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Samhain's Zergwatch

Samhain's Zergwatch is a blog that started in 2006 on a different gaming community server and has since evolved into, a place to gather my twisted thoughts on the whole mess. Explore the oozing underbelly of gaming with me.

Author: zergwatch

My forray into the Burning Crusade, one year later

Posted by zergwatch Monday February 18 2008 at 11:01AM
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Ok, so WTF. TBC is old news. Big Deal. An anniversary is an appropriate time for something like this.

After refusing the urge to ever be a part of anything that has to do with the World of Warcraft since it was released, for the sake of journalism, I broke down a few months ago and gave it a shot.

The game installed rather easily, but I soon learned I had to wait 9 fucking hours before I could actually play the game because there has obviously been so much content released for the game since the day the DVD was made, which included the Burning Crusade Expansion pack.

When the patching and restarting of the game finally ended in what seemed like an eternity, I was taken to a nice and simple character creation interface. Did I mention it was simple? I like to be bad. I like to be evil. What can be more bad and more evil than an undead warlock? Sure as hell not that queer looking human paladin, I thought to myself.

I quickly entered the World of Warcraft because I only had a very few choices to make to customize my character. It was quite different than in most of the games that aren't as great World of Warcraft.

I'm not going to go into the starting areas of World of Warcraft or even talk about how many fucking boars you have to kill to play this game since I'm about 3 years too late to bitch and moan about the "old" world. In all, the experience from 1 to 60 was pretty fun and simple. Did I mention simple?

Finally after wasting away night after night to get to level 60 and finally see what the Burning Crusade was about and how I can finally play WoW and participate in glorious world pvp control battles, I passed through the Dark Portal. There's obviously some kind of struggle going on between all sorts of 20 polygon NPC's, but after watching a few minutes of this I realized you cannot participate since everything is Level 70 elite and that nothing is really going on except for a pretty dull NPC script that loops itself for eternity.

I felt a certain uneasiness as I passed hundreds of fucking boars on my way to the first Horde camp. Wouldn't you know it? One of the first quests in The Burning Crusade was to kill more fucking boars. I thought this is probably just some sort of sick joke by Blizzard to make sure that you are truly addicted to the game. Heck, if you can make it to level 60 and still kill boars without quitting the game, you're probably in it for the long haul. For the sake of journalism, I was.

Hellfire Peninsula really seemed like more of the old World of Warcraft. There was really nothing new. Sure we had some 5 man instances that didn't require DKP and a guild full of whiney gear-whoring crytits, but it showed me nothing more than a continuation of what WoW always was.

Alas! There is a world PVP area. The side who controls the most towers gets buffs and bragging rights to being the side that controls the zone. I mount up with a few friends as we cautiously approach the Arena anticipating a battle to end all battles. The sweat poured down the side of my avatar's skinless face. We made it to the arena. WTF? Where is the epic world pvp battle? Where are the alliance? Where the fuck is anyone? Anything? Shit! So we just sit there and wait as we gloriously take the arena. Surely, everyone must be at one of the other two zones. Surely, they weren't. World PVP in the first zone of TBC was either waiting by yourself at one of three control points or ganking some poor chap with your group of three people, hoping he breaks his keyboard and logs on his level 70.

I got out of Hellfire Peninsula as soon as possible, hoping that the letdown was because all the PVP was going on in the higher zones.

Zangamarsh was a pretty zone. Thank fucking god there were no boars. PVP in Zangamarsh was fun as far as the one vs. one battles you have everywhere you go. Ok, I lied.. the One vs. One gankings you give people while they either stand there confused or try to run. The Zone PVP event in Zangamarsh is still a fucking mystery to me. The whole area was void of people and NPC's. After leveling to about 63, and not finding an NPC to even give a PVP quest, I moved on to Terrokar Forest.

This is where I find Shattrath. Now I knew what all those r-tards meant when they spammed countless fucking messages non-stop for hours on end "Can sum1 open a portal to Shat 4 me? Plz? Will pay Gold!".

Shattrath is a city where Horde and Alliance come together, sing, dance and be merry with eachother. We all become friends in Shattrath which makes standing outside the city gates ganking people even more rewarding than all the failed world PVP sub games they put in the expansion pack.

To cut to the chase and try to put this story out of its misery, I finally made it to 70. I can continue making quirky and amusing digs at all the stupid shit that I had to do between 60 and 70 and how the game is still lacking any serious world PVP or how the game is still a loot whore's wet dream, but I must say... if the game truly sucked as so many claim, I would have quit this process at level 61.

The World Of Warcraft is a solid game that hardcore gamers feel threatened by because it gives every 10 year old kid the ability to kick hardcore gamers' self proclaimed and self righteous ass in a video game. I fear that is the reason most hardcore players shy away from WoW. They would rather sit on gaming message boards crying about the lack of MMORPG's and keep looking for the next great MMORPG. The truth is, hardcore gamers will never be happy with an MMORPG and they usually won't last more than a few months in any game that comes out no matter how good it is anyway.

With that being said, World of Warcraft really is not for me. Maybe because deep inside, I'm one of those hardcore gamers. I think it has most to do with the mindset of the WoW player where gear trumps fun and getting gear is the core game where in my eyes the core game is the epic conflict between good and bad. It could also be that I need cross-faction communication to truly enjoy a video game. A video game where you can't trash talk or be trash talked is similar to listening to the radio with the sound off.

I can see why WoW is still the king of MMORPG's. I still think WoW will remain trump well after the hardcore gamers have quit Age of Conan and Warhammer and return to their state of forum QQ'ing for a new messiah. World of Warcraft is not a bad game. As the old saying goes "Guns don't kill people. People kill people", the same can be said of WoW. "WoW does not make people lose their job, lose their wife and lose their kids. People lose their job, wife and kids".