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Daytime Ramblings

I ride herd on a rambunctious toddler...having an in home distraction while he naps is a GooOOOOoood thing. Especially when it's a freebie! (i still have a fraction of my sanity!)

Author: wolf08

evony speaks

Posted by wolf08 Thursday September 3 2009 at 3:30AM
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i received this from evony:

Dear Evony Supporter,

As you may have heard, Evony has recently been the victim of malicious and libelous attacks by a UK blogger by the name of Bruce Everiss.

Through your previous online outreach efforts in support of Evony, we know you share our commitment to the unique experience we have developed for our fans and we wanted to reach out to you directly with an update on the latest developments regarding these libelous allegations.

Despite the numerous fraudulent statements made by Mr. Everiss to date, we have tried for several weeks to avoid taking our grievances into the legal courts, hoping instead to persuade Everiss to come clean and stop his online campaign of untruths and outright falsities. Unfortunately, he has ignored our requests.

As fans of Evony, you know better than most, that these attacks have caused significant damage to our brand and the gaming experience for Evony’s millions of users and fans around the world.

Unfortunately, we have been unable to reach a solution with Mr. Everiss and in the coming days our legal team will be proceeding on multiple fronts against the libelous assaults that been have leveled against our company and our game.

As fans of the game and industry insiders, we wanted to reach out to you in advance to address several of the clear violations of international libel standards perpetrated by Everiss and his supporters. Several of the most egregious violations are also the most clearly dismissible and we hope that with your help we will be able to finally clear the air. The facts are clear:

1. Evony, LLC has had at no time any association with a company called WoWMine. In addition, the company is not owned nor has it ever been owned or managed by an individual by the name of Eric Lam. To be clear, Evony has absolutely no legal or financial connection to this individual.

2. Further, despite the blatantly false claims of Mr. Everiss, none of the owners, directors or employees of Evony has ever been, or are currently parties to, any legal action by Microsoft Corp.

3. Evony and our developers have in no way ever infringed upon the intellectual property of any other game or developer. There have never been proceedings against our company for any such violations of intellectual property and this accusation is entirely fabricated by Mr. Everiss.

4. Evony has never distributed any form of malware to our users. Any such action would directly impact the user experience of our millions of fans and damage the credibility of both our corporate reputation and diminish the fan base of Evony. Evony’s popularity speaks for itself – more than five million users in dozens of countries around the world have helped to grow the game in popularity without any need for malicious software.

5. Evony is in no way a Chinese based company. Evony is a registered corporation in the United States with millions of active players in dozens of countries around the globe.

It is our hope that Mr. Everiss will now understand the error of his ways and correct the public record for his readers.

As a blogger yourself, we know you understand that in the digital age in which we now live, online journalists and bloggers must strive for a higher standard of integrity and accuracy. Mr. Everiss’ complete disregard for even the most basic tenants of journalistic integrity and responsibility have left our company no alternative but to take these legal actions.

Please do not hesitate to let us know if we can provide you or your readers any additional information as to the facts about this case and our efforts to hold Mr. Everiss accountable for his illegal actions. On behalf of the entire Evony team, thank you for your continued support.

Kind Regards,


Evony™ - Free Forever


Evony:Age I (Evony Free forever)- the surprisingly addictive MMORPG:

Posted by wolf08 Thursday August 27 2009 at 11:47AM
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Now I'll admit, for the longest time I avoided all those evony ads with the girlies on them
(actually thought it might be porn...) but I think those ads are aimed at the hormonal 13-25 hr old guy niche...LOL.
In fact there are even a few alliances who named themselves "in honor" of those busty animated ad babes.

To my pleasant surprise, when I started playing, i discovered my fellow players ages range from the expected teens starting at 13 yr old, to contemporaries, to mellow grandparents, with a good balance of men and women represented.

Not only that, but due to the game size and multiple servers, (I happen to play on server 29), there are players from virtually down the block to all around the world. It's kind of fun to go to the Chat area and talk to your alliance (or in World Chat) and just trade notes on little things like weather, movies or family. There's nothing quite as satisfying as sacking your first NPC city or earning a title so you can build another city of your own.

Evony:Age I (Evony Free forever)- the surprisingly addictive MMORPG:

It takes a little while to get your bearing but the best way is to:

****Follow the QUESTS! ***

**many goals are intertwined…

As in: to do Goal A, you have to meet goals B & C and they require goal D be accomplished 1st.

Be curious- ask questions- check out all the buttons, tabs and info available in each area!!!

It’s all useful. Game play is real time, server specific (you have to make sure you return to the correct server number each time so save the web address to your favorites) and you can do several things at once: Build or level up a building or wall, while researching (once you have an academy), while training troops (once you have at least one barracks-and many sources suggest several per city- some suggest as many as nine), while building wall defenses (once you actually have a wall). Meanwhile you can also send out as many scouts or attacks or transports as your Rally Spot will allow.


As soon as possible (preferably before your 1st Seven Day Protection is up) join an alliance…there is safety in numbers and the veterans can offer great tips and assistance. Alliances can declare other alliances Friendly, Neutral or Hostile (identified by flag color).

Don't be afraid to go into the Chat area and meet people there are a variety of age ranges, male and female and people from many countries. Try to find an alliance of folks with which you “click”.

Remember to chat with your alliance members during the wait times between builds, it's a nice way to establish friendships and pick up great information.

Teleporting: recall all troops from valleys and scouting, attacks and garrisons, and return all allies’ garrisons then go to ITEMS ‘teleport’ them select Moravia from the drop down menu


Gold: YOUR city(s)

Gold/white striped: your valley(s)

Green: Your alliance members

Blue: Friendly alliance(s)

White: neutral and no status alliances (do NOT attack neutrals alliances unless you are looking to make enemies)

Red: Enemy alliance (s)

Black: NPC city (system generates)

Note: Buildings: Going to level 10 requires a Michelangelo Script.

Also the landscape changes, untenanted valleys change size, abandon cities become NPCs, sometimes NPCs become new open flats.


Town Hall: control tax, comfort and levy populous rename your city and get an overview of all production and valleys. Level up for more valleys to conquer and more resource fields. (A larger Town Hall makes an impressive looking wall in map view)

Barracks: train soldiers; level up to train more types.

Cottage: housing. Level up to increase population

Beacon: early warning of invasion, level up for better detailed info

Warehouse: Here you store resources; supplies that are warehoused can't be plundered in a raid

Marketplace: A place to buy and sell production items. Gold or supplies arrive in a half hour from transaction completion.

Feasting Hall: where your heroes are listed (mayor, idle, defense, in motion, or even captive heroes)

The higher the level, the more heroes you can hire. Also where you upgrade and reward your heroes and select a city’s mayor from amongst your heroes (pick one with a high Politics rating).

Inn: where your heroes are hired; the higher the level, the more powerful heroes you can hire

Rally Spot: staging area when your scouts, transport, reinforce & attack forces go out. The higher the level, the more scout/transport/attack groups can be out of the city at once. A portion of injured troops can be healed in exchange for gold here as well. When under attack you go here to ‘open your city gates’ so your defending troops can attack; otherwise your walls take the brunt of the damage. *but of you know an overwhelming force is coming. Close the gates, move your troops out to attack a far valley and move a lot of your supplies into the market place in unlikely bargains: place all you gold to a unlikely low, low bid so you can cancel & retrieve it later. Move your production produce into sales and ask for incredibly high prices so a sale is unlikely & you can retrieve it -because if the attacking force has researched privateering your warehouses are not invulnerable and you will start suffering losses there…

Embassy: level 1 – you can join an alliance, level 2- you can invite people to join your alliance. For a Host: the higher the level, the more people can be in your alliance. Your alliance can also send assistance to you here. When you click the option to allow garrisons- the higher the level, the more garrisons can be housed.

Workshop: the higher the level the stronger your abilities in city seizing and defense mechanics.

Academy: where you research info to aid construction, production and military operations. The higher the level, the more things you can research. Multiple academies in your cities share info (as long as they are on the same level they can benefit from it.)

Forge: armor & weapons making- the higher the level the stronger & more advanced the weapons available.

Stables: where cavalry is trained. The higher the level; the faster troops are trained.

Relief Station: increases the speed of your army movement between cities of your own and your allies.

Wall: fortification against attack & invasion the higher the level the stronger the wall and the more defensive weapons available to be built.

Wall Defensive Weapons:

Traps: highly effective against attacking infantry

Abatis: Barricades to stop attacking mounted troops

Archers Towers: decimate troops from a distance

Rolling Log: nice big rollingpins-o-death to attacking troops

Defensive Trebuchet: Big tumbling rocks: terrific at destroying enemy siege weapons but have a slow reset/reload time (1x per battle usage)


these are your production plots you get more with each Town Hall upgrade...

Farm: food for your city and army level up for higher output

Mill: lumber for construction of buildings, walls and soldiery, level up for higher output

Quarry: stone for buildings and walls level up for higher output

Mine: iron for building, walls and soldiery level up for higher output



Heroes - can be appointed city mayor (use the one with the best politics rating) and lead attacks. Make sure to occasional ego stroke with gold or medals to encourage loyalty. Also they need to be checked periodically to see if they are ready for upgrades.

Workers: they have almost no fighting skills- mostly porters and new city builders in fact; you cannot build a city with out them.

Warriors: have low fighting skills- mostly porters

Scouts: fast moving, gather intelligence on enemy troops & resources

Pikes: warriors with big pointy sticks; great against mounted troops

Swords: strongest melee unit, great against archers

Archers: long distance assault, good against all types of infantry

Cavalry: fast and flexible, great for raids and plundering

Cataphract: heavy armor, great attack and defense, but expensive, essentially; a hay eating tank

Transport: enables you to move a larger volume of supplies (relief or plunder)

Ballista: long range shooting – good against other siege weapons (a mega-crossbow)
especially Archer Towers.

Battering Ram: for breaking through enemy fortification (siege weapon)

Catapult: throwing rocks big BIG rocks… best for destroying enemy fortification (siege weapon) can only be used once per melee.


supplements resource type (% gain varies on valley level)
*all of these things must be conquered to really gain benefit...although successfully attacking one will gain you a load of whatever type of supply it contains...

Hill: increase iron supplies

Desert: increase stone supplies

Forest: increase lumber supplies

Swamp: increase food supplies

Lake: increase food supplies

Grassland: increase food supplies

Flat: The open area where you grow a new city

System will advise you of the base supplies needed to start a new city.



Agriculture: Each upgrade enhances food production 10%

Lumbering: Each upgrade enhances lumber production 10%

Masonry: Each upgrade enhances stone production 10%

Mining: Each upgrade enhances iron production 10%

Metal Casting: Each upgrade enhances production speed of mechanics 10%

Informatics: the higher the level; the more detailed information you obtain.

Military Science: Each upgrade enhances troop training speed 10%

Military Tradition: Each upgrade enhances army attacks 5%

Iron Working: Each upgrade enhances army defense 5%

Logistics: Each upgrade enhances load capability 10%

Compass: Each upgrade enhances infantry moving speed 10%

Horseback Riding: Each upgrade enhances cavalry and mechanics moving speed 5%

Archery: Each upgrade enhances archers’ shooting range 10%

Stockpile: Each upgrade enhances warehouse storage capacity 10%

Medicine: Each upgrade enhances army life 5%

Construction: Each upgrade enhances construction speed of buildings and fortified units 10%

Engineering: Each upgrade enhances of walls and fortified units by 10%

Machinery: Each upgrade enhances repairable rate of fortified units by 100%

Privateering: Each upgrade decreases rival’s warehouse ability during plundering by 5%


Once daily you get a free amulet (a chance to “spin” the roulette wheel of random prizes ranging from large amounts of production supplies, medals, battalions, speed up tools, and other nifty things like game coins to be used in the shop that you would otherwise have to purchase outright…)

You can review the “Shop” to see all the potential goodies.

*Note: the higher your TH level; they greater the volume of a production prize.


Medals are required in exchange to level up in Title and in Rank (different medals and amounts added to other requirements. Medals can also be used to reward heroes (I prefer to save the medals & give them gold)

If you don’t want to buy medals, they can be obtained by attacking valleys. The drop rate is only about 1% so it’s a lot of work, but finding one is a terrific feeling. The medal you can find depends on the size of the valley attacked. Cross and Rose medals in low level valleys; Lion, Honor and Courage medals in mid-range valleys and Nation, Wisdom, Justice and Freedom medals might randomly drop from a high level valley.


Scout General Terms:

Few = 1 to 24

Pack = 25 to 49

Lots = 50 to 99

Horde = 100 to 249

Throng = 250 to 499

Swarm = 500 to 999

Zounds = 1,000 to 2,499

Legion = 2,500 to 4,999

Bulk = 5,000 to 10,000

Giga = 10,000 and over

It's fun... try it ... you'll like it... and make some new friends along the way. =-)