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Samhain's Zergwatch

Samhain's Zergwatch is a blog that started in 2006 on a different gaming community server and has since evolved into, a place to gather my twisted thoughts on the whole mess. Explore the oozing underbelly of gaming with me.

Author: zergwatch

Why do MMORPG publishers REALLY hate the Chinese Gold Farmer?

Posted by zergwatch Friday April 11 2008 at 4:30PM
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In their press release and community announcements, MMORPG publishers tell us to beware of the Chinese Gold Farmer. Ok first, people always give me shit about saying things like Chinese Gold Farmer and Uncle Li when talking about gold farmers. Until somebody can prove otherwise, most gold farming is done in China and the most popular Chinese surname is Li, so piss off unless you're arguing that most of them are not uncles.

Anyway, company bulletins tell us that the evil Chinese gold farmers are out to hack your accounts, steal your credit cards, ruin their merchant status or completely and utterly destroy the game economy and that to protect the game they will ban both you and Uncle Li if they catch you. Be realistic, if you do happen to buy from those companies and you're not buying from a well established company like IGE, then you deserve to have all that stuff done to you. The more prominent companies would not remain in business if they were stealing information and hacking accounts left and right.

The truth behind the matter might have something to do with the integrity of the in game economy, but the most prominent reason they are so aggressive with gold farmers is because somebody else is making money where they could be making it. It goes beyond gold farming. Look at Blizzard trying to cash in on WoW glider revenue. They don't care about the program, they care that somebody else is making a buck and Vinny TwoFingers didn't deliver a brown envelope to them. They are not suing to just end WoWGlider, they want a piece of the WoW Glider pie. If it was a lawsuit in defense of righteousnous, legal compensation and a cease and desist would have sufficed because its doubtful that Blizzard will ever be able to factually prove that the program hurt such a thriving business enterprise. Instead, Blizzard wants to turn a buck on the case.

If the companies were so worried about games being tainted or economies being ruined, why are so many performing research on and developing their own publisher backed RMT services?

It's because they realize a money train when they see one. While their own revenue projections and subscriber base flounders, they see these foreign sweatshops raking in the cash hand over fist. SOE currently offers Station Exchange servers which facilitate offline item purchases between players in which SOE takes a small cut of each transation. Other companies are experimenting with RMT.

Most MMORPG's already have RMT transactions in the form of collector's editions. When you buy a collector's edition you are already engaging in a RMT for an in game item, but its ok, because the publisher gets your extra $20-50 for that pet, garment or weapon you paid for.

There aren't that many mainstream MMORPG's offering RMT services at this point, but the seeds have been planted and as MMO publishers continue to fail to meet their financial projections and realize that their half assed hack of an MMORPG is not going to be the next World of Warcraft, we might see a more aggressive trend towards publisher backed RMT services either on top of subscription based MMORPG's or to fun free to play MMORPG's.

PhantomGun writes:

I can't say I blame Blizzard. I would go for a piece of the pie to. I wonder what other game developers have, or plan on doing the same thing. Nice blog.

Fri Apr 11 2008 6:07PM Report
telebreth writes:

wow man. I honestly cant believe you are even posting this blog. I have been a Guild Master in World of Warcraft for almost 4 years now. Recently my Co-Gm and I stopped being GMs to start a Company that I may one day Blog about here but back to the issue.

For 4 years I watched as over half of my guild members were hacked, items stolen and sold on the Auction House, one guild. From there, I have seen numerous accounts from even the wisest Alpha Players hacked as well. Hours upon hours of grinding, raiding and building up their own economy as a gamer gone in a matter of seconds. Its honestly (if you were ever a victim) enough to make you consider leaving the game without a desire to start again.

Yes, they do character restores. Yes they return your gear. Take for instance my Co-GM who recently got hacked. Not only did those R-Tards jack his stuff which was easily replaced...They liked his account and attempted to call it home. They removed all of his professions. He spent 2,000 in game gold by driving his own little AH sales over months of gameplay in order to by Old-World Patterns and New Ones from Rep alike...professions as of yet have not been restored on his account and its enough to make him quit.

Why do the MMORPG Publishers not like Gold Farmers? Because hacking and then stealing accounts is where they get the most bread and butter for their online merchandise and its ILLEGAL. Why is it ILLEGAL because whether you say Blizzard owns the merchandise or the Player owns the merchandise someone owns it and it was TAKEN and then RESOLD. Its not a worthy part of anyones pie to make a buck. If so, go buy yourself a kilo of illegal drugs and start selling that to children and see if you dont end up in prison.

Fri Apr 11 2008 6:08PM Report
telebreth writes:

Oh and btw. What Blizzard will get financially for this theft....will never be a JUST Recompense for exactly what was taken. All they did was make Blizzard's job more difficult in dealing with 8 Million people on a regular basis. It is money they deserve for what is being illegally sold.

Fri Apr 11 2008 6:10PM Report
telebreth writes:

A word on publisher run RMT Services. If Blizzard sold pre-made toons, in game goods and the like then illegitimate business makers would not have a foothold for their wares. That is why most MMO Publishers and Developers have started looking into the RMT Industry. Yes they will make MORE money....but at least people who pay to play the god forsaken game will not have to FEAR being hacked 24/7.

Fri Apr 11 2008 6:15PM Report
telebreth writes:

Anymore questions? See the coffee cups in your local McDonalds. They say....Caution HOT! Because some asshat thought the coffee was too hot and burned himself. Most decisions made like this that affect everyone are because one person screwed it all up for the masses. Such is Life. I am done being HOT over this Blog. Think I will go get some coffee.

Fri Apr 11 2008 6:17PM Report
zergwatch writes:

telebreth said: "For 4 years I watched as over half of my guild members were hacked, items stolen and sold on the Auction House, one guild. "

So maybe WoW just sucks and if over 1/2 your guild bought gold, it only proves my theories  a) WoW just sucks  and b)  1/2 of people who play MMORPG's have at one point in time bought gold.... of course everyone cried then too and said no way.


Fri Apr 11 2008 7:11PM Report
telebreth writes:

just because people get hacked doesnt = my people bought gold.


Fri Apr 11 2008 9:55PM Report
Lidale writes:

I don't like gold farmers because they generally drive most in game economies to the point that its hard to play the game legit.  Part of the reason why I do not play mmorpg's much anymore.  That said if you need to buy gold in a game like WoW where in my opinion is so ridiculously easy to make than that in itself is pretty sad =P, since thats the only game where you dont need to become a farmer whore to have fun and get cool gear.

Sat Apr 12 2008 2:44AM Report
mrprogguy writes:

RMT = "resell my things?"

It'd sure be nice if the OP would remember that first-time readers of his blog don't know all the abbreviations and buzzwords.  Some of us have been in MMORPGs for nearly a decade and don't bother with external farming services, so we'd never have gotten into the vocabulary.

That being said, names like "Uncle Li" and "Vinny TwoFingers" are pretty ugly, and borderline offensive.  I find it hard to take the blogging seriously because the OP poisons his logic with these little prejudice bombs--and worse, goes on a self-righteous rant about such things before continuing down the path.

Sat Apr 12 2008 7:39AM Report
vajuras writes:

RMT is a tricky issue to discuss yo. EVE Online / CCP allows us to trade timecodes for ingame money which is pretty darn nice. I as wondering if you had read their recent news post because thats the reasons they gave.

Enjoyable read

Sat Apr 12 2008 8:54AM Report
VideoJockey writes:

Publishers realize there is a demand for an RMT type service and they want to have it work out safely for the customer. Power-leveling services are notoriously bad for WoW players... not in that they speed you to 70 (which doesn't take that long anyway), but in that they keep your account info on file, wait until you've amassed some in-game wealth, then log back in and take everything. Then they sell their loot for real cash as a "gold seller", so basically they get paid to rob you and then paid to sell your stuff. If Blizzard and other companies want to try to circumvent that, more power to 'em. You can't blame a corporation for trying to make money and protect its customers at the same time.

Sat Apr 12 2008 9:56AM Report
gameshogun writes:

The statements of the developers if analyzed carefully, are actually wrong or rather "mixed-up".

Not all of these companies are guilty or involved with hacking, etc.  And many of those hacked were not really hacked by these companies but by their guildies, friends, and even family members (girlfriends, boyfriends,

Then there is also the "stupidity" factor.  People who will share their account with their CLOSEST of CLOSEST BEST OF BEST friends/family members.

We also have the "dumb" factor of paying someone else to 'level' your character.  (ie Power-Leveling services)

So are these so-called "RMT Companies" getting most of their supplies by hacking their CUSTOMERS accounts?  These are business entities we are talking about.  It will be very dumb and stupid of them to hack the accounts of their own customers.

If these developers are accusing these companies of doing such, then the possibility is very high that these developers and publishers are they themselves hacking our accounts, because after all they show us their logic: "Company hacks their OWN Customers".

Finally, for us who do not live in the US (and EU for that matter), we can see a trend.  Sometimes we think that these companies are in constant communication with each other.  Have you noticed it?  Blizzard made a statement about RMT, posted unfounded claims against the RMT companies.  Then ArenaNet also posted theirs, then another game, then another publisher, and another, and another.

Heck, I even won a bet... simple bet, I bet that the other companies will release their own statements, very close to what Blizzard said, because they talk to each other.  I won that bet.

So who do we believe?  The develoerps, publishers, RMT companies, or the observant and unbias community like you and me?

Don't get me wrong, I am NOT defending these RMT companies, but starting a MISLEADING information campaign is below-the-belt already.  They are only showing the world how desperate they are; how jealous they are; how they really have no control over their own DEVELOPED product.

In other words, they just showed us how these third-party companies DEFEATED the developers and publishers.

Of course, they will defend their statements/moves in the name of "concern over our customers", are they really?



Sat Apr 12 2008 10:24AM Report
VideoJockey writes:

>>So who do we believe?  The develoerps, publishers, RMT companies, or the observant and unbias community like you and me?

Yeah, gamers are totally unbiased. I submit as evidence the forums.

Sat Apr 12 2008 10:34AM Report
Vortigon writes:

No we wont see lots of companies jump on the RMT bandwagon, thats a typical misunderstanding of some people.  RMT for ingame items and gold will remain a standard of Asian MMOs it will never become common place for Western Titles. 

The majority of players in the West like to EARN their gear, levels and gold and won't subscribe to any game that endorses RMT in any form.

Players that break the rules and do the RMT thing do it because their lazy, stupid, skilless and pathetic.  And in their real lives are probably equally sad losers with selfish attitudes, and normally use cheat codes on ever game they've ever owned.

Sat Apr 12 2008 2:01PM Report
Hagedis writes:

Where do you think IGE get there gold/platinum from, yeah from these same chinese gold farmers or from your so called friends who then claim the account has been hacked, i have seen whole guilds farming for gold/platinum and that was already before WOW came out, It's the player that keeps these companies in excestince, so those players are the game killers, hardly the chinese goldfarmers who barely get $10 for a day's work. The player is to blame , he is buying the gold or the powerlevel, beside we the players started this thing by selling our accounts and ingame money not the RMT companies.

Sat Apr 12 2008 4:44PM Report
tfmok2003 writes:


gold farmer...

Sat Apr 12 2008 7:44PM Report
zergwatch writes:

Vertigon, before you go making claims about US publishers not wanting RMT, you might want to consider this.

SOE - Free Realms MMORPG (will probably match World of Warcraft #'s as its a social MMO that will compete with Habbo, Club Penguin and Toontown Online.   Guess what?  RMT

PlayNC - They have just signed in game advertising contract.  RMT won't be far behind.  I think in game advertising settles lower in a bucket of scum than RMT.

So RMT is not only something you get with your wonton soup anymore.  It comes in cheeseburger form now too.


Sun Apr 13 2008 12:47AM Report
spamboo writes:

ALSO!!!! They tend to use child labor and work them in "gaming" sweatshops...


This isent a joke, one can look it up. Their setting all over Mexico, and South-East Asia.


Way to support child labor gold/character buyers!!!!!

Sun Apr 13 2008 4:07AM Report
faxnadu writes:

i say to this wow gm fella that it is exactly the reason why your account is to be hacked in wow = buying gold

Sun Apr 13 2008 5:03AM Report
Nightbringe1 writes:

Be realistic, if you do happen to buy from those companies and you're not buying from a well established company like IGE, then you deserve to have all that stuff done to you

Umm, you do relize that IGE gets most of the gold it's selling from 3'rd pary farmers. That means yes, a lot of the plat ther are selling was stolen, just not by them.

How are accounts stolen from people who never used these services or shared their passwords? Guys keystoke loggers are a dime a dozen, all I have to do is get you to visist a web site I control and I own you,  Your game accounts, your credit card numbers, everything. ( I only used disposable pre-paid cards online).

Also consider other tactics being employed by these people that directly impact the game companies. They are buying these accounts on credit cards, then doing a chargeback on the cards after 30 days. Not only are the companies not getting any money from the initial sale, they are being charged huge fees by the credit card companies for having excessive chargebacks.

Again, most of this gold being stolen by 3'rd party gold farmers is being sold to IGE, which in turn is selling back to the players.

I don't consider the game companies selling gold or premade characters an option. That type of cure would be worse than the disease. It is the struggle to advance that makes the games what they are. That goes away if I can just slap down my credit card and have a maxed out character on my account. Something I took years to accomplish and now it's on sale for $49.99 this month? Sorry, that is when i cancel my account.

Sun Apr 13 2008 7:08AM Report writes:
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