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My Adventures through the realms of these mmo'

I'm going to go back to game after game and try them out again and you get to read out it, hurray? They'll be screen shots... I promise. Also I don't instantly say a game is bad I give them a chance, unlike some people.

Author: zensaber

Small question?

Posted by zensaber Tuesday September 4 2007 at 1:47AM
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See as I play through (or well play at the start of these games)  I realize that the MMORPG genre has become overwhelming, there are just too many games out there. Just when one comes out it seems your already looking at the hype for another. For example I just bought a new MMORPG Lord of the Rings Online, but at the same time I pre-ordered tabula Rasa. Now of course some of you will say hey get some self control man! Well it's just to me I seem to always be interested in what the next game has to offer although I have only played some of the game before it. Maybe thats why I keep going back to the old ones, because maybe at the time these games were in their prime there was nothing really else out there. It was just asheron's call everquest and ultima online, well OK there were others but those were the big names at the time and then Dark age of Camelot. But those were it, their were not many games being released in the form of a machine gun. Now a days it seems every company wants to make one and in a way that will turn out good and bad. Bad because alot of them will just be bland copies of another, but the good, the god for all good,  is that maybe just maybe one company will get it right. So right that will will become the new WoW the new ''god'' if you will of mmos (no i'm not saying that WoW is the best game out there just that it's had the most success just like deathclok in metalokolipse)  And hopefully  it will hold one to my attention? I doubt it, i'm just kind of mad about how i can't stick to one game, and I'm too lazy to write a good  long summary of another one of my game entries.

Two classics, a new game, and one inbetween,

Posted by zensaber Tuesday August 28 2007 at 12:02AM
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So I went to EB and picked up some games to try out and in a way review. First I picked up the newly released (well new since I was away working all summer) Lord of The Rings Online by Turbine. I also picked up some Classics, Asheron's Call (we all remember that right?) Lucky for me EB had it for a smooth 10 dollars CDN. Well what was right next to AC? Our good ol' friend Dark age of Camelot. Last but not least, my final purchase, Dungeons and Dragons Online.

I popped the disc in installed and updated with no problems, lucky me. So of course since that went so smoothly something was bound to screw up, correct? You bet your WoW fag ass there was. 'Bam!' first 3 days of playing LTRO the chat servers were fucked so i couldn't talk to people, which I'm sure in most people's books=fuck this I'm going to play me some Oblivion!In a few short days  Turbine was able to take a quick break from their pool full of money and fix my problem, so I grant upon them my appreciation of fixing a problem under the week mark. So I rolled myself a dwarf guardian you know that race thats in every game, but since this is LOTR I guess they get to say bitch it's my race cerca the 1950's. His name is Captain marvel, well it is, but it's spelt backwards because thats how you roll in MMOs. So I spend the next several hours grinding me some quests, Nicly though there are some introduction instances/story stuff that I find pretty kewl and makes me feel some what important at this meager level. So after my kewl adventures through an actual story arc I find myself back in grinding pointless quests. You know the ones that are the same thing over and over and over again? It fun at the start, sort of like sex with your girlfriend, but just like real life after a while you start getting bored and dreaming of something else, like your girl friend's best friend or in this gaming sense Oblivion where I MAKE ZA RULES! I am currently level 9, semi fucked because i sold my current shield and my gloves to buy me the best shield money can buy. To bad I was fucked up enough to release that it required level 10 so now here i am with no gloves and the shittiest shield i can afford on my meager pack elf salary of  90 copper a fucking (like I'm not poor enough already)

Over all I guess I had some fun with the progress I have made so far in LOTRO. (for those of you that are like me and are tired of acronyms thats LORD OF THE RINGS online©) Over all I would give it and 6/10 Fun factor for now. It might go up it may go down.

Title: I have an idea
Body: You should buy the rights to Oblivion and then make world of oblivion online quest and I shall have me some fun until about 6 months later when every thing gets nerfed and then you take my freedom in game away. But look, business wise you could probably make a kewl few million and i know how much you like money you fucking sell out.