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Samhain's Zergwatch

Samhain's Zergwatch is a blog that started in 2006 on a different gaming community server and has since evolved into, a place to gather my twisted thoughts on the whole mess. Explore the oozing underbelly of gaming with me.

Author: zergwatch

The Daily Zerg - 12/12 - Sex, Drugs and World of Warcraft

Posted by zergwatch Friday December 12 2008 at 1:01PM
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My daily ramblings about  interesting things going on in the gaming industry.

Rock Band & Guitar Hero on PC?
Well not really, but if a little bit of Christian Rock doesn't bother you, there's always Guitar Praise, a Guitar Hero clone for the PC and Mac. Jam out to Christian chart busters such as Jesus Freak, Same Ol' Sinner, Savior and Rebirthing. The game works pretty much as you would expect it to and was created by a company called Digital Praise. So if you want to wash your sins away and scream hallelujah this Christmas, Guitar Praise is the game for you.

To-ubi bad
After destroying the Prince of Persia series this past week, it appears the cell shaded Prince of Persia wasn't the only thing gone wrong for UbiSoft. It seems now that UbiSoft was in the running to purchase Cryptic Studios, the company who made City of Heroes/Villains and currently developing Champions Online. Instead, as we know, the development company was sold to Infogrames, the parent company for Atari after a fierce bidding war with UbiSoft

Indie MMO Conference
The third Independent MMORPG has been announced to take place April 17-19 at the Alexis Park Resort Hotel in Las Vegas. Previous speakers for the event include such people as Richard Bartle and Gordon Walton. The event, as usual promises to be a display of MMO's just scraping by under the radar in what some view as the minor leagues of the MMORPG industry.

Sex, Drugs & World of Warcraft
Following closely in the footsteps of Rock & Roll, Free Love, LSD and all that was wrong with the 1980's, World of Warcraft is now being blamed along with online gaming addiction as one of the top reasons students drop out of college. Like college, you learn nothing from World of Warcraft that actually prepares you for the real world, so it all balances out in the end.
You can read the full transcript here: Wow Responsible for College Drop Outs

Star Wars Galaxies Emulator in the news
The Examiner National Online wrote up an article today a week ago that somehow went under my radar, but either way, its still worth bringing up and newsworthy. Here is the full article:
Score one for the gaming industry!
By now, we all know that Rod Blagojevich is the Governor (for now) of Illinois and alleged to be one heck of a dirty and corrupt politician by mainstream media, but did you know Mr. Blagojevich was one of the key players in getting Grand Theft Auto IV advertisements removed, though only temporarily, from Chicago subways and buses?

In true GTA IV corrupt politician style, Blagojevich was reported as saying the following statement regarding the replacement for Senator Obama's now vacant seat: "I've got this thing and it's f--king golden and, uh, uh, I'm just not giving it up for f--king nothing. I'm not gonna do it." He also stated that if he wasn't satisfactorily compensated, he would simply take the seat for himself. "Unless I get something real good for [his first-choice candidate], shit, I'll just send myself, you know what I'm saying." He followed the statement up with "Nico, take my car down to the docks and take out this news reporter who is asking too many questions. Take care of him, and I'll take care of you!"

More violence blamed on video games
If you read my blog, you'll see that I usually like to heckle all the "ZOMG Teh Gaem maed me doit!" news articles. Usually, they do have an ounce or two of merit, but today, I found this one which leaves me completely clueless after reading it for the 4th time. I guess what the guy is saying is that America's obsession with hunting can now be blamed on video games too? WTF? Teddy Roosevelt must have played Xbox 360 I guess?

The Daily Zerg - 12/10 - Would you like a Thrall Burger to go with that Stir Fried Onyxia?

Posted by zergwatch Wednesday December 10 2008 at 9:37PM
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Today was a very busy MMO day in the news.  Here's my favorite stories from today's wire at, a video game RSS news syndication services that mashes up over 200 video game news feeds every day.  

Star Wars the Old Republic - It's free, no it's not
Earlier in the day it was reported that Star Wars The Old Republic, the MMORPG being developed by Bioware was going to be a free to play MMORPG with micro transactions. Later in the day, EA sent a statement to Shacknews denying the claims made earlier by the Bioware CEO. The MMORPG blogosphere was sent into frenzy mode as the thought of an Asian, or SOE style microtransaction system would ruin the experience. Was EA's statement just damage control or just an honest misunderstanding?

Bioware chooses Simutronics' Hero Engine
Bioware has licensed the Hero Engine suite of tools as the collaborative design platform for Star Wars The Old Republic. Hero Engine allows developers from any location work together in the live world. Updates and changes are made without the need for constant rebuilds. This news sheds a bit of light on which stage in development the game may or may not be in.

World of Warcraft restaurant opens in Beijing
You would think that only in Asia, that a World of Warcraft themed restaurant would survive. A restaurant has opened that is themed around the MMO from the decor to the menu to the towering tree in the center of the Dining Portal. Is this a good idea or a case of addiction to World of Warcraft gone too far?

Playstation Home coming out tomorrow
Wee! I've already given Home too much blog time. It comes out tomorrow. In preparation for tomorrow's epic launch, Microsoft and Nintendo have absolutely nothing planned to counter it... because there's no reason to. PS3 will still be the #3 console once Home launches.

Frostfell 2008
In more exciting news, tomorrow, Frostfell, the Everquest 2 holiday event goes live. Hmm. which to care more about.. Frostfell or PS3 Home?

Micro Transactions hit Everquest
What was once promised to only happen on Station Exchange servers, today, SOE went live with Everquest and Everquest 2 in-game micro transactions. On launch day there were game breaking items. There were some house pets, some xp boost potions and cosmetic (and awful looking) faction armor. While RMT is nothing new for EQ or EQ2, as there have been loot cards in purchased packs of The Legends of Norrath TCG, this is the first direct sale of virtual goods in the games and most likely only the tip of the greedy iceberg at SOE.

Warhammer to Immortalize players
Top ranked war players may soon have their own in game statues. In a recent dev diary, it was announced that in the upcoming 1.1 patch, players can immortalize themselves in the game... if there's anyone left playing by then.

New Warhammer careers go live
And they're apparently three months too late. While last week, you could have completed quests to unlock the ability to create a Knight of the Blazing Sun or a Blackguard, the omission of these classes at launch are just one of the many reasons former players of the game are blaming for their hiatus. Anyone who has half a clue, blames Wrath of the Lich King.

No Netflix on PS3 Home
Which means no reason to buy a PS3 to watch the huge catalog of streaming HD movies for $10 per month.

Dragon Quest X coming to Wii
Anytime a roleplaying game is announced for Wii it sends tickling chills down my spines of role players swinging their imaginary Wii swords in the air and it's just an image that doesn't easily lose my mind. Remember those guys sitting in the back of the comic book stores playing pen and paper Dungeons and Dragons? Well, yah. They're the ones I think of and it's not a pretty sight.

The Daily Zerg - 12/08 - Controllers, Kittens and Kittys

Posted by zergwatch Monday December 8 2008 at 6:20PM
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My daily ramblings about the the daily zerg from

Darkfall Online live date announced
It was announced on Friday that Darkfall, commonly referred to as Darkfail and categorized by the masses as vaporware is claiming a January 22 European launch. While no North American launch dates have been announced, they are invited to participate in the Euro launch. The two sentence press release sent the naysayers into fits of rage and it was like OJ was just acquitted for the believers. Most importantly, nothing beyond a press release has been provided by Adventurine, the developer of this team of 30 who began making the game many moons ago.

Hello Kitty Founders Preview
Last week, I got my Hello Kitty founders preview invite, did you? If not you're going to miss out on one Hello of a Christmas party from December 17th to December 22nd. There's going to be new Christmas maps too! If you already uninstalled the beta, don't fret, you can download it again prior to the event.

Holidays coming to an MMORPG near you
It's almost that time of the year where MMORPG's get into the holiday spirit. This week, Frostfell arrives in Norrath. The Feast of Winter Veil hits Azeroth. In Star Wars Galaxies, it's Wookie Life Day. It has become customary for any decent and self respecting game to have holiday events and the Christmas one is usually the most extravagant.

Netflix and Tivo
Two great services come together as Netflix announced that its service will be available on series 3 Tivo boxes. Netflix is already a great benefit to any XBox360 and by packaging it with Tivo, just makes the service even more worth having.

9 days until PS Home?
Rumors are circulating that Playstation Home will be out in time for the holidays. Sony is banking on the virtual world to help out sinking sales and to help the PS3 compete with the Xbox360 and Nintendo Wii. Right.

New ways to include video games into your violence
Two kids in Mesa, Arizona today hung a kitten by a game controller chord and stoned it to death, adding to the many creative ways video games are being brought into the world of violence and crime. Police claim the boys used the controller chord from the controller they used to play Grand Theft Auto IV, so it's safe to assume it was an Xbox360 controller because nobody plays PS3.

Video Game Movies

Posted by zergwatch Sunday December 7 2008 at 10:17AM
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I took two days off from the Daily Zerg this week because there wasn't all that much going on to be honest and while sitting in on a cold snowy night last night watching movies, I started thinking about video game movies and did some research into the subject.    There have yet to be any movies about MMORPG's, but in 2006, IGN reported that World of Warcraft was being produced as a movie to be released in 2009.   (The whole Uwe Boll trying to get involved in that movie issue is a whole other blog post).      Here are my findings:

When you think of video games turned into movies, one cannot help but to think of the portfolio of disaster spewed by German director Uwe Boll which includes box office flops Bloodrayne and Alone in the Dark. His entire portfolio has lost over one hundred million dollars over the past 5 years. While Uwe Boll blames high budget Hollywood features and overpaid superstars for his complete failure at the box office, several video games turned movies have done quite well including Laura Croft: Tomb Raider, the most successful of the genre which grossed $274 million in ticket sales, out performing Boll's entire portfolio by $244 million.

It all started in 1993 with the release of Super Mario Bros, a film about Mario and Luigi's quest to save, of course a Princess. The movie starred Bob Hoskins, Dennis Hopper and John Leguizamo. The movie was not well received and lost an estimated $21 million dollars. Perhaps timing was not right as a #D CG Pixar style Super Mario Bros. movie in 2009 could be a box office smash. Needless to say, Super Mario Bros. the Movie was the catalyst that created a whole new movie genre.
Over the next few years, Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat were a sign of the times as arcade hits turned console legends grabbed the spotlight from Nintendo. Unlike Super Mario Bros., both fighting films were highly profitable, prompting a Mortal Kombat sequel entitled Annihilation, which barely broke a profit in 1997.

In the new millenium however, video game movies took a dark turn from light hearted action movies such as Pokemon, Mario Bros and Wing Commander to the darker side of gaming as we saw the horror genre dominate the release schedules. Tomb Raider, Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Doom became box office successes which only strengthened the video game market for those games.

Video game movies had a great run of success until 2003 when German director Uwe Boll hit the video game movie scene and things began to change. His first film, House of the Dead, barely broke even, earning just $1 million more than its production cost. It all went downhill for Boll afterwards.

His 2005 film Alone in the Dark left movie goers Alone in the Dark as the movie lost a staggering $12 million. Over the next 4 years, Boll put such a horrible stigma on the video game movie genre that today, there is only one video game movie in production, Prince of Persia: Sands of Time which is due in theaters in May 2010.

So how do video game movies fare against each other? As far as best rated video game movies go (according to ratings on IMDB), Silent Hill, Final Fantasy and Resident Evil are the most enjoyed video game movies. House of the Dead, Alone in the Dark and the Bloodrayne series are the most despised by viewers.

If we're talking about money however, Tomb Raider was the most successful movie, followed by Pokemon and the Resident Evil trilogy.

While gamers loved Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, the movie was a huge financial flop, losing over $100 million, followed by the Uwe Boll portfolio.


A complete list of video game movies
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The Daily Zerg - 12/03 - Leetsauce is more than just a word used by nerds

Posted by zergwatch Wednesday December 3 2008 at 4:57PM
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Warhammer Patch
The long awaited Warhammer patch 1.06 has been pushed to servers offering up loads of goodness designed to bring back the masses who left the game for Wrath of the Lich King. While the patch notes read nearly picture perfect and most of the changes have been warmly accepted by those who play Warhammer, the unfortunate truth is that it will probably not lure back as many people as was intended as the carrot on a stick chase that is WoW is in high gear.

The following purple has been brought to you by Guitar Hero
Activision Blizzard Inc. signed a deal with Massive, Microsoft's in game advertising services. While you probably will never see product billboards in Azeroth, you will be seeing this campaign in various other Activision titles and in

Flagship founder sets sail in new ship
Phil Shenk, a co-founder of Flagship Studios has launched his own game developing studio called Gravity Bear. Shenk, of Diablo 2 fame, will join Kevin Klemmick, a senior software engineer who worked on Hellgate: London, according to Gamasutra. Gravity Bear?

Wii Remote denied trademark
The US Patent Office has decided that the word "Wii Remote" is too common of a word to be considered a trademark. Nintendo could eventually have Wii Remote trademarked, with a disclaimer on the word "remote", unless used specifically in "Wii Remote".

Today's gaming news bucket seems to have holes in the bottom and there's nothing fun and exciting going on, so I'm digging deep into my own bucket of tricks and point out a pretty neat holiday gift for gamers. A company called NoobSauce makes a bunch of gaming themed hot sauces. If nothing else it's a cute little gag gift or stocking stuffer:

Microtransaction RTS?
Petroglyph, the company that created Universe at War and Star Wars: Empire at War RTS games has announced a micro transaction based free to play RTS game called Mytheon.

City of Heroes Mac beta client coming next week
Originally scheduled for this week, it has been confirmed that the 5 people who want to play CoX on Mac will be able to do so next week.


The Daily Zerg - 12/02 - Candians love Runescape, LOL!

Posted by zergwatch Tuesday December 2 2008 at 7:28PM
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My daily take on the video game news zerg that passes through Zergwatch.

Disney to launch another MMORPG
First it was Toontown, then Pirates of the Caribbean Online, now in Spring 2009, we can expect an MMORPG based on the Disney World. The game will be titled "Disney Fantasy Online" and one can only expect it to resemble the Kingdom Hearts series of console games in some way. The game will only be available in China though, because as we all know, unless your game has orcs and elves, set in the world of Azeroth and named World of Warcraft, it's pointless to release in the U.S.

Runescape is Canada's new national passtime
This year, the free and extremely horrible MMORPG Runescape defeated NHL as the most searched keyword in Yahoo! Canada. The NHL and Hockey have forever been the number one activity north of the border, but in 2008, Runescape claimed the honor. It just goes to show what happens to a country when you turn to socialism. Sure, you get free healthcare, but eventually, you find yourself playing garbage free to play MMORPG's.

Age of Conan still coming to Xbox 360
Despite massive layoffs and a subscriber base that has fallen faster than the U.S. stock market, Funcom reassured the media today that the Xbox 360 version of the declining MMORPG is still under development and will be released, but a firm date cannot be committed to. I guess they have to do something with all that extra hardware once they merge servers, might as well relaunch them as 360 servers.

Xbox 360 Outsells PS3 on Black Friday
This was a pretty over played headline today. Quite frankly.. No duh! In other obvious news that doesn't warrant saying.. The Wii beat both Xbox 360 and PS3 in sales.

Are you still ready to rumble?
It was announced that the boxing classic series, Ready 2 Rumble will return in 2009 to the Nintendo Wii utilizing a similar interface that is used in Wii Boxing and other Wii fighting type games. The game will be chock full of pop culture parodies such as Arnold Schwarzeneggar, David Hasslehof, Shaun White and Simon Cowell. So, are you ready to rumble? The only fitting response for that is... "America... Fuck Yah!"

Chinese at it again
A Chinese man accused of stabbing a University student in the head with a chef's knife pleaded not guilty today. China is quickly becoming the video game murder capital of the world. Capitalist markets are a great thing, even when done under the umbrella of Communism.

No DC Universe MMO in 2009
Geoff Johns, a writer for the upcoming SOE MMORPG, DC Universe Online was reported as saying the game will not launch until late 2009, maybe 2010. It appears that Cryptic Studios will beat SOE to market for the next superhero MMORPG, but the alluring appeal of DC Universe may just make Champions Online a get-you-by game until the real thing comes out. While Champions is a somewhat popular superhero pen and paper RPG game, it just doesn't have the DC selling power.

Today's Releases:
Today is a pretty kick ass release day!

Prince Of Persia (360)
Grand Theft Auto IV (360)
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (PS2)
My Fitness Coach (Wii)
Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars (Wii)
The King of Fighters Collection (Wii)



The Top 10 MMORPG failures of all time

Posted by zergwatch Monday December 1 2008 at 11:14PM
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These days, it seems more MMORPG's are failing than those that are succeeding.  In industry circles, an MMORPG success is judged on profit margins and revenue.  In the gaming circle, success is judged by game quality and longevity.  Below is my list of the top 10 MMORPG failures of all time.

10 RF Online
RF Online was the first Science Fiction MMORPG to come along after the downfall of Star Wars Galaxies. It was released in North America only a few months after Sony released the New Gaming Experience which drove hordes of players away from Star Wars Galaxies. While it was never more than a feint blip on the MMORPG radar screen, it was wildly hyped by MMORPG media outlets around the internet. The game offered a unique three way RVR experience set in a fantasy meets sci-fi world. The game went free on October 17th, 2007, only to close for good one year later.  RF Online was published in North America by Codemasters Online.

9 Archlord
in October 2006, Codemasters Online took on another Korean MMORPG import, this time the Korean Orc, Human and Elf fantasy game, Archlord. The lure for the fanatical MMOPRG player to Archlord was the ability for players to compete against each other to become the Archlord, the supreme ruler of the realm or server. Unfortunately, everything about Archlord played out like a Korean grind MMORPG and the concept never quite took hold in the United States. The game, like others on the downfall became free to play in October of 2007. Archlord is still running in North America as a free to play MMORPG.

8 Dark & Light
Dark and Light was a promising alternative to the World of Warcraft breed of games, but its 2006 release went horribly wrong. The game had some of the most horrendous bugs ever seen in an MMORPG which included frequent roll backs, guilds being disbanded, crashes, poor performance and drastic client instability issues. Farlan Entertainment, the publisher eventually acknowledged that the game was released prematurely due to investor concerns and was never able to recover. Like most failed MMORPG's, the game eventually became a free to play game. The promises offered by Dark and Light never materialized and the game quickly became a one month wonder.

7 Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising
In 2005, Perpetual Entertainment announced an inspiring new MMORPG set in an Ancient Roman world inhabited by gladiators and mythical beings straight out of Roman Mythology. The game concept was extremely well received by MMORPG players and the media. Problems eventually besieged Perpetual Entertainment who was also trying to launch Star Trek Online at the same time. Gods and Heroes was put on an indefinite hold, but thousands of pre-order copies of the game made it to store shelves Best Buty and Circuit City retail outlets days and weeks after the cancellation announcement was made. Perpetual Entertainment eventually folded. Star Trek Online is currently in development by Cryptic Studios, but hope for Gods and Heroes ever materializing has all but vanished.

6 Age of Conan
Norwegian developer Funcom pit themselves in a head to head battle against EA-Mythic as the battle of Age of Conan versus Warhammer Online reached a feverish rivalry over which game was going to be released first and which game would bet better than the other. In early 2008, Funcom decided to take the upper hand and release their game after EA Mythic pushed Warhammer Online back to the fall of 2008. The early release proved to be an extremely costly mistake for Funcom. The game was hyped in the media over its adult mature themed content which included bare breasted female avatars and sultry overtones. As players leveled through the game, glaring problems became apparent. While the game was extremely polished for the first 30 or so levels, there was a seemingly obvious bait and switch feeling once players got past level 40. Class imbalances, bugs and missing features, promised at launch, but never made it to the game began to spell out the impending doom for the title. Funcom recently announced they will be merging servers and laying off huge portions of their US based staff to compensate for diminishing revenue and subscriptions.

5 Hellgate: London
Hellgate London was one of those games that wasn't quite an MMORPG, but drew huge attention from the MMORPG audience, hoping to play a top quality horror based MMORPG as a diversion to the vast sea of cut and paste fantasy MMO alternatives. The game had several launch problems and received lukewarm reception from the media and players. Hellgate: London never attained the status it had anticipated and in November 2008, it was announced that the game would be shutting down in February of 2009.

4 Auto Assault
In 1997, Interstate 76 was released and it was a mildly successful combat game followed later by Interstate '82, by Activision. The concept was eventually turned into an MMORPG by NC Soft in 2006, a company with several MMORPG failures under its belt, as Auto Assault. The concept of Auto Assault was three factions engaged in vehicular warfare with each other. Unfortunately, the game died a horrible death, shortly after its first birthday. The game never had enough subscribers to turn a profit for NC Soft and was shut down in the summer of 2007.

3 Star Wars Galaxies
While the demise of Star Wars Galaxies entitles it to the number one position on this list, you cannot argue that for a brief period is was a glimmer of hope in the MMORPG industry. Star Wars Galaxies was different from all other MMORPG's in so many ways, you can't explain, yet was fatally flawed with exploits, bugs and constant changes by developer, Sony Online Entertainment. On three occasions, SOE tried to reinvent the game by introducing drastic changes to the game's combat systems, which culminated in the New Game Experience in November of 2005, two and a half years after its initial launch which decimated the population of the game by introducing a rather horrible 3rd person shooter element to the combat system. SOE removed many of the classes in the game and drastically dumbed down the game, in a move which SOE President John Smedley praised, claiming it was a necessary move to revive the game and increase subscriber base. In the years following the NGE, SOE has tried without success to make the game like it was before, but the changes proved too drastic and the population has never recovered. Eventually John Smedley admitted the NGE was a mistake.

2 Tabula Rasa
While Tabula Rasa was never a headline grabbing game, like RF Online, it was seen as a viable alternative to the Sci-Fi starved gamers, looking to replace their lost love, Star Wars Galaxies. The game was the brainchild of Richard Garriot, creator of Ultima Online. The game was well received by players and had a decent preorder volume. It also received above average ratings from the major gaming media outlets. While the game itself was never terrible, it also never really got off the ground. NC Soft was plagued by financial troubles which culminated in the departure of Richard Garriott after his romp on the international space station. Upon his return to earth, he resigned from the company and a few days later, it was announced that Tabula Rasa would be shutting down in February of 2009. The biggest failure of Tabula Rasa was the apparent lack of guidance and lack of interest in the game by its creator.

1 Vanguard: Saga of Heroes
If the MMO industry was a city, then Vanguard: Saga of Heroes was the drug and crime infested trailer park on the outskirts of town. Creator and self proclaimed visionary Brad McQuaid, of Everquest fame, attempted to relive the good old days of Everquest by developing an MMORPG which tried very hard to emulate the original Everquest. The game offered stunningly beautiful graphics and a very intuitive combat interface. The game's concept was originally intended to cater to the hardcore MMORPG player who wanted to walk the world for days, take years to level up and totally immerse themselves in a fantasy role playing setting similar to Everquest. The game was originally picked up by Microsoft, but dropped shortly after, leaving Brad McQuaid and Sigil Games on the hook for the cost of developing the game and bringing it to market. The company severely cut corners to release the game in a hail mary attempt to recoup their losses. The game was launched and was laden with bugs, missing content, persistent crash to desktop errors and countless other bugs and glitches, which received little attention from Sigil. Sigil eventually sold the game to Sony Online Entertainment. After the game was sold and a majority of Sigil employees were laid off, vicious rumors and finger pointing filled the internet, pointing the game's failure squarely on the shoulder's of Brad McQuaid and senior management. Rumors persisted that Brad was an AFK executive with his head in the clouds. Brad eventually vanished from sight and the game was resurrected by SOE, but by this time, the player base had vanished and all interest had been lost in the title.


The Daily Zerg - 12/01 - Today is Cyber Monday!

Posted by zergwatch Monday December 1 2008 at 12:29AM
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The Daily Zerg is my collection of thoughts about what I feel are the most interesting news items that come across the wire at each day.  Today's report isbeing filed in advance since I will be AFK on Monday. 

Today is Cyber Monday
After a death toll of 3 on Black Friday, the annual brick and mortar shopping zerg rush, Today is Cyber Monday. On Cyber Monday 40 year olds take time away from their online extra-marital affairs in search of online savings. It kind of takes away all the fun of watching parents stampede pregnant women to be the first one to buy their kids a Hannah Montana doll.

Investigating the trampling
On Friday, people trampled the crap out of each other across the nation in what has become the United States version of the Running of the Bulls or the Pilgrimage to Mecca. The tradition started over 20 years ago with Cabbage Patch Kids frenzy back in the 1980's where parents literally beat this shit out of each other over the dumpy looking dolls. What was so important this year that made people wait outside of a Wal-Mart with hundreds of other drool cup retards at 2am in 30 degree weather? This year's fights were mostly over Nintendo Wii, Webkinz and XBox 360. Sorry Sony, but nobody cares enough to stampede pregnant women for a PS3.

Man kills his father for MMORPG micro transactions
A Netherlands based website, HotFrog.NL reports that a Chinese man has been sentenced to death for the 2007 poisoning murder of his father in July of 2007. This wasn't the first time the man tried to off his dad. Just one month earlier, he tried to poison him, but that attempt failed. HotFrog claims that the incident was related to $7,000 the man borrowed from his family to open his own seafood business, but instead squandered the money on real money transactions in an MMORPG. He is now appealing based on mental illness.. online gaming addiction. If he succeeds, this could open the door for mental illness amnesty in cases where spousal assaults arising from such things as raid interruptions to MMORPG induced child neglect.

Accused PS murderer goes to trial
Jonquel Brooks began court hearings last week involving his 2007 murder of Brant Daniels. Daniels and some friends went to Brook's apartment over an alleged Playstation console theft. Brooks then shot the place up, killing Daniels and wounding several others. He has plead not guilty to one count of murder and multiple accounts of manslaughter. "Possession is 9/10ths the law and that shit was in my possession. I defended my possession, so I went all CJ Johnson on that."

Lucifer's Toy Chest
Just as the internet wacko's begin to ban video games in time for the 2008 Holiday season, Lucifer's Toy Chest presents their own list of 2008's banned toys, which include several video games and video game accessories. I haven't been this completely baffled by a website since 1998. It seems like satire that borders on the edge of reality which is some pretty fuckin scary shit.

World of Warcraft expansion shatters sales records
I needed to include a World of Warcraft reference in my blog, because no gaming blog is complete without it. There we go. All other games suck, World of Warcraft is great, 12 million people play it, yadda yadda yadda. 9 out of 10 male WoW players have not seen a real vagina since 2004, shattering another record, previously held by Everquest.

Today's Releases
Destroy All Humans - Path of the Furon (360)


The Daily Zerg - 11/28 - Hey, that's my gold bag

Posted by zergwatch Friday November 28 2008 at 2:57PM
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Welcome to the Daily Zerg, a snippet of video game news stories from, a video game news syndication and mashup service. Each day, hundreds of RSS feeds from gaming websites around the world are catalogued and bookmarked. I pick a handful of what I think are the most interesting stories each day and give my 2 cents. Here is the Daily Zerg for Friday, November 28, 2008.

Warhammer woes
Anyone who has played Warhammer can tell you that your effort and contribution on Public Quests and RVR sieges in no way reflects your rewards. This week, media outlets started picking up on this, though the player base has had suspicions that your loot roll in the game was most likely an arbitrary process of some kind. Personally, I have been involved in many PQ's and RVR rolls where I afk'd my way through and came out with a gold bag. It's one of the reason I lost interest in the game, aside from the fact that Wrath of the Lich King had decimated server populations over night. While those who played War knew this all along, it has been this week's War soapbox message for the masses.

If a tree falls in the forest
If another European MMORPG launches, does anyone play it? Chronicles of Spellborn has launched today, but after many recent MMO failures, are there any players left willing to give yet another small market MMORPG a look, even if it might be somewhat deserving?

It's not SWG, I swear
7 new screenshots were released today on today, giving anxious Star Wars Galaxies refugee another sneak peak at the game they all hope can fill their void. The new screens are less than revealing and really don't give any further insight into the game itself. While the SWG homeless are praying for SWG 2, all indication so far points to an MMORPG that will be similar to the KOTOR RPG games.

A cure for the Red Ring of Death
It was reported today by Electronica that the Jasper based versions of the Xbox 360 promise to end the issues with the Red Ring of Death. The console has had an internal makeover that includes a motherboard redesign and a new graphics chip which improve the console's overall reliability. In the past, the console's graphics process has been burdened by overheating which caused other internal problems, eventually leading to the ultimate death of the console... the Red Ring of Death.

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The Daily Zerg - 11/26 - The 4 year old serial killer

Posted by zergwatch Wednesday November 26 2008 at 1:24PM
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The daily zerg is a random collection of thoughts regarding a few headlines deemed interesting.. by me of course.  Keep up on the gaming zerg at

The Guild Season Two
The MMORPG satire web show, The Guild returns for a second season with pretty much the same skits done over as the very first episode. I've never quite understood the fascination of watching a web show that mimics the real lives of gamers. It's bad enough to have to sit in ventrilo with these people, I really don't care to watch a low budget web show. Maybe you do. That's why its here.

World of Warcraft turns 4
This week, World of Warcraft turned 4. Four years ago, the MMORPG industry was changed forever. Changes embraced by millions and QQ'd over by a few hundred thousand. While it is unknown just how many MMORPG murders WoW has committed, many MMORPG failures over the past 4 years can be directly or at least indirectly attributed to WoW's success.

Information Week pwns Xbox360 kids
A typically low brow tech rag, Information Week, skidded off the rails to ridicule Microsoft's new "An Xbox 360 costs about as much as a family dinner out" campaign. On the site Microsoft lists XBox 360 starting as low as $199 and compares it to a $199 family dinner out. I'm not sure where the fuck Microsoft goes out to eat, or what the prices are like in Seattle, but a $199 dinner better come with a happy ending.

Sony films return to Netflix, 360.
Well, sort of. A portion of Sony's Columbia Pictures movies have returned to Netflix overnight, both sides are still staying mum as to what has caused this issue. It's widely assumed to be sour grapes on Sony's part, or some sort of licensing issue, but to the average Netflix customer, it's just a plain old shitty way to be treated by all involved.

Fallout 3 Editor
Yes, that's right, but only on PC. The Garden of Eden Creation Kit will allow users to build their own locations, characters and more in the PC version of Fallout 3.

PS3 Home coming today?
No, but Sony is pushing a patch that will finally include full screen support for Adobe Flash, something that has been a nuisance for PS3 owners since day 1. Most importantly though, will be a new power saving function to stop your controllers from draining the battery when you're not even using them.

WTF? The Shield Season Finale
Every now and then, I'll inject something that is completely unrelated, but my 2 cents need to be spent. If you are a fan of The Shield and have not seen the final episode, don't worry, there's no spoilers here. WTF? Shane committed suicide, killed his wife and his child, Vic got stuck on a desk job, Dutch implicated in a murder, Vic's family sent to witness protection, Ronnie gets arrested and it ends!?! While it was a great ending, it sucks that it ended.

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