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World War II Online - News

News from the front line. WWII MMO FPS, Play For Free.

Author: XOOM-CRS

Contributor: hyoslvr2

Great information on the expansion of France and Holland, tiers and much more

Posted by hyoslvr2 Friday February 22 2019 at 7:02PM
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There's quite a bit of information here for this Friday's update, with an all new Game World expansion (France and Holland), the re-introduction of the original City and Pentagon Bunker and several terrain bug fixes making up version 1.35.17. We also have some more Tiers in the form of half years approaching. And we'd also like to announce some Community Management changes along with our newest CRS Staff member additions.


I'd like to officially welcome aboard "BMBM" as our newest RAT at Cornered Rat Software. Bmbm has been responsible for many of the recent work pertaining to new vehicle implementation and is consistently learning how to grow and build our content set. He's also been helping with the implementation of reworked spawn lists aiming to make them more historical.

Also, I'd like to congratulate "TMAN" on stepping up to the Community Manager role. BLKHWK8 will be moving over to the Assistant Community Manager role and continue supporting the Allied Forces along with the CM / CRS team. 

And last but not least, I'd like to congratulate "PITTPETE" on becoming our second newest member of CRS. He'll be stepping up to the Support Team Lead where he'll be helping our customers with technical and billing support. Pittpete has been doing this very successfully for sometime now and is deeply dedicated to the success of WWII Online.

If you're interested in participating at CRS, please check out for technical and non-technical opportunities.


We're excited to announce that after a lot of planning and preparation we'll be transitioning the Campaign experience to include new "HALF" years. You'll continue to see Tier 0, Tier 1 and so on according to the database and in-game world. But these new tiers means equipment will be introduced into the Campaign a little differently.

You can see what that looks like with all of the Tiers laid out in advance by going to our Premium Discussions are in the "Barracks." 

Join the forum discussion here!


This is a really important Terrain Pack that is nearly ready for deployment - going through the final checks of testing as we speak.

Here are some of the important notes about the release (official readme to follow around release time):

  • NEW! Remake of the original bunkers that you've been asking to return! Available in a variety of newer cities.

    • City Bunker

    • Pentagon Fortress Bunker

  • Massive expansion in southern France.

  • Expansion in Holland, more towns in the Zealand Islands.

    • Rotterdam is a new key city.

    • Den Haag moved and completely redone.

  • Two new Airfields in the northern section of the Zealand's.

  • More links to England.

  • More details to be announced with official readme.







Become a Hero Builder at and help us continue to deliver on these great achievements. Thanks for playing WWII Online!



Hybrid supply Update and Videos, RDP Effectiveness and More

Posted by hyoslvr2 Friday February 8 2019 at 8:48PM
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 This weeks report highlights several videos that were released this past week including a live stream as XOOM shows the progress of 1.36 Hybrid supply, an official tutorial video release "The Rifleman", and Campaign #159 Map and Stats video. Also in this report, I also discuss RDP bombing and how it effects the supply needed to attack/defend towns in the campaign, and a word from LaFleur, Axis CinC. Read it all here...


Highlighted Videos of the Week

An impromptu live stream by Xoom occurred yesterday discussing/displaying the 1.36 "Hybrid Supply" developer beta product. Many players joined the stream and asked many valuable questions about the most anticipated change in WWII Online. As stated by XOOM in the stream,  "The hardest part is done, now it's just fine-tuning the project". After the adjustments are made (end of Q1 2019) the High Command teams will get a chance to "put it to the test" before it goes live! Yes, it is coming to fruition!


The second tutorial video was "officially" released. The Rifleman Class is one of the most versatile units of WWII Online. This video gives you a brief introduction, but it is up to YOU to make it menacing for any enemy you encounter!


We're already fighting Campaign #160, but we thought we'd take a look back at Campaign #159. See how the map moved and some of the top stat lists.


RDP Effectiveness 

There are so many "strategic" levels of WWII Online. RDP (Research and Development) bombing is just one example how a few players can devastate an entire side!

We see the available weapons as we spawn in, but what happens to that "weapon" if you get killed? ALL weapons take time to rebuild before they are displayed in the supply list for you to spawn with 100% factory output:

  • If you "RTB" (Return to Base), your weapon (rifle, smg, tank, etc) returns to the spawn list within 3 seconds

  • If you are "Rescued", your weapon returns to the spawn list in 15 minutes

  • If you are "KIA" (Killed in Action) or "MIA" (Missing in Action), your weapon will take 12 hours to return

In the image above (text chat images were taken today), you can see the Axis RDP is at 95% destroyed. This effects the "KIA" and "MIA" timers to rebuild those units, and will take near 30 hours for 1 rifle, 1 smg, 1 tank, etc. to return to the field! Every kill makes a HUGE impact on your available supply, thus the ability to attack/defend towns effectively.

You can check the RDP% status by typing .rdp in the chat bar while in game.

Typing .factories in the chat bar will display each factory facility, and its status.


Axis Message from CinC LaFleur

Congratulations to all Axis Officers and Soldats for a well-earned victory in Campaign 159! We crossed over to England in the closing days of the campaign and then had short intermission before beginning Campaign 160 on Monday night. The opening days of Campaign 160 saw the Axis quickly drive to capture towns on our South flank down to the border. The opening Allied deployments had additional brigades poised to break out in the North, but our strong defense prevented the loss of any towns beyond the initial drive on Jodoigne. The Allied gambit failed and left the South under-supplied and ripe for the taking.
Axis forces pushed in the Center towards the river line and by Thursday we had a foothold in Haybes to cross the river. In the meantime, the Axis drive in the South resulted in the surrender of all Allied towns on a line from Virton down to Fresnes, with Axis forces reaching Verdun. Late in the week the Allies sent additional supply South to counter-attack and recaptured Verdun and the airfields at Etain. Battles in the North continued, with Schilde changing hands back and forth.
Axis HC recruitment remains strong, with two new officers joining the ranks this week and a total of 9 cadets in the training. Squad JG51 will be the first to formally enter the Squad HC Alliance program upon graduation of its next cadet. JG51 will soon be the named/designated squad for 3.Jg.II Luftwaffe brigade. Other squads are in the process of having cadets trained to get designated brigades as well. In other news from the OKW, SHAGHER was promoted to Country Command CO and REDLEGS was promoted to Armee Branch XO.
Intelligence reports indicate that superior Axis in-game communications and cooperation among squads on objectives were a key factors in our Campaign 159 victory. The Allies are aware of this, and they have put together a strong team in AHC that will try to use these same techniques to steal back a victory in Campaign 160. We should expect strong opposition and coordinated attack and defense from the Allies through the current campaign, so we will need to step up our game even more in the coming weeks and use what we have learned about tactics and supply in the updated brigade strength/unit environment. Early days will require coordination with the Luftwaffe and truckers hauling 88s to blunt the onslaught of Matilda tanks the Allies will through at us. Work together and help your comrades by keeping them supplied, marking targets, and using waypoints in missions.
When we work as a team, we move West – and that's the goal!
LaFleur – AXIS CinC




Here's a quick review of version which will be coming this next week

Posted by hyoslvr2 Friday February 1 2019 at 3:43PM
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Here's a quick review of version which will be coming this next week. Several bug fixes, two critical ones (DLL and DPI), increased player placed object lifetimes, some art updates, bomb ballistic coefficient updates and more. Plenty of good things going into this one. We're continuing to make improvements where available and these notes do not reflect the entirety of our efforts here at CRS (such as 1.36 hybrid supply [which is nearing closed beta] and finding network improvements). The #1 way to support WWII Online's game development, is to become a Hero Builder subscriber (learn more here).

WWII Online: Version - February 2019

This release is a hotfix for numerous issues that came up with the latest release.

Bug Fixes

  • The FlaK36's (88) collider has been adjusted so it doesn't hit the top of the FB tent

  • Bombs that were not showing explosions are now fixed

  • The British M10 and Achilles decals have been fixed so that they are no longer upside down

  • Fixed a clipping issue for the Fuel Tanks, Loading Docks, AF Bunker, Castle Wall, Mansion Stairs and Church

  • The Mobile Spawn box will now remember if it has been unchecked

  • The PzIIc and Pz38(t) commander's view has been fixed to be in line with the gunner's view

  • Corrected an issue during installation that required external DLL files to be installed

  • Disabled High DPI scaling by default

Adjusted Content

  • An "Instrument" view (num-pad .) has been added to the FlaK36 (88) in order to assist players with seeing in front of the shield

  • The Credits have been updated

  • PPOs now have a 120 minute life span

  • Tank Traps and Gun Emplacements will have a 240 minute life span

  • Bomb Ballistic Coefficient (BC) values have been updated so that they are closer to the real-life values

  • The Netcode3 option is now removed from being in the Preferences menu and will be forced to being enabled

  • Country flags, next to town names, have been updated to look better and sharper

  • The M10 and Achilles internal sounds have been updated to match other units

  • The gunner's forward view port for the Pz3-L and Pz3-N has been unblocked

  • The old crew members for the SA 37mm have been retired and replaced with updated crew members

  • The internal art for the Churchill tanks has been updated

  • Keysie has been added to the Fallen Soldier Memorial

  • The Sdkfz 7/2 SPAA's Bofors has been replaced with the Flak37 model

S! Cornered Rat Software


CRS teams, what they are doing to creat a great game play experience

Posted by hyoslvr2 Saturday January 26 2019 at 6:23PM
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 CRS and ALL the team members have been more focused that ever! This article give a brief rundown of what the Teams are doing to improve your gaming experience physically and behind the scenes.  There is literally too much to discuss in just one article! Along with the Team's synopsis is the introduction to the new "OCS Training Corps" created to streamline new HC applicants, CinC reports, and Squad of the Week! Read the article below...

CRS-Headquarters lit up this week as the CRS Teams push their end of January deadlines. With Several new team members this past month, their contributions have really made a difference! Listed below is a brief synopsis of what the Teams are up to. Please note, these are NOT the extent of what's cooking behind the scenes, nor are they sorted in any specific order of importance.

  • Development Team - SNIPER62 - Bug/report/code fixes, hybrid supply, and finalizing the inbound hot-fix (just to name a few).

  • Operations Team - PILOTMC - Checking on new hardware, and managing WWII Online Colo site

  • Quality Assurance Team - SCKING - Testing and "breaking things" is their motto (I know a few in-game players who would fit right in hehe). I can attest that this team is very proficient!

  • Community Dev. Team - SNIPER62 - Updating High Command tool site, updating new billing page (for non-Steam accounts page)

  • Production Team - HATCH - Updating/creating/audit/testing physical models and terrain. 

  • Game Management - OHM - Monitoring Campaign #159 inside and out - literally 

  • Support Team - DWALIN - Billing and technical support management, live chat management on website

  • Community Management - BLKHWK8 - Forums, community, and High Command management. Forums have been HOT!!!

  • Marketing Team - CHIMM - Tutorial videos, and social media content/management. 

  • Biz Dev/Steam Store Manager - ZEBBEEE - Game/business analytics, Steam Store marketing and management

CRS is always looking to expand our Teams. WWII Online thrives off of players stepping up and helping to do more. We have found that many of our best people come from within as they typically have an already existing strong grasp of not only the game but also the depth of our community and its core values! There are many options if you consider joining some of our volunteer programs directly serving the game's operations as either a technical or non-technical person.

Have questions? Ready to help? E-mail here to apply: You can also go to to see all opportunities.


High Command and the Joint Training Corps.

A new team has been assembled to handle the new OCS (Officer Candidate School) applications. This group will be training applicants for both sides with a unified training to "fast-track" the process. Several squads replied to the Squads wanted for HC article earlier this week, and are going through the process as we speak. High Command teams are always looking for new officers. Join the Allied High Command or the Axis High Command to push your team to VICTORY!


From the CinC

Allied Commander in Chief: Hateract:

S! Soldiers, sailors and airmen of the Allied side.

This campaign thus far has put us to the test, and we find ourselves ever on the defensive. We can still turn the situation around. More importantly, these difficulties allow us to sharpen our mettle and to focus on the key points placed in the goals for this campaign before it began. We must maintain and continue our efforts to retain our fellow players through multiple missions and build strong squads and temns in order to combat what some days may feel like impossible odds. In addition to this, we must be creative in finding new ways to defend our territories and take the fight to the enemy, making sure to shake things up and provide the combined arms fun we seek from wwiionline. Hang tough, make friends, and be original! Together we can change the tide!

S! Hateract, CinC, Allied forces

Axis Commander in Chief: LaFleur

The Axis juggernaut continues after its early gains in the opening week. Our officers and the Axis playerbase have adjusted well to the new supply and equipment environment differentiating armored and infantry brigades, resulting in great action on the ground.

Week 2 began with the Axis threatening the major cities of Brussels and Antwerp in the North while consolidating our positions across the Meuse in the Center and South. Action early in the week saw the Axis push further in the South towards the next major river via Laon, followed by action in the Center pushing as far as Mons and Bavay. The latter part of the week culminated on great victories in Brussels and Antwerp, with the Allies marching in the far north and crossing the bays to occupy the mainland from Breskens east on the shoreline. We have great momentum and our victories have been characterized by great communication and active leadership from our High Command officers.

Also this week the Squad HC program was rolled out to provide squads to nominate up to three officers from their squad for positions within HC that will be placed in a division associated with the squad. This is a great way for your squad to participate in ingame decision making and help coordinate missions with squad objectives. Training of new officers has been streamlined through a Joint Training Command led by our senior Axis Trainers, Coila and Imbrutus. The training process can now be completed in about a week if cadets are available for a few hours of ingame training. We have already had one squad start the process, and we look forward to having more squads take part.

In short, we have had a great Week 2 and our morale and execution have been excellent – let's keep up the pressure on the Allies going into Week 3!

LaFleur – Axis CinC

Squad of the Week (SOTW): 7th Army Allied Strike Team


Key points

  • 20 active members

  • Active since 6th October 2001

  • Multinational squad represented in a number of European countries (United Kingdom, Sweden, France, Germany), and across the globe, (Australia/New Zealand, South America, Canada and The United States).

  • Allied only

  • Recruitment: Restricted. Contact them for details

Key personnel

  • CO - B2K

  • XOs – Aunghous, Blkhwk8, Goreblimey, Khbeowuf, Mundagurri, Shorty1, Snort

About "7th AST"

7th AST is one of the game's oldest and best-known squads, formed in October of 2001. AST concentrate on Combined Arms warfare and are the allied side's leading units when duking it out tank-to-tank or digging in to defend towns. In a nutshell, these guys are the workhorses of the allied side.

Look for 7th AST whereever the biggest battles are. Contact a recruiter for more information if this sounds like the kind of warfare you love to take part in.




A lot has been going on behind the scenes! CRS is working on fixes that impact your immediate game play, and tools that help you manage your personal accounts. The previously mentioned hotfix is getting close to its release, and is in the hands of our Quality Assurance Team for testing. Steam Store "live-streams" have been making a huge impact as many new players enter the battle field! Allied and Axis CinC's express their Campaign 159 messages to all players, and WHIPs is featured as our QOTW (Squad of the Week)! Read the full article below...

Steam Store Live Streams

Steam has opened up new doors, allowing Developers to live stream their games. These streams are shown on the store front page allowing thousands of players to see WWII Online first hand! A lot of questions and peaked interest has resulted in hundreds of new accounts! Keep an eye out for those "green tags" in game and help them experience all that WWII Online has to offer!


New Billing Pages in the Works

Our "organic" billing pages are getting a face-lift with a few new features!

As you can see, the new site is more direct and intuitive.

Your .bug reports are always sent to the Quality Assurance Team automatically, but one of the new features is the ability to view your .bug reports for you to reference and follow up on. 

The new site will be available soon!


The World @ War Gazette and Squad Tools

The Gazette had a quick update from SNIPER62 (like he had nothing else to do hehe) and is back in action! Easy "snap shot" of the current Campaign status and interesting facts make this page an invaluable tool for HC Officers and players alike! View the site here.

Our Squad Tools site is not new, but seems to be overlooked by most. Squad management and Top Squad performance from any platform is at YOUR disposal! Just log in to the site here.


CinC Reports

Hateract - Allied CinC report:

It has been a tough start to the campaign as many expected. The changes to the TOES listing has really changed the way in which we at AHC go about setting up defences and pressing AOs.

I wish to place on record my thanks to everyone on the allied side. You have fought like lions against the odds, and whilst we are on the back foot, I have no doubt that you will continue to give your all for the allied side.

AHC needs YOU. We need officers who are able to lead their fellow players into battle. Join us!


LaFleur – Axis CinC report:

The mighty AXIS rolled across its starting position lines late Monday for Campaign 159 (dubbed  the "Hardest Campaign Ever" due to the reconfiguration of Allied and Axis equipment levels more consistent with the historical differences between armored and infantry brigades).  With panzer supply down to a handful of Stugs and 232s in infantry units, and with infantry supply scaled down to size in armored units, this new style of campaigning has certainly been challenging for both players and the OKW.  But as with any new equipment or supply challenge, the key to success is communications and teamwork.  In the last month of Campaign 158, the Axis side really came together and started having and fun working together as a team even more so than in the earlier parts of the map. 

That momentum has clearly carried over to the Campaign 159, as Axis forces pushed back the initial Allied thrust in the Center/ North in the first 24 hours, after which the Axis countered with a blitzkrieg sweep into the South to turn the Allied flank and push them to the Meuse River all the way from Verdun to Stenay in the first 48 hours.  Sustained fighting and excellent teamwork also pushed our lines across the Meuse at numerous bridgeheads in the Center around Namur, Dinant, and Haybes by midweek.

As of Thursday the Axis had firm control over all strategic towns along the Meuse except Sedan, and it was time to focus on the North – Axis forces pushed West along the Sambre river and the towns above it to reach the outskirts of Brussels.  We turned back to the South leading into today, Friday, taking the last Allied stronghold on the Meuse and pushing across to create a zone of control west of the river one or two towns deep along its entire length.  The tireless work and team play of the Axis fighting forces its OKW officers have achieved great gains during the first week of Campaign 159, going from a town ownership ratio of 45/55 in favor of the Allies at the start to having 55% of the towns Axis as of this report.  Having said that, we are still in the early days and this is just Tier 0 – this will likely be a long campaign -  let's make sure we are fighting it on Allied soil from here to the end. Keep up the comms in-game in chat and on Discord and work together so we continue our march westward through the weekend and into the second week!


Squad of the Week

WHite Pudding Suppers - WHIPs

Key points

* 34 active members

* Active since 30th August 2011

* Multinational squad represented in a number of European countries (United Kingdom, Sweden, France, Germany), and across the globe, (Australia/New Zealand, South America, Canada and The United States).

* AXIS only

* Recruitment: Open to new and current players

Key personnel

* CO - Hastien

* XOs - Eesti, Majes99, Dandare9, Shini, Dwalin, Bb, Ny75, Bierbaer

About "WHIPS"

White Pudding Suppers, one of the AXIS' most prestigious units, have long since developed a reputation for being able to trigger a massive defensive response whenever they arrive to cause trouble. Make no mistake, these guys are extremely good at what they do.

WHIPS are a Spec Ops unit that specialises in both assaults and holding actions at Forward bases, along with airborne and naval raids on enemy facilities. They can often be found operating in close proximity to 12th Royal Lancers and the two squads maintain a

Healthy rivalry as they battle for supremacy in the Points and Map Movement standings. If you see these two squads going head to head, report it to your nearest High Command Officer ASAP as this is likely to be where the battles that change the course of a campaign take place!

Does being a virtual "Spec Ops" operator sound like your cup of tea? Join the WHIPs - You won't regret it!



On The Road Again...

Posted by hyoslvr2 Friday January 4 2019 at 6:54PM
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2019 is starting off with a "BANG" as  players abuse(?) the new Christmas Toys! The snow has melted and CRS has hit the roads by adding new towns - thanks to Merlin51. Who knew he worked in the construction industry, right??? Also in this report, a quick synopsis from XOOM's New Year Report, Campaign #159 reports, and a Squad highlight! 

XOOM's New Year Report

We hope everyone has had the chance to read the report sent on December 31st. As most of you know, this past year was a milestone for CRS, especially the Christmas release, which was the biggest equipment patch this team has accomplished! All our team members have done an amazing job and overcome huge obstacles.  That being said, 2019 is going to blow 2018 out of the water! 


Terrain Updates Inbound

As with most of CRS members, the holidays did not slow down Merlin51 - our main terrain editor guru. We had mentioned extending the map previously and it is now getting into SCKING and the Quality Assurance Team's hands! A lot of blood, sweat, and tears have gone into the future terrain update and I think Merlin51 will be ready for a vacation after its release lol.  The proposed patch includes many current "terrain" issues as well  


Holland - "Zee's" will have plenty of new Naval action with the many Deep Water Ports, two of them just across the channel from each other! 


France is coming along nicely as well!


Thank you Merlin51 for all your hard work SALUTE!


Squad Highlight

WESTY91, our Assistant Community Manager, is looking to showcase the squads of WWII Online. The goal is to create squad awareness to new players so they can join a squad that may resonate with their individual game style.

This week he chose The Royal Lancers. Listed below is a brief description of the squad and some of their key members. Check out their recruitment post in the forums!

  • 51 active members

  • Active since 12th May 2012

  • Multinational squad represented in a number of European countries (United Kingdom, Sweden, France, Germany), and across the globe, (Australia/New Zealand, South America, Canada and The United States).

  • Allied only

  • Recruitment: Open to new and current players

  • Key personnel

  • CO - Crashzzz

  • XOs – Zuwenig, Spacecam, Bez5678, Foe2, Tomellis, Martigan, Zignzag and Wildcat382

About "The Lancers"

12th Royal Lancers is one of WWIIOL's best allied units, well known for their ability to dig in and hold the line in all but the deadliest of situations. Constantly challenging at the top of the Points and Map Movement tables, "The Lancers" are a major force to be reckoned with all across the map and they will gladly exploit any chink in the axis defences, both in town, and at the enemy's Forward Bases.

Their friendly rivalry with White Pudding Suppers (known simply as WHIPS) occasionally becomes that of an alliance, transforming them into the most potent fighting force the game has ever seen.

Their motto is simple: Death or Glory.

Do YOU have what it takes to become a Lancer? Enlist now!


Crucial Update regarding 1.36 and more

Posted by hyoslvr2 Friday November 16 2018 at 3:29PM
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This is a crucial update regarding 1.36 (Hybrid Supply) which is the combination of reintroducing "Town Based Supply" (or Garrisons now) and moveable Brigades that we've had for sometime. Today we're going to show you screen shots and a couple of videos demonstrating some key functions of 1.36. It's now safe to say we are rapidly approaching full testing internally and many of our key design considerations are, or already have come to life. This article is significantly important as a player to review, as it will dramatically alter the Campaign. Join our 1.36 forum discussions (here)Share this article with veteran players!


  • Campaign stability

    • Massive breakouts will be very hard

    • Garrison supply will move systematically, with HC present or not

  • Making High Command fun, without the stress of map management

    • Emphasizing HC to create fun for players on the fly

    • Organizing large scale operations

    • Redirecting energy from map management to cultivating outstanding community relationships

    • Moving brigades is optional with low risk vs high stakes gamble

  • Providing supply for squads and players, at all times

  • Provide a fighting chance for underpopulated side

  • Giving Airman, Sailors and Paratroopers more play options

  • Make the Zeeland Islands a worthy fight again



On first sight, you will notice a tremendous difference in available supply across the game world. This is a key consideration to make sure that with High Command online (or not), the Allied and Axis player base (Squads) will have access to many supply options. This will directly give defenders a fighting chance, all on their own, every time.

All pictures can be expanded by clicking on them.

Here's a closer look of how the front and rear line will look...


Garrison (town) supply will be located...

  • Every Frontline town (linked to an enemy town)

  • One town to the rear of the front (linked to a friendly frontline town)

  • Every Airfield across the map

    • Air Force

    • Airborne

  • Every Docks across the map

    • Including Deep Water Ports (Destroyers / Freighters)

  • Moveable Divisions / Brigades like we have now

    • Available in limited number, moveable only by High Command to supplement game play


We've made joining a Garrison very simple. All you have to do is RIGHT-CLICK on the town, and you'll be presented with a join option. Here it is in-action.



To avoid the North vs South segregation we saw in the early stages of WWII Online, this was a key requirement to allow for Allied forces to change their Garrison's country ownership. 

NOTE: Upon changing the supply from one country to another, it will take up to 6 hours for your supply to trickle in to 100% availability. This is to avoid rapidly swapping ownership back and forth so as to game the system against the Axis, who continue to have only one supply pool to manage and choose from.



Surrender simply means you're cut off from friendly units. This system remains in tact and was included part of the 1.36 design consideration. Here's how it looks in a Hybrid Supply situation:



This is the biggest game changer that WWII Online has seen in years! The Campaign is poised to have a whole different tone, along with the High Command program, which we hope to see many of you return to provide effective FIELD leadership and organizing operations.

Join our 1.36 dedicated forum discussions (here), where you can ask questions, share thoughts. The RATS will be watching closely interacting with you guys. 


Be sure to share this article with our veteran players, who by the way, are able to communicate with us in that forum and even play the game as a Rifleman only. All previous premium subscribers have received a perpetual FREE Rifleman account. There's no reason not to come back and play / rejoin the WWII Online community.


As a hero you will receive a free towing account, NCO and Ammunition Bearer infantry classes, recognition in-game, closed BETA testing access and a forum for one on one chat with Developers.

A Hero Builder is the #1 way to support WWII Online development. Join our monthly plan, the most affordable and effective builder option we have.



Production Update - Game Environment

Posted by hyoslvr2 Sunday November 11 2018 at 7:02AM
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XOOMSo many good things are happening in terms of Environment Artwork, and today we're going to have several screenshots outlining what that work entails... let's just say this is a pretty big (awesome) update that you want to check out. There's also some investigation and discovery to see what we can do, some fixes to existing artwork, and brand new artwork as well, so let's get right to it. Special thanks to our environment artists: Xl2rippr, Mkw and Morganlines.


YOU, can help all of these initiatives move faster and provide us with the fuel to do more by becoming a HERO BUILDER. It has never been a better time to HERO UP and back CRS.

As a hero you will receive a free towing account, NCO and Ammunition Bearer infantry classes, recognition in-game, closed BETA testing access and a forum for one on one chat with Developers. Are you ready to help make this game better?




This building is presently in-game but needs to have its secondary damage state reactivated. Due to some tech reasons (like clipping and such) it was deactivated long ago, so we asked Xl2rippr to do his magic and get it back online. This shows you a new approach on how we plan to get rubble to look, we're aiming to go back to that charred "burnt" look.


Xl2rippr: This one very much inspired by the French style of buildings during the era. This building is fully enterable and contains a large number of rooms, as you can see.  The damaged state will feature the center part of the structure ( the tower ) being collapsed.


Morganlines: These are in-progress shots for the restaurant, a hotel, an apartment, bakery, butcher, and telephone shop!

Mkw: Take notice at our goal to provide roof access for WWII Online players, we are looking at several new ways at achieving this.

This is the Bakery.

This is a kitchen in this building.

Here is a unique side-building view look at most of the interiors

Here is an apartment building currently being developed.

Here is a new hotel being developed.


Here we'll demonstrate to you a couple of our explorations to make your game play environment more realistic / believable within the game engine. It's a variety of adding new textures on the ground tiles, manipulating grass textures / models, making grass taller to reflect fields, and of course cornfields.

First here is the taller grass, as you can see compared to the German infantryman, it stands much higher, enabling concealment of troops.

This is a quick test of replacing the grass model.

Here we test a dirtier ground texture for different environments.

<img width="650" alt="" src="" data-cke-saved-src="" 400"="">

And here is more of a farmland texture on a terrain tile.

An infantryman stands next to a cornfield with some taller grass as well.

A quick shot of a small corn crop.

Up close and personal to the corn crop to see the detail.

Close up of the corn crop as it goes into night.



Planned Service Outage (Nov 8th)

Posted by hyoslvr2 Wednesday November 7 2018 at 9:34AM
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Our Colocation (where we store our servers) internet service provider has informed us that they are performing maintenance on November 8th, between the hours of 1:00 am through 5:00 am US Central time (7:00 am through 11:00 am GMT). ALL WWII Online services will be effected and returned as quickly as possible once they've completed their work. Facebook, Allied Discord, and Axis Discord will be our means of communication during this time. This maintenance cycle is entirely out of our control and is presumed to maintain best performance. We'd like to thank you for your patience and understanding. S!

Recent CPU Fix frees up server bottlenecks and info on Town supply system

Posted by hyoslvr2 Sunday November 4 2018 at 5:29PM
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This Wednesday we released a critical CPU Fix that is already producing good data, resulting into an overall 40% reduction in the total number of automatic despawns, which occur when there is packet loss. In addition today we'll give you some short notes on how 1.36 is developing as the team has made some good strides. We also have a fallen soldier notice to inform you of.



We've been talking a lot lately about the CPU Fix and how critical it was for us to remove an unintended bottleneck occurring on our servers. Now that we've implemented it this Wednesday we're seeing the live campaign servers performing much healthier, with better lines of communication between clients and server.

CRS remains committed to continue to reduce this number down more so and we are strategizing more methods by which this can be done. The purpose of this mechanism in the first place (auto-despawning) was to remove certain users whose packet loss was so extreme that it would go into an unrecoverable state where players would be unable to kill them, and they'd warp / be hard to track via the predictor logic.

So you should anticipate better third person rendering with more timely feedback, whether the other player is running, being shot, going prone or aiming, these things should all looks smoother and be more responsive. 


One of our key deliverable items has been completed this last week which relates to the visibility of garrisons on the game map. Since these garrisons (towns) will be activating and deactivating based on the campaign's movement, we don't want to see the whole game world filled with garrisons because that will confuse players according to the design that we set forth. 

Remember, there will always be 1 frontline garrison, and rear garrison(s) adjacent to the frontline's rear. This is the town based supply component. We do aim to have move-able supply as well which will allow High Command to have options for creating more dynamic game play experiences. This marriage between Garrisons and Brigades is what we call: Hybrid Supply.

1.36 Core Features to be completed:

  1. Supply in Every Town (95% Complete)

  2. Supply Switch after capture (90% Complete)

  3. Other capture mechanics [like who owns the town when it gets capped] (100% Complete)

  4. Activate/Deactivate Towns for Front/Back/Rearline (95% Complete)

  5. HC Country Owner Switch for Allies (90% Complete)

  6. Handling frontline Airfields (75% Complete)

As you can see the first iteration is approaching completion. 1.36 has required some trial and error on our end, and through that process we've been able to plan more effectively on how to accomplish the tasks. These are listed as core features because they represent basic functionality. This is what we're aiming for on initial launch. Notice I say initial, because there will be multiple iterations to refine it and add to it. This is something we're committed to doing and recognize day 1 delivery will not be in its final form (aka: work in progress).

We have several developers now working to push this through to delivery. We know it has taken some time, but we are ever confident that it's going to do great things to relieve the pressure valve from High Command officers, allowing them to refocus their leadership on building exciting missions, operations and overall massive game play. It will also give the player base a fighting chance regardless of population imbalance because supply will be available in every battle - no matter what. Re-supply operations will be restored. And certainly better than the original town based supply, the Allies will be able to modify who owns the town so they do not get into a British (North) vs French (South) situation.



Our hearts are heavy this morning, as we learned that former RAT and long-time community member, “JAMMYMAN,” has passed away, surrounded by family on October 29th, 2018.

Jammyman created and ran some of the most memorable Special Events and was the lead of that team. He was an avid flyer and spent quite a bit of time in the Luftwaffe - German High Command.

He was a guy who cared about our game immensely, selflessly served, and didn’t ask for a whole lot.

After 28 months of battling cancer and the toll grown so great, he asked for the WWII Online community’s assistance - something he had never done before. The WWII Online community rose up and helped provide some cushion in his final days. To all of those who contributed towards his GoFundMe - we salute you, and I know directly that it meant a huge amount to him. Well done community, your final act of kindness was most definitely received.

Please feel free to share a story that you might have of him, perhaps in-game screen shots, or anything else that we can share his memory from.

We will add him to the fallen soldiers memorial at the earliest opportunity.

Gone, but not forgotten. !S