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Author: whilan

Sub comparision telling success or failure.

Posted by whilan Saturday March 5 2011 at 10:18PM
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Welcome to my second blog post.

This time i take a look at game comparisions.  Most specifically when one game is compared to another to guage the possible success or failure of upcoming or recently released game.

What do I mean by this?

Lets say X game has just come out and it's doing rather well.

Fan of X game states numbers in attempt to hype up or get others to play the game as well.

Eventually the comparision is made.

Yeah well, Game Y had just as many subs and you can see where they are nowadays (yes this line was taken from somewhere but i won't say where)

The problem with this comparision is it's just based on numbers.  Many of the reasons Y game failed may not be present in X game. Many games could have those numbers but that doesn't mean that just because X game has Z number of people that Y game had that somehow X game will fail just like Y game did.

I think this is an attempt to somehow downplay or use the reasoning that just cause you have these many numbers that doesn't mean your game doing well because games with that many have failed before.

The problem is, there are too many factors that can cause a game to fail that may not be at all related to the amount of people it has.

I'm left with the only possible reason that somehow this is suppose to indicate whether a game is good or not and makes me wonder why someone would do this in the first place.  So a game has X amount of subs why does that have to be downplayed or mean X game is immediately going to have the exact same destiny as Y game did?  How does one come by this conclusion and most of all.  Why should I care how many subs another game has compared to my game when both are different games?