monsters spawn everywhere and drift in higher amounts toward settlements. Monster groups can also be intercepted, diverged and lured. Players must fight as allies to figure out ways to protect their treasures and lands.

There are many levels of play, like being a hermit farmer, running with a mercenary gang, or leading a large trader clan. And the pacing is enhanced by an AI that takes over when players go offline, allowing configuration of their avatar’s tasks and behavior. So you can go from highly involved action combat on PC to asynchronous management of crafting and trade processes with your phone. From active to casual so that time-investment doesn’t become a total advantage.

  • Full-loot sandbox MMO with action combat
  • Offline play | Manage your characters crafting, trading and guarding while offline
  • Completely player-generated world | Every road, every village has to be built and maintained by players
  • Large emphasis on cooperation and groups | Even keeping the world from becoming a gankbox is in the hands of the players.
  • Infinite procedurally generated world without instances | It's actually a cluster but it feels like playing on a single server.