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Author: xxKoalaluv

Finally the perfect vampire based MMO, no sparkling whatsoever!

Posted by xxKoalaluv Wednesday July 25 2012 at 8:07AM
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I really like MUDs but one element was always missing from the online RPG experience - vampires. It seemed like if I wanted to play a vampire, I had to head to my local video game store. Graphics-heavy games are nice if you’re playing Skyrim or Halo, but I was looking for something that was multi-player that had more elements of tabletop D&D without settling for something half-rate. Then I found Aetolia and gaming was never the same again.
One of the popular games produced by Iron Realms Entertainment, Aetolia is by far the darkest – which is what you’d expect from a Vampire MUD. But it’s not just the overall theme of the mud that’s dark. The graphics are done up in dark colors, and even the game itself is heavy laden with shadowy hues. For instance, when it’s dark out the text slightly shifts in color letting you know when, if you’re a vampire, that it’s safe to go out. Or, if you’re a paladin or luminary, it’s time to go out and slay vampires.
That’s right – you aren’t obligated to be a vampire character. What fun would it be if everyone were on the same team, anyway? You can also choose to be loyal to the forests, protecting them from the evil associated with vampires and their necromantic skills. There are a total of 16 classes in this vampire rpg, each of them starting out with two basic skills and earning a third as you gain experience through gameplay.
Although roleplay isn’t strictly enforced, it’s highly suggested. Newcomers are helped by dedicated novice guides, but there are also forums with message boards where you can find help even after you’re no longer considered a newbie by in-character standards. Administration takes active roles as Divine characters who act as both immortal characters imbued with divinity and responsible for settling some character infractions against Aetolia’s policies, like cheating or harassment.
If you’re looking for a graphics-heavy game that’s filled with boring people who each does their own thing or follows a repetitive schedule, then you won’t find it here. But if you’re looking for an enchanting, text-based world that’s constantly shifting with new and exciting events, then give Aetolia a shot. You won’t regret it!