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Orochi in DayZ

In Game experiences in the cruel, dark world of DayZ

Author: xposeidon

Dayz First Blog Post

Posted by xposeidon Friday July 6 2012 at 12:13PM
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Since I wrote this on another blog, I'll just go right into it.

My first life of playing Dayz yesterday I spawned near Elektro, Elektro and some Chezv named city forgot what it's called are one of the most trafficked areas in Day Z and the two main cities. I went into a barn that I knew where it was located from playing before, which usually has a shotgun or a hatchet. A weapon is of most importance in DayZ because you can't melee by default, so without a weapon all you can do from zombies is run away or die. And if you run away they'll follow you from one side of the city to the other.

I didn't find anything on that barn, so I crossed the street towards another building, however I wasn't careful enough and 2 zombies came after me and killed me.

My second spawn was in the outer towns, I went into one house, 2 deer stands, and finally died on my third building, where 3 zombies appeared from around a street corner and killed me.

By this point I was feeling a little frustrated at my bad luck, however Elektro gave me a second chance and I spawned at the same place as before, checked the barn but nothing.

It was then when I heard zombies behind me and I saw a guy running inside the barn and towards me. I got up and ran away from him, because I knew that if he got close to me the zombies could get me also or instead of him. I would help him, but I had no weapon myself. I ran out of the barn, crawled through the streets while I heard the guy's character screaming and the zombies ripping out his body. After I crossed the street I looked back and was taking a view of the guy's last moments alive, blood rushing out of his body, yelling in agony while the zombies ate him, just another day in DayZ.

I ran past up a hill, searching for a deer stand or any weapon I could find so I could defend myself but nothing, made my way around the outer area of Elektro, found a building with a hatchet and felt relieved, my life would last a little longer, however I still had to find food and drink. However I heard gun shots, perhaps a sniper, so I quickly ran from this place. People are more likely hostile than friendly in DayZ, and I wasn't about to take any chances just yet.

I went around Elektro some more, with a hatchet on my hand, hungry and thirsty I had no time to lose, so I dived into the city. Found a church with nothing on it, surprisingly not many zombies were around, perhaps someone had cleared the area... I went into a school, with many goods in it, I found food and drinks, plenty of them, a map, a hunting knife, box of matches, bolts for a crossbow and a Makarov. My luck had taken a change and now I was more than equipped to survive for a long time. I also found a hospital, wich I got some blood bags, morphin and e pins from, bandages were plenty so cutting zombies down with my hatchet was more than a viable option, gunshots attract zombies; lots of them, and they should be saved for more risky encounters.

I had a few zombie encounters, sometimes it's just hard to go around and predict around which corner zombies will come from, however quickly took them down with the hatchet, though some manage to take some blood from me and I had to bandage one wound.

After more exploring I found a crossbow, which I replaced with the hatchet, though the hatchet is good it's always risky to get close to zombies, they could make you bleed out or break a bone if they manage to get close to you. Crossbows are quiet and powerful, however ammo is very limited on them and the reload time is too long.

After this I called it a day, I survived long enough and I'm quite ready to go back in next time, hopefully find a tool box and a car I could fix up, then try to find rada and equip him, build a fortress and keep our zombie kill count up, without dying. Because death and it's game over, you lose everything, and you must build your way back up again. writes:
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