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Samhain's Zergwatch

Samhain's Zergwatch is a blog that started in 2006 on a different gaming community server and has since evolved into, a place to gather my twisted thoughts on the whole mess. Explore the oozing underbelly of gaming with me.

Author: zergwatch

Blizzard gets serious about competitive gaming

Posted by zergwatch Tuesday March 18 2008 at 7:54PM
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In a new job posting on Blizzard's website, the company says "The team behind Diablo I and II is looking for a skilled lead 3D level designer with experience building levels using Maya or other similar 3D level building tools. The ideal candidate has experience creating levels in a senior or lead role on a shipped game. We would also like for this candidate to have excellent analytical understanding of competitive online play with various Blizzard Entertainment games and mods (real-time strategy, World of Warcraft, Defense of the Ancients, etc.)."

Is this position to fill an existing need within World of Warcraft to incorporate more competitive gaming opportunities within WoW?  I sincerely hope Blizzard realizes WoW itself, is not the ideal competitive gaming platform.

It does sound like they are looking for a designer to lead them into a new competitive gaming endeavour.  Whether this is World of Warcraft or a yet unannounced title, has yet to be determined.

You can view the posting at:

Anofalye writes:

Blizzard refers to themselves as the team behind Diablo 1 & 2.  They are a SLOW working company, thereby it would be for the 3rd expansion of WoW if it was the case...and I doubt it, as they refer to themselves as Diablo 1 & 2 devs specifically.


My guess would be either their second MMO, Starcraft 2...or maybe an unannouced title they are working on.

Wed Mar 19 2008 1:27AM Report
streea writes:

This post made it pretty obvious that they wanted to take competitive play to the next level in WoW. And/or get even more money from 16-year-olds who want to prove they have the biggest epeens.

Wed Mar 19 2008 8:47AM Report
greymann writes:

Well yeah, isn't that what online gaming is all about? :/ 


Wed Mar 19 2008 9:58AM Report
Kamyn writes:

Whats an epeen? Aorry for what might be an obvious question, but I'm not 16...

Wed Mar 19 2008 11:00AM Report
Kamyn writes:

and can't spell either it appears...

Wed Mar 19 2008 11:01AM Report
streea writes:

It's basically "electronic penis," but what it means is that people like to brag about how good they are and which classes/players they can kill easily. While pride in one's skill is generally a good thing, the internet has a tendency to bring the worst out of people, so instead people talk about how great they are while ridiculing everyone else who isn't cool like them (like greymann's "carebear" comment).

You don't have to be 16 to really get into it, it's just that most-to-all behave like 16-year-old boys who are all bragging to each other about how many times they've had sex.

Wed Mar 19 2008 2:17PM Report
scotsmangt1 writes:

lets hope for a mmo diablo...

Wed Mar 19 2008 2:49PM Report
NobleNerd writes:

I think Blizzard as a whole is always looking to keep an edge up on the gaming world since they for a long time have been the target of many dev companies to out do. I personally got bored with the WoW game play after reaching 70 and not much left to do except grind for reputaion or items, etc... to take part in a flawed pvp (Arena) setup. I really hope that someone develops a better balanced mmo that leaves adventurers with more than just grinding and a poor pvp option.

Wed Mar 19 2008 7:38PM Report
sonicwhip writes:

omfg there ripping off guild wars lol

Wed Mar 19 2008 8:12PM Report
Player_420 writes:

Blizzard is the God of true multiplayer design

Thu Mar 20 2008 2:24PM Report
greymann writes:

@streea: When have young men not acted this way especially in some competetive environment?  Does testoserone in-general just offend you.   "Slam! duuh duuh duuh, duuh duuh duuh let the boys be boys!"

Thu Mar 20 2008 2:53PM Report
Bronks writes:





God of true multiplayer design... you're trying to kill me.




Thu Mar 20 2008 11:47PM Report
Qmire writes:

actually he ain't that far from the truth if you started thinking about it.


Blizzard's RTS, RPG games all became massive golden through their multiplayer option and pretty much dominated that field in each of their respectable genre.


They aren't gods of it but they sure are the ones who seem to do it better than anyone else.


on a side note, i hope it's Diablo 3, however should it be their next mmo, please make it rated 18+ so we can get some gore into the diablo universe ect.

Fri Mar 21 2008 6:41AM Report writes:
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