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The evolution or the RPG ---> MMORPG

I'm going to outline what I miss about old school gaming, and how new releases just don't add up.

Author: zzza24

RPG's and the sensitive topic about how they can become playable again.

Posted by zzza24 Monday July 7 2008 at 3:10AM
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When it comes to video games I've been playing for a loooong time.  The very first RPG that I ever played was Final Fantasy I for the Nintendo.  This game had me addicted from the start.  It was something that I had never seen before.  It was great.  Then later on I saw the movie.. "The neverending story".  This forever hooked me into the genre of fantasy.  When it comes to this sort of thing I've been there done that.  I'vre read all of Terry Goodkind, Terry Brooks, Robert Jordan, and a ton of lesser known authors.  I've played games from Fallout to Oblivian.  I've pretty much downloaded and tried every game has to offer.  The sad thing is that I still can't get my fix. (Just my "pissing contest" credentials.)

Some people say that the gameplay is there, but you just have to look for it.  Well, I've been looking and I haven't seen it for a long time.  I don't like warcraft, because after 70 is weak, and getting there is a snore fest.  I don't like everquest because as a caster I was forced to fight, sit, fight sit.  I played eve, and I thought I had found home.  But no matter how many hours of gameplay I put in, it still didn't matter.  That and it is extremly isk based.  The pvp rocked, but after my ship blew up and insurance failed to pay for my fittings I was back to running the same old crap ass missions I started up doing.  Seriously, I could write a blog on eve alone.

I like the ideas of some of the new MMORPG designers of today.  I am a strong advocate of a player driven economy, and I also think that guilds, houses, clans, etc need to shape how things develope. 

The funny thing is that some of the things game designers are experimenting with what MUD designers have perfected long ago.  Why not take a look back at some of those game mechanics, and incorporate them into today's gaming.  It would be awesome.

I recently took a step back in time and started playing those old muds again.  I found it to be a lot of fun.  PVP was unrestricted, but actions had serious consequences.  There was a player driven economy.  It not only worked, but a person could spend his time just trading alone.  I actually found people playing in character.  I found the whole experience to be very nice, and I can't help but wonder why some of these things can't be found in an MMORPG of today.

I think that developers just need to open things up a little bit.  I realize that it involves TONS more code, but I feel that in the end it would result in a better game.  Open it up a bit so that players can be involved in game politics, and make an economy that isn't ruined by gold farmers.  Have a chat system that is dynamic, and not full of spam. (nothing turns me off more in a new game than my chat window full of ads like "buy gold cheap @  BTW - don't be mad at the farmers,  They're just enslaved 10 year old's in 3rd world counries - Truth). 

Anyhow, I know that developing an MMORPG these days just has to be an absolute nightmare.  I honestly deep down inside am starting to feel like maybe the RPG in general just might be something on it's way out of this world. 

I'm just going to end this simply. 

10 things I don't want to see in an upcoming RPG.

10 - cash shop items to give people an edge on gameplay. "pay for perks"

9 - Any sort of "pet system".  I'm sure in some kind of Steven Hawking way that spells GAY.

8 - go to quests... You know the ones where you talk to %$#* - A ,and give item to @*&^ - B.

7 - Kill quests .. If I want to take out 30 hill giants in a row, I'll do it on my own time.

6 - Any type of earn skills over time system.  Eve - You know what I'm talking about!@

5 - Excessive grinding - Look I don't feel like I should have to fight 3000 mobs in a row to feel that I am "worthy" to combat against other players.

4 - I don't want to feel "obligated" to create a bot or run scripts in order to play.  I don't care what your lame ass arguements are.  It's outside of game spirit, and a person shouldn't have to feel like he needs to set up a personal at home network in order to feel like he can compete.

3 - I want a unaversal control scheme damnit.  I'm tired of logging into a new game and giving up my old tested and true ways of control in order to assimilate to some other crap ass model.  (this especially includes an inverse mouse look option.  Because evidently people's opinion on up, down, left, and right differ)

2 - Lack of guild, clan, club, whatever options.  I think that the success of every mmo depends on players ability to get together and have fun.  Almost every online game that I get into involves me getting incorporated in some kind of player run establishment.  I think that in this area an MMORPG can't have enough options, and settings in ways for people to get together and have fun.

1 - Gold farming.  Nuff said, it's destroying the gaming comminity.

Well, those are my thoughts.  Dunno if anybody really cares.  I kind of dipped into a lot of different areas without really exploring any of them in depth.  Making a good and balanced game involves combining many different elements.  What might be good for some, others may hate.  It's hard comming up with something the majority will like.

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