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Asellia has a blog, duck and cover

The main mission of my blog is to give my varying opinions on different MMOs in not a bad way but rather an honest way. I would like to see other peoples comments on what they think about what I have to say also.

Author: Asellia

Free-to-Play, and Free-to-Play Models? (Opinions Please.)

Posted by Asellia Friday September 10 2010 at 9:53PM
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Okay, while I am especially looking at people who simply do not like Free-to-Player, I do not want arguments of why it's bad, that is not what this blog is about.

First and Foremost, I would like to say, I do not have any power over any game development or publishing companies, but I am curious if any of these ideas seem good (Who knows who'll read it, right? Low chance, but yeah.). Basically, I have been thinking about F2P, many of my own complaints, and what I think would make it better.

The first Model I was thinking of, would simply be called "Buy for more oppurtunities". Basically, the shop would quite simply sell only two things:

1. You can, without buying, reach max level via questing. What you can buy, however, is alternative areas TO quest in.

2. Fluff, and items already obtainable in-game, with just as much ease.

Why I mention this one is, I think it allows people to play the game, but at the same time, choose how much they want to play. What I mean by alternative areas, is, you can goto those areas anyways, and even help others with said quests, but you can't do the quests for them.


The second I was thinking of, is a bit iffy, but overall, I think it could work well. It would let you buy:

1. Extra Races, and Classes. That's it. And fluff, of course

This one, I think could be interesting if there's good reason to play other races outside of lore, but in gameplay.


This one is also somewhat iffy:

1. Crafting Ingredients

2. Gold

The trick would be, to have all of these easily obtained in-game, or at the very least, make needed recipes, and the best items, only attainable in game.


Tell me what you think of these, please!

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