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A Personal Look at the Games I Play

I wanted to start getting my words out to the rest of the world. Remember these are just my own personal opinion.

Author: yashu616

A look at Warlords

Posted by yashu616 Thursday December 25 2014 at 9:42AM
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  World of Warcraft has been going downhill for some time, many would say since as early as The Burning Crusade expansion. I came into the game at the very beginning of WotLK and personally I enjoyed this stage of entry, and during this time WoW's subscriber base reached a new high. With the beginning of Cataclysm, things began to steadily decline, possibly from repetitive play, maybe from the older graphics style. Whatever the reason, the introduction of Pandaria, had some key features that while overall the expansion didn't help, it did show progress in its own way. From beautiful art, to the introduction of the first showing of player housing in farms, and finally to the sandbox feel of Timeless Isle, we finally saw some potential in WoW's future. Warlords of Draenor finally brought the next level to player housing, in the form of Garrisons.


  Garrisons took the farm, and blew it up. You basically start the expansion with it, and during the journey to 100 slowly add to it. Each building has its own unique flavor, and abilities that they give. Personally I chose to change out my barracks for the war mill, because it gave an increased chance to get item upgrades from quests. You also have the ability to utilize profession buildings which allow you to craft items that you may not normally have access to. I could go on and on about each building, but I think you get the jist.


  Another feature favorite of mine, is the followers. Those of you with a love of some of the facebook games out there, may find this portion enjoyable. Once you get your first follower, you start getting missions that you can send the followers that you gain out on, that will net you anything from special items, to experience, to gold. And once you get a follower to 100 and equip them with items to get them to item level 645 you can start to send them out on missions for raid gear from the next tier of raiding than you currently are at. For instance if you are a casual player, you will get a box with 655 gear in it.


  A lot of players despaired with the announcement of no flying in Draenor, and while I do miss my flight form, I have to say its actually refreshing. Now you might ask yourself how the fact that you spent the gold to gain flying in the first place, is not usuable and why this could even be considered refreshing. Blizzard put quite a bit more flight paths in, and pretty much every questing hub has one. This breaks up the tiresome mount travel considerably, and really opens up the world for more exploring. I feel much more immersed in the game now.


I know many may not fully agree or even agree at all. That's fine. This is just an opinion more than anything.