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Ramblings and mis spellings

my blogs mission,, let out som steam:D and,, naa, thats it

Author: zimzim

Come bacl to Wow

Posted by zimzim Wednesday September 16 2009 at 5:34PM
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 Just red on the forums, What will fix Wow. 


First of, i dont think wow can or need to be Fixed. Not realy. 

Most of us did like wow, and played it for way to long. 

what we realy need is Wow2, wher every one starts from lvl 1, new contet, Graphix. Faktion system and so on,  and but he whole Game in a time of wow lore wher blizzard can do what thay want whit it whitout ppl screeming at em. 

Things that id love to see (nothing new to the mmo world)

-Crafters making the "best" gear, make epic epic ones more.

-Player hosing or somthing in that line (ex, AO player towns).

-More Stats when lvling, let us plase Skill points wher we want to,, (int, Stam, Str and so on)

-Auto lvlr for ppl who dont like to play whit the stats.

-more clases. 

-bether drop rate for quest items so that Gatherer quests dont turn into mindles Grind

-Pure pvp server wher you dont need to lvl to play Arena, come on,, (Guild wars).


I do like some of the stuff that thay are gonna put out whit Cat. But  its not longer what i want (NEED) from wow, wow has ended upp beeing a childrens game. nothing more, its now allmost only a browser window a way from beeing Freeralms(In some ways imo). 





To end it all, sry for all the mis spellings, Im lasy and i got Dysele.. whatever:D 

my first ever blog

Posted by zimzim Sunday June 14 2009 at 3:31AM
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 Well, after years of gaming, i sudnly lost intrest. Wow, AoC, Ryzom, its all boring. 

i dont mind the way thay work, mindles quests, Pvp, crapy crafting, im fine whit that,, i just whanto kill somthing other then a damn elf. yes, iv gotn a Fantasy overdose. I want a Good Scifi MMo, Complex, Tons of things to tinker whit, (aka, skill system from AO- stil love that one) not som Auto lvl crapp(wow). 

I want the Crafting to be the only way to get the most complex Items in games as well,, cos, way the hell can a Spider boss Drop 200 difrent epics/hi QL items. 

ooo and one thing, (from wow) Get X raptor heads,, ok,, 1raptor = 1raptor head, nop,, 10 raptors = 1 raptor head, for som reason raptors dont need heads.... thos quests i hate. 

phu, "go`s out for a smoke" 

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