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Samhain's Zergwatch

Samhain's Zergwatch is a blog that started in 2006 on a different gaming community server and has since evolved into, a place to gather my twisted thoughts on the whole mess. Explore the oozing underbelly of gaming with me.

Author: zergwatch

Age of Conan Q&A : Boobs, Breakdowns and Breaking NDA's

Posted by zergwatch Monday April 14 2008 at 9:11PM
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As the launch of Funcom's Age of Conan looms over the horizon and there's really nothing exciting to shit talk in the MMO genre at this time. I figured it would be a good time to reach out to Jason "Athelan" Stone , Game Designer for Age of Conan and an awesomely accessible gentleman for the low budget and unkown gaming website, to get into his head to find out about things the things that really intrigue me about Age of Conan. 

Everyone wants to know everything they can about Age of Conan before the launch such as PVP mechanics, system requirements, DirectX 10 support, how does shield blocking work, when is open beta and should I buy the pre-order with the Mammoth or the Rhino, but I'm not the kind of guy who wastes time investigating things that will be clearly identified in the game manual next month.

If you're interested in reading all that shit for the 15th time with a different twist on the same topic, you're out of luck.  What I want to talk about is titties, sex, Arnold Schwarzenegger, MMO's failing at launch, breaking NDA's, more titties and to find out which Funcom employee is voted most likely to have a nervous breakdown when the game comes out this May. 

While I'm still personally on the fence about whether or not I'll be playing Age of Conan for the long haul because new MMO's have in general been a let down for quite some time, I will definitely be buying the game and checking it out because while not "Revolutionary or Next-Gen", to use the token industry buzzwords, it does things that have not been done before, at least with any overwhelming success.  Most importantly, boobs.. and sex.. blood and violence.. you know, the things that make video games blockbuster hits.  I also figure that if I could buy Vanguard and play it for a month before quitting, it only goes uphill from there.

The whole thing doesn't fit here, sorry
Age of Conan Interview