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uBer GeeK

intelligent rants n raves and 2 sextillion cents worth of opinions on games/hardware/incompetent and competent devs and software tools and the occasional Milwaukee Tool talk

Author: xkey

DungeonRunners / Masters / Respiratory zzzzzzz

Posted by xkey Wednesday January 23 2008 at 1:45AM
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D/l and installed Dungeon Runners today - might go pass out playing it after posting this.

My daughter has had a respiratory virus that won't "stand-down" since 3.5 days ago and i've done everything i can : popsicles, vaporizer 24x7, house has been kept quite warm (baby, it's cold out there!), plenty of liquids/juices, plenty of love, she's napped quite a bit and slept an okay amount though whenever she'd whimper or stir i'd pop up out of bed and check on her so i'm wickedly tired .... if i was in my teens it'd be no problem but i'm 20 years removed from that so i'd like a lil more than 3 hours of sleep a night lol   - did get my daughter to eat some chicken noodle soup today, and i've been giving her a few doses of toddler decongestant/expectorant as she is really draining from this virus and  it's affecting her bronchials and her stomach :( :( :(

anyhow, started my new masters class today - holy mozambique batman it's going to be a boatload of work for one single class!  like QE2 boatload of work! 

i'd toss more opinions out but im just too whipped tonight and i want to go see how Dungeon Runners plays

oh wait .... started to put some time in reading the spellborn forums - if my tax refund is bountiful enough i might just get spellborn - it's breadth and girth are growing on me and i know someone (Cynthe from Canada / mmofaces) who has been play-testing it for quite a while and last i recall she thought it was quite a decent mmo :)  and i respect her thoughts and opinions quite a bit sooooo might just have to check out spellborn :)