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uBer GeeK

intelligent rants n raves and 2 sextillion cents worth of opinions on games/hardware/incompetent and competent devs and software tools and the occasional Milwaukee Tool talk

Author: xkey

Visual Stud 2008 installed

Posted by xkey Thursday January 17 2008 at 2:08AM
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i'm not handsome but i'm dang cute with a hot body and radioactive mind  DOH...

maybe after i play around with XNA i can get to playing a few hours of GW this month.
What is up with Perpetual Entertainment ? Did they hire such cruddy devs AND lousy proj mgrs that they fell into a ditch and get run over by license repossessors? [Gods & HEroes just seemed like a fun idea ... still does - maybe they can sell it to someone that can 'get r done']

Hey hey hey TR1 come out to play - maybe i should have bought intel's tool suite, but i like visual studio for ease of use - seriously MS gets at least one Gold star , they get the other when they get ALL of TR1 implemented in vs 2008

I've been debating playing mmo's again - it would mean going from 6 hours of sleep a night to 4 or 5 and using the time to play + besides being able to play a few hours (just to see the new updates in some of my games really and make some new compadres) when my daughter is hours and hours and hours away at her mothers for a week each month

I got in on the LOTRO founder option, but havent touched it since the first month it was out;  I'll probably play a bit of GW in the near future [very very near (near near) future]

Oh!?! and i've never played a single minute of WoW though i was a HUGE AVID RABID player of d2&d2LOD; i just think WoW is too 'easy' in too many respects and well i'll wait for Blizz next MMO *maybe*.  I like Blizz - really - I saw diablo at a friends umpteen million years ago and I was hooked - had to snap up D2 on release day and likewise the LOD x-pack. I just ... don't jump on bandwagons unless it's a really sleek, sexy, 0 to 200 snazzy bandwagon.  Raising a daughter alone and working on a masters and working part-time and the upkeep of a house etc just doesnt leave me with a lot of time to play games that are not "too fun" or are "too much work" - i'm more into playability - hence my affinity for GW.

...back to visual studio .... i jettisoned eclipse to free up some room on the laptop for it , keeping netbeans ..gotta love netbeans 6 gotta :)