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Samhain's Zergwatch

Samhain's Zergwatch is a blog that started in 2006 on a different gaming community server and has since evolved into, a place to gather my twisted thoughts on the whole mess. Explore the oozing underbelly of gaming with me.

Author: zergwatch

MMORPG PVP Archetypes

Posted by zergwatch Saturday March 29 2008 at 11:58PM
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If the only MMORPG you have ever played is World Of Warcraft, you probably will not understand PVP Archetypes. PVP Archetypes shine in PVP based MMORPG's where in game cross faction chat exists. In games such as WoW and EQ2 where cross faction chat has been disabled, pvp archetypes are actually meta-archtypes as they surface in server and realm forum message boards and not in the actual games themselves.

Source: Zergwatch

The PVP Guy

The PVP guy is perhaps the rarest and hardest to play PVP archetype. The PVP guy is usually the person organizing PVP in their guild or for their faction. PVP Guy is the archetype that is always up front either leading the battle or standing side by side with the leader. PVP guy is always up for a fight and is determined to win each battle at all costs. PVP guy rarely logs out of the game until a clear cut victory has been delivered by his side. It is estimated that only .5% of a PVP server population actually plays the PVP Guy archetype. the other 99.5% of the players on a PVP server fall into one of the following archetypes:

The Crytit

The Crytit complains about game mechanics, odds and equipment more than he actually plays the game. After a long night of battling opponents, the Crytit will step up and serve up a wide range of excuses as to why his or her faction got their asses handed to them. The Crytit has several primary attacks in their arsenal including "We were outnumbered", "We were outgeared" and "We would have won if...". While most players coddle and entertain the Crytit's ramblings, they should be avoided at all costs. The more attention you give the Crytit, the more the Crytit will cry your ear off.

The Sack Rider

The Sack Rider is one of the most dynamic PVP archetypes you will encounter in an MMORPG. They have the ability to quickly and seemlessly switch between sacks with little or no effort. Some of the best Sack Riders have the ability to ride multiple sacks at once, making them a very quick and agile archetype. A sack rider will cling on to the sack of an opponent who has recently schooled them in an attempt to ride their sack right into the ground. The Sack Rider usually stalks their opponents and sometimes the guilds of the opponents hoping and praying that a shred of discarded recognition might be thrown their way.

The Ball Hugger

The Ball Hugger is a novice PVP archetype. Ball Huggers can usually be found cowering in the shadows of a well skilled PVPer during a battle. When a battle has been won, the Ball Hugger will jump from his champion's shadow and absorb all of the positive energy of the engagement. That energy can then be converted into long winded conversations from the non-factor Ball Hugger directed at their defeated opponent. Although damage meters and combat logs will reveal the Ball Hugger played an insignificant role in the engagement, Ball Hugger energy is powerful and can sometimes last for days after the engagement.

The Cheerleader

While the guild is out PVPing and putting their name on the line, the Cheerleader can usually be found in the guild hall crafting his wares or engaging in a business transaction at the local auction house. When the Cheerleader receives word that the guild has bested their opponents on the battlefield, the Cheerleader will join in on the after battle communications between winner and loser. Cheerleaders are usually very vocal in the game forums and usually recount combat engagements in the first person even though they did not participate.

The Drool Cup

The drool cup can regularly be found operating as a lone wolf in a faction vs. faction engagement. Sometimes the Drool Cup is a low ranking member of a guild that mass recruits in numbers to compete on the battlefield. Before, during and after the battle, the Drool Cup will engage the enemy and keep them off guard with a steady stream of incoherent trash talk. The Drool Cup plays a very important role within the faction or guild as they are the ones who clean the jockstraps of the more talented players.

Tin Foil Hat Guy

Tin Foil Hat Guy is sometimes confused with the Crytit. While both will cry an opponent's ear off after a match, the Crytit usually remains focused on game mechanics and mathematical equations. Tin Foil Hat Guy will devise conspiracy theories about the engagement and engineer elaborate tales of exploiting, hacking, GM intervention and spying. Tin Foil Hat Guy is more of an artistic talent that paints portaits of mild retardation.