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uBer GeeK

intelligent rants n raves and 2 sextillion cents worth of opinions on games/hardware/incompetent and competent devs and software tools and the occasional Milwaukee Tool talk

Author: xkey

Tool Time!

Posted by xkey Saturday February 23 2008 at 8:38AM
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Milwaukee Tool in the last few months brought out 2 new super sawzall recip saws

the 6523-21 Super Sawzall   (with a 360 degree rotating handle) &

the 6536-21 Orbital Super Sawzall


Though I doubt you'll see any char running around an MMO wielding one of them , they just dont have the same 'impact'  as a chain saw [pardon the pun] .... that and you'd need some really long in-game cords ...


For PETE'S SAKE - GDC bloggers need to put some meat on their bones & A DOH be :)

Posted by xkey Thursday February 21 2008 at 9:16PM
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get 10x as much useful coverage out of joystiq or other mmo sites blogs and news articles

a little less boring material about flights, food, and blah blah blah - a little more INFORMATION would be nice

it's like a snooooooooooozefest reading those blogs

is this why people go listen/watch the 'Yahtzee' rants?   i really only read very very few blogs - i like getting something out of my reading - pleasure reading is more like ..fantasy tales not someones blog about "this morning i had 2 cups of coffee instead of 1;  work; lunch; came home fed my lizard to my cat .... now i'm going drinking yaaaaay"  useless boring info

who is using Sony's phyre engine in any upcoming MMOs?  what is Blizz secret MMO about?  what  MMO is microsoft going to come out or what big gaming company are they going to buy??? [they just bought caligari last month so they are boning up on entertainment, graphics, and other related companies]

put some meat on the soup bone or don't labor over the stove ....


on that note - bit the bullet and ordered adobe cs3 web premium today - so i can finally get around to my side projects of some new algs and photoshop plugins & filters ...that and dreamweaver will save me some time on crafting decent wikis and documentation - user & internal facing docsites in xml or maybe the new html 5 when adobe puts out an update (adobe needs to get homer simpson to do a commercial for them   a DOH be)

could really care less about flash - for the most part i hate it on sites - even on broadband it slows things down and doesnt add a lot of benefit - cost-benefit analysis says pffffffffffft to flash

hmm maybe i'll create some adaptive plugins that adapt to user tastes ?  maybe some evolutionary algorithms and it can run over night tweaking millions of passes through an image and delivering up categorized samples to the user so he/she can settle on a set of algs+params that suite his taste and priorities - *shrug* who knows , that one is a wayssssssssss off - way too much to do that's easier first



Mutter mutter fedora 9 & ub hh alphas both suck

Posted by xkey Saturday February 16 2008 at 5:00PM
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at least for the new lap wireless card

neither one is set for it - ..... would have to drop in new ndis wrappers & manually config

seriously networking is the one and only aspect of IS/Compsci that bores the besheesus outta me - it's nitpick after nitpick after nitpick - flip this switch or register set this param ... nothing difficult just pain in the rump and non-standard as all heck 

guess i'll go sans for a few weeks until i have the time to get the wireless manually working on either of them [for now fedora 9 ... maybe if hardy heron pulls ahead in drivers i'll drop that ontop of it]

well back to gcc,




Posted by xkey Friday February 15 2008 at 1:41PM
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Do you put your pc to use when you're not actively playing your games? ya should if u have it on sucking juice - do something useful with it

BOINC has a lot of projects;  if you can find a new huge mersenne prime  you could get a piece of a million dollars running gimp [the prime finding prog not the free art prog]


I guess I probably wont get both spellborn and war - whichever one makes it to market first - i just dont have enough time to waste on both; heck i really shouldnt even waste time on them or any game - but i like to spend a few hours every month on GW - and i liked what they did to lotro (havent played in over a week though - too busy way way too busy)



LOTRO / 8 - 16 inches (uh huh you bet! lol) && Potpourri Politics

Posted by xkey Tuesday February 5 2008 at 2:47PM
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Ha I need to pay attention to some of the auto-pays on my CC sometimes - I've been paying for LOTRO at the founders rate since I stopped playing in month 1 - silly me , my bachelors in applied math is good for something .... wall art :)

so i played a few mins the other day and i ahve to tell you it is a lot better than during final beta and the first 2 weeks - it's really fun, easy to play with enough challenge starting to come on that i wont be bored anytime soon. i need to log more time to see where it shines and where it falls short though ... .so the jury will remain out for a few weeks on a summary.

8-16 inches OOOOO Aahhh  of snow  starting any minute...   what in hades - need MORE global warming MORE i tell ye!

actually they keep revising it upward - i've been out spending my state tax refund today so who knows what the expected snowfall total is now [picked up a new prescription+pair of specs so my eyes are happy with me anyhow; picked up  seasons 2 & 3 of sponge bob for Cass - she can sponge bob to her hearts content when she gets back from her mothers (friday night we make the kiddle swap), picked up a new kitchen garbage can (cass breaks things .... not on purpose mind you .. .she's just rambunctious and strong very strong) and some other odds n ends]

Politics for $500,000,000,000,000,000 Alex please ......  THIS IS JEOPARDY - well super tuesday, close enough!

The candidates? meh lacking all around in every party

I can tell you this much though if  Barrack Hussein Obama is the dem candidate I will vote for the GOP candidate -  not a matter of racism there either, i have Afr Am nephews that i love , i would vote for Colin Powell if he were running [solid military leader, solid family man - no drugs etc, man of stature, honesty and integrity not lies lies lies]

most of the political candidates lie *but*

OBama was too chicken to vote up or down on a lot of issues - he fence sat to protect his image???? afraid of making a mistake that would cost his image down the road  ...... chicken LIVER; i want a prez with balls - hillary or mccain both have more balls than obama

Obama talks a good game but he's got as many shady real estate friend issues as the clintons did

Obama was a major druggy - sorry i'll pass on having a flashback prez

Putin, Chinese leaders, N Korea, and a few other nations would pull a lot of crap on Obama that they wouldnt dream of pulling on Mccain or Clinton knowing they would send troops to meet force with force

I don't want a pansy in the white house even though i would like to see more done for the poor and disenfranchised

it's a bad idea to give drivers licenses to illegal aliens -  we need more legal immigration but encouraging more illegal immigration is not the answer.   Enough grrr can't believe so many imbeciles are voting for obama in primaries.  [do some people really think americans would vote for a man with muslim heritage(evident in his name and his fathers relatives; even if he "denies" being of similar faith) with 9-11 only being 7 years prior???]

of course if Mitt "flip flop, lie and i'm right you're wrong cause i'm a major *slick* arse" Romney is the GOP candidate i'll have to vote against him too  - one day he is pro abortion the next anti, one day tax this the next day lower all taxes .... oh yeah i'd love that ..except who the hell would pay the military or day to day govt operations etc .. nasa is nice ...etc   our govt isnt such a bad size - stll needs to be more efficient but  romney and paul have some serious  issues

i'd have to vote independent if  it becomes an obama vs romney election -  ewwwww that might mean ralph nader .... someone get Bill Gates or  Schmidt to run!

freaking politics - can't wait until it's over

Seriously better candidates would have been  JD Rocks descendants on the Dem side or Evan Bayh or ... Edward James Olmos (is he even democratic? lol);  on the GOP side they should have gotten Colin Powell or Bill Gates or Schmidt (Google CEO) or Chuck Norris to run

<< goes back to game programming gems 6  


Stealth - seems to be a mostly loved or hated attribute in MMOs; sure there are those of us in the middle that could really care less either way.  Maybe it's only the hardcore 1000+ hours a year in a particular MMO issue. *shrug*   I read the supposed  pro/con points; most individuals don't really apply a logical analysis and argument in support of their position.  So should I then care or buy into it? Oh HELL NO. If you can't make a good argument you're wasting time.  Maybe the developers feel the same way? or ... .maybe they just don't care as some gamers seem to forget "it's just a G-A-M-E"


Speaking of just don't care - Heath Ledgers family and/or friends don't want his dirty lil secrets aired

BAH - wtf, people who are sitting pretty on 'career success', monetary success and they can't find excitement or challenge or de-stress?  pansies, vile, wimps, idiots & imbeciles - try being a single parent without an overflowing bank account if they want stress - my only addictions are a few hours a week in a game or maybe viewing a few movies a month ...or hugging and kissing my daughter each night and watching her grow ... she's the ultimate de-stresser :)

it's really irritating to see people look up to hollywood stars, singing stars, athletes when 50% of those individuals haven't worked hard in years and seem to have forgotten that the 'body is a temple' they treat it like a dump - dumping booze, pills, fattening food (and then getting lipo or $100 an hour trainers and weight loss drugs ... and Lord knows what else to take the pounds off), shooting up or snorting nose candy

and yet politicians and evangelicals [hey i'm christian but evangelicals beat paths to the wrong doors ] completely miss the boat in passing legislation and attempting to regulate fairly healthy addictions such as sex, games, and vitamins (fda meh)

they need to knock the carp out of steroid abusing athletes, drug using starlets and singers - nail em to the proverbial wall - they do the crime make em do the time

heads will roll if anyone ever approaches my kid when she is a teen and tries to entice her to ciggs, booze or drugs

instead of a war in iraq done wrong [ pull the troops out and warn them that you'll blow em off the face of the planet if they don't change their evil ways - if they don't then follow through, if they do then no worries - problem solved] do a war on drugs right

make love in life, make grief in games :)



Of pizzas and popes and mmo's

Posted by xkey Wednesday January 30 2008 at 4:19PM
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Just put a pizza in for supper - yes, fine cuisine is it not?

... and in my cognitive web of grey matter I couldnt help but think of Fr Guido Sarducci - SNL and his pope in the pizza remarks ....

... which eventually led me from humor to fun to pondering concepts of MMOs and the teeny tiny dungenrunners one i've been playing lately - the "schticks" get old with some of the equipment indentifiers in that game but once in a while a new one comes along that is good for a laugh or grin

- i can picture lil kids 'role-playing' in cardboard boxes as outfits/armor and with cardboard or plastic swords ... melee battle ensuing ... ah to be young again ... not really :) I am enjoying watching my daughter develop and grow and encounter situations for the first time :) children are like reliving/revisiting one's youth slightly differently

probably why I don't need so much escapism or 'adventure' in mmos but it's still nice - i ...have good morals and it just would be so wrong to slay thousands with an imbued sword but for some reason it can still be quite fun to do so in a game

i think part of that is the risk-reward besides the daydream/fantasy aspect;  i'll probably write a few posts over the next 2 weeks in the forums on concepts related to risk-reward in gaming etc

for now i'll wax nostalgic over  Diablo 2/LODs   "hardcore"



The cold wind blows and I fear not

Posted by xkey Wednesday January 30 2008 at 9:19AM
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No, not deep in philosophical thought here - it is really freaking cold out , though the 'weathermen' got the forecast a little wrong in that we merely had a dusting of snow.  Temps bottomed out around -5 with 50+ mph winds rattling windows pre-dawn (not sure where that put the windchill but i was inside sleeping off and on so it really didnt matter to moi)

Nothing game-wise for me on  Jan 29th - just a lot o errands and coursework and no work - work today though for a few later.  It took me forever to do my taxes yesterday (had to track down daycare totals and information for last fall) and then it seemed like my other errands/tasks were all taking 10-20% longer than they should.  I managed to exercise twice though ...more than i had been the last 5 days or so [biked at the gym, did abs at like 10 pm at home last evening]

Today I have to finish the course-reading material I did not finish yesterday [several hundred pages each week for this present masters class, i have now had tired eyes 4 of the last  6 days and that is very rare for me]. 

Err almost descending from fact-stating to whining so enough of that :)

Life is good - woke up this side of the grave rather than 6 feet under :)

On the plus side I will when this course is over  jump back into LOTRO (founders cost will save me $5 a month over most other pay-for mmos so it's an added attraction besides the purported improvements since month 2).

I will also splurge and bump my inspiron 9400 up to 4 gigs of ram from 2 - should see a 10-20% improvement for some of my computationally bound code and other apps(like fractal generation etc). I looked at other options like selling this lap off and buying a new one etc but the nvid 8600 option for laptops right now isnt much of a step up [am running nvid geforce go 7900 gs] it's mostly like   1 step up and 9 steps to the side.  a much faster drive was also an option i looked at but .... if i can keep more apps in memory it'll be better than going from 5 to 6 ms  to 4  and 10-11 ms to 8 ms or so on the drive.  also i'd have to ghost the current one OR go through some reg processes again due to a few of my applications needing new key/reg codes [like mathematica for students from wolfram ... which expires in oct and i dont think i'll renew anyhow; it wasnt too expensive but i dont like the concept of basically leasing software or outrageous costs for full-blown versions ... rubs me raw as a developer. so i'll probably stick to using my maple for students  & maybe d/l and use sage (u washington - free as in beer)]

i'm not lazy ... just always busy - love staying busy and so really dont care to upgr the drive per reasons above and the fact i'd have to do a DOD wipe and then try to sell this present one on "schmeebay"

so just memory upgrade on this thing - my warranty expires feb 1 2009 - by then there should be better options for high-end vid (without breaking the bank like some of those underperforming over-priced beasts from widow and alienware

also owe the ex-gf some money from a couple years ago for the posh place we lived - i was only paying the elec/heat/cable and i'm an upright dude [not a bent over gorilla like at the gym?] so the rest of my refund will go towards a few nice things for my kiddle and paying the ex  1/2 back what is fair.

I will be able to afford tCoS but if they don't send me a beta-key pretty soon i'll probably say scr**-it and go beta Warhammer   AoR and just buy that and never buy tCoS - my time is not infinite. [time may not even be infinite ....]

Well, i'm off to read about 50 pages between now and lunch with another 100 pages after lunch today [seriously! lol i will probably take a break and play some more DungeonRunners as a get-away vacation for my brain for an hour later]


The cold wind blows and I fear not ..... i feel only the warmth of my own Hell searing the flesh away from my soul


40 hour Days/ Evolutionary Computations

Posted by xkey Monday January 28 2008 at 6:18PM
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That's what I need - then again be careful what I ask for right? ha

Hey Hey happy day my "Evolutionary Computations" book by Watanabe & Hashem arrived today.

ISBN 3-540-20901-8

I won't have the time to pop it open for a week or 2 or 3

Oh my "Todo list" has approximately 1100 items on it at present [of varying priorities such as "learn to skydive", get married again someday, ....] 

Back to this 40 hour day concept - that would free me to play 10 hours a day and still have 5 to sleep and 25 to do everything else ... not sure if it would be worth it in the end - some things are best left unfinished (like a terrible tasting meal at a 5 star restaurant ).

I hope to get to my tax return info later tonight - i'm still in the midst of more masters homework [did i not mention this course had enough assignments to fill the QE2 cabin to cabin? mua ha ha ha]

ummm i played DungeonRunners until 3 am this morning - that's the problem

I'm cogitating some thoughts on death and games but may make that a forum post when i'm through pondering in the background of my mind



TurboTax the 1 player MMO / DungeonRunning-ing-ing

Posted by xkey Sunday January 27 2008 at 11:23PM
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Ugh my eyes are so fried i was just going to go play for an hour with my TurboTax deluxe 1 player MMO so i can file and get my refund asap but i'd hate to enter in the wrong amounts - i want all my $$ back so i can spring for spellborn and war

Completed all my masters term papers and assignments due today, have my notes prepped for tomorrows assignment [well one of them, no notes ready for the other assignment] - man this systems class has a ton of work ... as in full-time job work each week almost - homina homina throw another straw on this camel's back :)

therefore it follows q.e.d. i'm going no-brainer for 45 mins until the coffee wears off - dungeonrunninginginging

is there a *nix  "echo" in here ere ere ere? :)

sorry nothing informative tonight,