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Author: ZsasZ

Reality- a review

Posted by ZsasZ Monday January 21 2008 at 11:49AM
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I've been playing this MMO called Reality for a few decades, so I thought it was high time I write a review. It's based on my experiences so far, and on the observations I've made of other players. Enjoy.

First off, some basics. It's a Hardcore game, and permadeath is the only setting. No rez, no respawns. When you die, all your gear goes to any surviving alts. There's no set level cap, but most players only make it to level 80 or so. It's rare to see a player hit triple digits.

Cost: this game is expensive. You have to buy just about everything from item merchants, as there are no drops. Luckily, you get recurring rewards from questgivers (called 'paychecks') once you get off the noob island (more on that later). Crafting is specialized almost to the exclusion of all other professions, and most crafted items are for sale rather than personal use.

Combat: there isn't a lot. I own a couple swords, but I've never had to use them so far; they're primarily for decoration in my player housing. There are a few combat classes, but once you join one you're forced to stick to that class for a number of years, and I hear it' can be hard to switch back to a 'civilian' class if you manage to survive. The magic system sucks; I just hit level 37 yesterday (Happy Birthday to me) and I haven't learned a single spell yet! The focus seems to be more economic/ resource management than fighting. The grind is horrible; you can spend years doing the same quest over and over again.

Community: Like EVE, everyone plays on one server ('Earth'). There's no shortage of players, and more keep joining all the time, mostly through alt spawning. Players generally don't start to LFG until their about level 15-20, and parties in Reality don't really have the same meaning as they do in other MMOs. If you decide you and your teammate want to start a long-term partnership (called a 'marriage'), you can form a clan with that person. Clans usually only have a maximum starting size of two. Most alt spawns come from clans, but more and more alts are coming from LFG groups. Forming a clan is a serious decision; if you decide to break up a clan, you may be forced to help pay for the other player's upkeep, especially if alts were spawned.

Training: Players are spawned with very few abilities, and it takes a few years just to learn the basics like movement and in-game chat. Most players spend about the first 18 levels or so on the noob island, called 'School'. School teaches players about upkeep, lore, maybe some advanced movement skills, and a few professions. Also big in school is mock combat called 'sports'. Some characters decide to stay on that path, and take on the 'Athlete' character class. Athletes have high STR and DEX, but usually at the cost of INT and WIS. CHA is performance-based. Anyway, once out of school, players look for a questgiver and start running missions. Typically, players will choose a single questgiver and run the same quest over and over again, five days a week. Like I said, the grind is incredible.

Endgame: I can't say much about this, considering I'm (hopefully) about halfway through. I do know that abilities run on more of a bell curve than a steady slope; after about mid-game the diminishing XP returns start to kick in, and your abilities start to decline. High level characters are more prone to various debuffs, and often have to stay in the player housing (or community housing if the spawns can afford the upkeep).

Anyway, that's a quick overview. I'm sure I've missed a lot, but there's a lot to do in this game, and it's easy to overlook some things. Enjoy!