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Samhain's Zergwatch

Samhain's Zergwatch is a blog that started in 2006 on a different gaming community server and has since evolved into, a place to gather my twisted thoughts on the whole mess. Explore the oozing underbelly of gaming with me.

Author: zergwatch

The Daily Zerg - 12/02 - Candians love Runescape, LOL!

Posted by zergwatch Tuesday December 2 2008 at 7:28PM
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My daily take on the video game news zerg that passes through Zergwatch.

Disney to launch another MMORPG
First it was Toontown, then Pirates of the Caribbean Online, now in Spring 2009, we can expect an MMORPG based on the Disney World. The game will be titled "Disney Fantasy Online" and one can only expect it to resemble the Kingdom Hearts series of console games in some way. The game will only be available in China though, because as we all know, unless your game has orcs and elves, set in the world of Azeroth and named World of Warcraft, it's pointless to release in the U.S.

Runescape is Canada's new national passtime
This year, the free and extremely horrible MMORPG Runescape defeated NHL as the most searched keyword in Yahoo! Canada. The NHL and Hockey have forever been the number one activity north of the border, but in 2008, Runescape claimed the honor. It just goes to show what happens to a country when you turn to socialism. Sure, you get free healthcare, but eventually, you find yourself playing garbage free to play MMORPG's.

Age of Conan still coming to Xbox 360
Despite massive layoffs and a subscriber base that has fallen faster than the U.S. stock market, Funcom reassured the media today that the Xbox 360 version of the declining MMORPG is still under development and will be released, but a firm date cannot be committed to. I guess they have to do something with all that extra hardware once they merge servers, might as well relaunch them as 360 servers.

Xbox 360 Outsells PS3 on Black Friday
This was a pretty over played headline today. Quite frankly.. No duh! In other obvious news that doesn't warrant saying.. The Wii beat both Xbox 360 and PS3 in sales.

Are you still ready to rumble?
It was announced that the boxing classic series, Ready 2 Rumble will return in 2009 to the Nintendo Wii utilizing a similar interface that is used in Wii Boxing and other Wii fighting type games. The game will be chock full of pop culture parodies such as Arnold Schwarzeneggar, David Hasslehof, Shaun White and Simon Cowell. So, are you ready to rumble? The only fitting response for that is... "America... Fuck Yah!"

Chinese at it again
A Chinese man accused of stabbing a University student in the head with a chef's knife pleaded not guilty today. China is quickly becoming the video game murder capital of the world. Capitalist markets are a great thing, even when done under the umbrella of Communism.

No DC Universe MMO in 2009
Geoff Johns, a writer for the upcoming SOE MMORPG, DC Universe Online was reported as saying the game will not launch until late 2009, maybe 2010. It appears that Cryptic Studios will beat SOE to market for the next superhero MMORPG, but the alluring appeal of DC Universe may just make Champions Online a get-you-by game until the real thing comes out. While Champions is a somewhat popular superhero pen and paper RPG game, it just doesn't have the DC selling power.

Today's Releases:
Today is a pretty kick ass release day!

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Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (PS2)
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