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MMORPG or MMOG: Whats changed?

Are you sick of MMOs being substandard? Do you require more quality?

Author: willvas

MMORPG or MMOG: Whats changed?

Posted by willvas Friday June 10 2011 at 2:03AM
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MMORPG = Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game

MMOG = Massively Multiplayer Online Game


What are the differences?

You can ask this question to anybody and you would get different answers.  Some would say that MMORPG are games that are for roleplayers and want you to role play along with boring and dull.  Some would say that MMOG are for non roleplayers and are fun and quick action.  The answers can vary in many ways.  In fact, you can probably write a disertation paper on this question alone. 

Problem is there is really no streamline answer.  Everybody places their own answer in their own mind.  And some will never shake from their belief.  Can you get others to agree on your answer?  sure.  Can i get some to disagree and agree on that answer above?  yes, you sure can. 

My answer is simple : Both are games, Both are Massive and Multiplayer.  But the biggest difference to me is the fact that RP is getting a person to believe they are truly part of the Virtual World that is presented in front of them.  To feel a connection with their character that they made and live in the Virtual World. 

What has really changed over the past 10 to 11 years?

Well this can be an extremely touchy subject on a forum.  Some like me would say well you got the start of the MMO genre with the 3 top MMOs : Ultima Online, Everquest, and Asheron's Call.  While I know there are others that started earlier like MUDS and Merridian.  But I have to say these 3 were the forefront as they became quite popular very quickly.  They had set the standard for MMO gaming if you ask me. 

In the past, most games cost money to buy then a subscription fee like it is now.  It was around 10 bucks to subscribe.  Later this was increased by some newer companies to 15 dollars to increase revenue.  So with the price of a game and small fee each month you were promised a virtual world to live in with your character.  Content that would continuously be added because of the Subscription fee.  LIVE EVENTS which we will get to later.  All of this packed into what cost you a movie and a coke for something that supplied you daily entertainment from your own home.

Nowadays, you pay the same cost if not more for the game, and subscription fee.  You dont get the content constantly being added and barely get any LIVE EVENTS

So what are we getting for our money today?

Well, I have sat back now after being a constant gamer in MMOs for the past 10 years and watched the trend.  What is going on?  I ask myself constantly.  We have gotten to the point that we are paying more for a game and continue paying subscriptions and getting less then we use to.  On top of all that, we get games with more bugs. 

I would say QUALITY is the key word we should be looking at.  Are we truly getting quality gaming?  When i first played Asheron's Call, boy that game kept me constantly busy.  It was almost impossible to reach the end of the game.  It had my ears flowing out with Quests and dungeons.  Content was in abundance. 

Since World of Warcrafts inception, things have changed.  Blizzard found a way to get people minimal content and keep them happy by making them grind for something they can attain by doing the same "raid" dungeons over and over again.  That was the content.  What happened here was after awhile people got bored.  So they bring out an expansion which renewed that feeling.  Which cost you more money again.

But is that really content?  Is that our money's worth?  That is for you to decide.  But for

What happened to the LIVE EVENTS?

In the past, LIVE EVENTS were what kept the Virtual World from being stale and old.  It kept the world alive.  Story Line Events that brought out more quests that tied into what was happening around you in the Virtual World.  This has died down to absolutely none nowadays.  Companies are figuring out they can give less now and still get the same amount of money because gaming can be addicting. 

I have a friend who buys MMOs and tries them all non-stop.  He is completely addicted.  Looking for that one true game that will keep him around.  Which leads to the next question.

Has this trend become a "Get Rich Quick" theme?

I would hope not but current trend is showing it as one.  How many games we see that came and failed just as hard but made their money.  They made tons of Box sales.  Made a good month or two in subs.  then start to fall hard.  Is this our fault or the companies?  Think about this for a bit.  If you are company and know if you put in a year or two work and promised millions.  Would you do it?  who wouldnt?  Well that is whats happening. These games are basing off of a "pump a game out quick", so we can make the big bucks before the game dries up.  SOE (as an example) can contest on how many games they pumped out quickly before they were truly ready for launch.  Actually can make a huge list of games that did this. 

So if we know this, why do we still buy the games?  why aren't we demanding better quality?  Why do we buy the game when we know its not ready for launch? 

Maybe as a consumer we need to stop buying right away and waiting for them to finish.  Would you buy a bike that has a pedal missing?  i mean you can sit on it, play with it.  But it wont be very fun if you cant ride it around town.  Why do we accept it because its a game? I will leave that up to you to figure out.

Me, I have taken the approach of not buying any game at launch now.  I wait it out and see if the game is truly completed.  So the advice for the day: maybe some of you should think about doing this and putting the responsibility back on the company to start producing more quality and stop taking our money for granted.

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