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Author: whilan

The power of companies.

Posted by whilan Friday April 15 2011 at 7:19PM
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I watched a movie a few nights ago called Madea's Family Reunion. In one part the mother states (and this is about a boyfriend)

You got to forgive him, if you don't forgive him then he has power over you, he can control you.  If you forgive him then he loses that power.  If you want to be truely happy and free first forgive him, then forgive yourself.

Or something to that extent  Anyway what does this have to do with what i'm talking about?  It's people or in this case companies having power over people.

How do companies have power over people? Simple, if they produce great titles you will buy it,  This one has a lesser extent then the next one, but still, look at any company it has fans, some more so then others, they can control them to an extent but if they release a poor title for whatever reason they start to lose this control.  So it's fleeting at best.

But what about the other side of the coin, or the darker side of it? If a company scorns you in any way (i'll throw out a few here, uh cryptic with Champions, sony with SWG, Funcom with AoC)  at least some people will never forgive them, regardless of the game.

I saw a thread in the swtor forum in which a poster named EA no less then 3 times as their reason for not wanting to play a game.  Regardless if the game might have been fun this is a stumbling block.  They may just be using filler reasons but if a person just turns a game down by a company having their name on the box without looking at the game at all (this is not the same person) they have power over that person

At this point it came to me that these companies they hate so much, the companies that they say they will NEVER do business with because of something they did in the past.  While the scorn may be warrented, they are still unable to let go of it, many years later...many many years later to some.  For a company to have that much power over a person after so much time is real power, it's a true force to be reckon with to be able to affect someone so much that without ever seeing them or talking to them or even interacting with them beyond software to be able to force them to not buy a product by a mere logo and what it represents seems to be one of the most powerful abilities ever.

Granted it won't get them additonal sales and they'd prefer the former of liking a product however they still have power...until the people just let it go and decide to judge games on their own merit instead of wether a title like NCsoft or cryptic or whathave you (yes even EA) is on the box cover or not.

At least this is the case when it comes to software.