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I have been gaming before graphics can we say BBS and pong rules lol...........

Author: wolfx

As Battle of the immortals Close Beta draws to a close

Posted by wolfx Friday April 30 2010 at 5:30PM
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As  Battle of the immortals Close Beta draws to a close I would like to make a few notes on BOI

First off I know players are having problems with the camera angle but you can reset it so it does scroll out more but even then I find myself trying to roll around the screen 360.

2nd Game Play
It is not all that hard to use interface is easy to understand, quest are not all that hard to follow and leveling is easy till you get to 60 but they has been a lot of input as to how hard it is past 60 and they are looking in to that hoping more high level quest with better exp.

3rd Information
 remember there is not much information on the game because the game has only been out for a few weeks.  Nothing has really been started on it as far as what is where , which to me makes it better in some ways because no ganking or farming as of yet

You can not kill steal in the game and as for Boss in the dungeons you are not competing with others in there for drops just you and your party no others

5th Upgrading
Nice thing is everything is upgradable from armor, pets, mount, weapon and alot of the upgrade stuff can be bought with out spending real cash

6th Salary and Coin
Another thing is the salary and coin you get paid for playing and there is an item mall in game to buy  everything from pots, buffs, upgrades, costume (if you like those things) heals for you pet as well as other items as well as credit and bonus item mall and Yes ZEN(real cash) market
Credit it is not all that hard to get and there is a NPC vendor that sells armor and pots and they are not over priced

7th Guild
One of the nice thing is a daily event you can do for your guild and can benefit everyone

8th Armor Pets and Mounts
It is an nice setup for pets and mounts. pets can be caught with ease and mounts are not over priced for the elite mounts and as I have seen a possible chance to get rare mount as well, Armor can be quested for as well as drops and bought. Over all the system is well done as for now.

9th Draw back
Yes again camera but we will find problems in all games like this. Armors repair is a little high and a few have posted about that, it is being looked into. chat can be better as a few other things one problem i can see could be a plus or minus is events if you have a large amount of well skilled people it can work great but if you have to join those whom you don't know it can fall apart quickly

In closing over all BOI has a good start just a few bugs like the “rubber-band” in movement and little video graininess no 360 camera view point (that I don't know if it can be changed in the matrix of the system) the input of WSAD has mixed views as well I myself can take it or leave it. Item mall as for now is reasonable but we will see compared to the cost of ZEN hoping they will see that lower prices means more spending over the long term. Leveling over all is productive and hoping that above level 60 will change in some aspects to make it productive as well. As for now I will keep playing BOI and see were it will lead. I have enjoyed my time in the Closed beta and find many things to do all the time and would say give BOI a look if you haven't.

The Infamous And Original Wolfx