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The Map Part Way in Cabal

Posted by zhujuang123 Tuesday December 8 2009 at 8:26PM
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alz which you first to meet, you will find it is so magic. For example cabal alz will help you to level up, and cabal gold can make you strong, and so on. If you want to buy cabal alz, I can tell you a good place which provides the cheapest cabal money. Now here is a Cabal guide, I hope it is helpful for you!
Map part, dungeon of level 75. First time you do this dungeon, is rly hard to find the way. For this we have thinked to create a guide FOR THE WAY Step to Step. First of all, we explane the dungeon: You have to kill some bosses and some gates will be destroied, so you can go on in the mission. For an easier comprension of the way, is better breake the map in 8 parts.
Fist a little legend: The RED numbers are the Boss you need to kill. The enter is the blue point. The exit is the Yellow point. The trees are green. Sometimes you can see the route in brown. Others eventual elements are explained under the image. Wurk-Radark-Jidarsch: The mission start! Kill the Bosses in this order, and take a look at the map.
Ruin Of Dusk: Go to the Gate- it will be closed now, you will se alot of Ruin of Dusk in your eay, but you have to kill one only.
The exit will take you into second lake. Ballu: In the lake, you have to turn around some trees, like the brown arrow in the draw. Stop to Ballu for killing him and go to the Gate.

Doful: Repair a Shovel

Posted by zhujuang123 Tuesday December 8 2009 at 8:21PM
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dofus gold is the forever theme that you must to learn. And if you have kamas, you will find it can help to solve the all handicap. There are many so-called ethereal shovels in the game. These weapons have a life-span that shrinks with every battle, but fortunately it is possible to repair them before their resistance runs out entirely and they disappear forever.
You will have to reach level 10 in your profession before you can repair ethereal weapons at all, and to repair a particular weapon, its level must be less than or equal to twice the level of your profession. For example, if your level is 10, you will not be able to repair shovels whose level is higher than 20.
It is time to repair an ethereal shovel. Click on an anvil and select the action Repair a Shovel. You will only need two ingredients: the shovel you want to repair and a potion of liquid metal. This potion comes in three forms: Potion of Liquid Metal, Potion of Heavy Liquid Metal and Potion of Precious Liquid Metal. Each potion will restore a particular number of resistance points to the weapon. You will find them in alchemists Marketplaces.
Note: No recipe will be displayed in the recipe window when you try to repair an ethereal weapon, but if you buy cheap kamas or click on Combine, the operation will take place anyway. For this reason, you should follow the directions to minimize the chances of failure. Bear in mind the general rate of failure as well, which is about the same as when you create weapons. Note also that if the repair fails, you will keep the shovel, but its characteristics will be weaker. Buy if you want the characteristics be strong, the dofus gold can help you. By the way, if you want to buy dofus kamas, and we can help you!

Rohan: my guide on picking Your Spells

Posted by zhujuang123 Tuesday December 8 2009 at 8:17PM
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rohan online crone can not replaced by anthing, because rohan gold is your forver game friend. Today, I will ready for you the guide on picking Your Spells, I hope it can help you more or less.
The sorcerer is the nuker of DDO with the most spell points, and faster cast speeds and cooldowns than wizards. The problem is their limited spell selection. A sorcerer only knows a few spells of each level, and more importantly he can never change them. The spells you choose at level 1 will still be there at level 10. It is critical that you make the right choices for your sorcerer, or you are going to be playing a gimped character later on that is not any fun.
Here are a few tips on picking your spells:
Take spells that you want to spam. You have the most spell points and fast casting. Use that to cast lots of damage or mes spells quickly in important battles. Do not take utility spells that you will not cast often. Sometimes they are neccessary but you can buy a wand or rohan online crone. A few rohan online gold is better than a permanent spell selection. By the way, if you are interested on rohan money, you can go our website.
Leave buffing to the clerics and wizards. They can pick the right ones for the party and maintain them all. Focus on your strength, raw power. Always think of the future. A spell might be nice at level 1 but will it still be good at level 10. Do not take spells that are made obsolete later by better options. The Summon Monster spells are the worst, they are only useful for a couple levels before they are replaced by the next version.


The Guide for Dofus-Kwismas Island

Posted by zhujuang123 Tuesday December 1 2009 at 9:42PM
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buy dofus kamas which you look forward to getting, you can go our web site which provides the cheapest kamas for you and serve you as soon as possible. I have collected the guide for Dofus-Kwismas Island for you, I hope you will like it.
We heard rumour there will be no kwismass this year and we are freaking out, we spent every moment, we have power training these last few months preparing to fight. Father whooper in 2.0 and now we hear there will be no kwismass if that is true we will probably freak out, it is the only thing on dofus gold we look forward to all year.
We worked on scrolling all our stats to 50+ and our chance to 100, we play (cheap kamas) a enu been trying to fine tune ourself, so we can hold our own when we finally get there this year and now we hear it is canceled due to a dumb update in graphics. If this is true we think we may just ride out this membership then quit and go back to runescape, they at least do not cancel the yearly events that we look forward to.
It better be one hell of a event because we been training extremely hard to get our set, spells, and stats in order in hopes to kill father whooper and we work a full time job so it better be a long event. That is because if we miss it and get nothing for kwismass then we will simply quit until they bring back the island which means and our 10 old runescape buddy will probably leave with me.
If you do not want to miss kwismass and want to buy dofus kamas, please go our web site! We will help you to solve them.



Champions: My experience on Powers and Power Synergies

Posted by zhujuang123 Tuesday December 1 2009 at 9:39PM
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champions gold is like a god in champions online game, he can help you to do something difficult. You have probably heard me ramble on about Power synergies for a while, and wondered what the heck I was talking about. Their existence is the major reason why I advocate pure builds over hybrids. Put simply, a power synergy is when one or more powers work together to augment each other. Here is a few examples.
1. Fire attacks can often create the Clinging Flames debuff, which adds a dot to enemies. And Advantage to Fire strike causes refreshed dots and a small aoe explosion every time a mob with Clinging Flames is hit with Firestrike.
2. Ice creates the Chill effect, which slows down enemies. Certain powers in Ice either augment Chill, or do more damage to chilled targets. In addition, enemies frozen in ice cages or walls can take heavy additional damage when the ice is hit by Shatter.
3. Many melee abilities create Momentum. Among other things, momentum will cause a player to gain energy every time they hit with several of their powers. The overall effect is the attacks feed themselves, and a melee character who knows how to create and maintain momentum never needs to worry about running out of energy!
When you are picking powers, look at the special effects they place on your enemy, and see how other powers in that and other frameworks might mesh together. Also look at what the powers DO. How many cone aoes do you need? Maybe a root/stun would be more useful? Maybe adding a heavy single-target attack would be more efficient for 1-on-1 fights than another aoe? And of course, do not forget if you wanted a concept character, making sure it is workable within your concept and still helps you play!


Guild Wars: Guild Wars 2 RTS Flavor

Posted by zhujuang123 Friday November 27 2009 at 11:07PM
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With GuildWars Gold, you will success! Rumor is flowing around, saying World PvP in the upcoming Guild Wars 2 might feature certain elements of real-time strategy (RTS) games. In fact, the rumored PvP may be the baby of Warhammer Online objective-taking and World of Warcraft Alterac Valley.
Here is the post at, which is the translated material from an interview with ArenaNet in a Dutch magazine:
The World PvP Maps bear a resemblance to RTS-maps and give you a chance to play different roles. You can conquer stone mines, which will then deliver stone by caravan to your catapults, you can attack and cut off caravans of the enemy, you can operate as a scout and inform the rest of hostile movement, you can man watchtowers and defend, or you can just run up to a lost PvP and teach him a lesson. All these actions will earn you experience.
As no confirmation has been made, we still can not guarantee this will be sure to happen. But we will keep an eye on the update.


Thank you NOVUS

Posted by zhujuang123 Friday November 27 2009 at 10:55PM
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rf gold can make you level up quickly. Level Up! Games once again made history last November 7 and 8, 2009 at the World Trade Center by bringing you LEVEL UP! LIVE 2009. For 6 consecutive years, Level Up! and its community has proven time and again that they are the pillars of the Philippine Online Gaming industry.
Together, we have turned ordinary gamers into superstars, celebrities and ICONS. Together with the community as a whole, Level Up! will continue to make history, and we would like to thank you all for making this dream a reality.
RF Online, one of the several games that has been published by Level Up! Inc., has withstood trials and tribulations due to your undying support, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate.

Dofus: How to play in group

Posted by zhujuang123 Tuesday November 24 2009 at 10:31PM
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dofus gold is so much powerful in group. And today I have collected some experience about play in group in Dofus for you, I hope you will like it.
Even unique or extremely rare creatures are hiding there and protect wonderful treasures! But it is a long way to go before you will get there as you will have to find the appropriate key first and have kamas. But you do not worry, the reward (cheap kamas) will be worth the effort!
The Gobball dungeon in only populated with Gobblies, Gobball War Chiefs and a Royal Gobball. The concept of the dungeon is quite simple it is a series of rooms full of creatures. You will have to defeat all the creatures of each room before you can move to the next one as you will move up so will the level of the creatures!
You create a group is quite simple. The more adventurers there are in a group, the more they can attack powerful monsters. The members of a group can follow the character who created the group their compass will indicate the leader position and they can communicate altogether. The leader can order the rallying of the group.
You need to do is to buy dofus kamas and click on a character that is not yours to create a group, and then click on Invite to join our group. The playable character you have just invited still needs to confirm and accept your invitation. If he does so, he will be part of your group. All the same, you can decide to dissolve the group. All you need to do is have dofus gold and click on Leave the group in the interface in the right hand corner of the screen.


How to creat character in Cabal

Posted by zhujuang123 Tuesday November 24 2009 at 10:27PM
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cabal money can help you creat Cabal character. I am currently undefeated in pvp versus anyone or lower ( since i am myself ). This includes all other classes.
I will try and explain my build. Since it took me a long time to reach, i will just skeem through the lower ranks. I have collect this guide for you, it is mainly describes character creat in Cabal, I sincerely hope it can help you more or less.
The first thing you should do when you make your character is gather enough cabal alz, 800 I think. And buy Vitality Mastery Lv 1 Upgrade. There might be a level 4, 5, 6, 7 alt, however; this is best accomplished from level 1.
The reasoning is simple, you want to use Training Weapons the benefits to training weapons are:
1. There are no stat requirements what so ever to equip them.
2. They are the lowest base Attack and Magic in the game at 3 Attack 3 Magic.
The other thing is for Wizard and Force Archer you will want to use cabal gold and Training Blade which means putting cabal money in the storage to cover the deposit of 2 sword, creating a Blader and stashing that training sword in your storage.
The downside to using a single Training Blade on a Wizard and Force Archer is that you will not be able to use class specific buffs, only the regeneration skill. In order to get the maximum skill experience and buy cabal alz during your time spent skilling, you want to be able to pull off Combo of 15 or greater.

Second Forge / Refine Event (FRE) for the month of November!

Posted by zhujuang123 Saturday November 21 2009 at 1:28AM
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Greetings Warriors of rohan online crone
The Second Forge/Refine event for November, goes double or nothing! Two FRE schedules again this week!
The two FRE Schedules will be on:
Friday November 13, 2009 8:00PM to 11:00PM
Sunday November 15, 2009 4:00PM to 7:00PM
The usual sale will also be implemented for forging items, SES, and reset stones and 50% off sale on ALL option items!
Greetings Warriors of Rohan!
The Second Forge/Refine event for November, goes double or nothing! Two FREE schedules again this week!
The two FRE Schedules will be on:
Friday November 13, 2009 8:00PM to 11:00PM
Sunday November 15, 2009 4:00PM to 7:00PM
The usual sale will also be implemented for forging items, SES, and reset stones and 50% off sale on ALL option items!