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Warhammer 101

I am looking to capture the growth of an MMO from beta to polish and compare it to some of it's competators in a non judgementle point of veiw to the best of my abilities.

Author: wg675b

Month 1

Posted by wg675b Thursday October 2 2008 at 11:52AM
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I have been playing since "Open Beta" and have gone from " I'm not sure this is my thing" to "This is really kinda fun" The initial impact of this game looking too much like WoW and coming to the understanding why it has a somewhat similar look to it. As I have not played WoW since eight months after it's release I can't really comment as to it's state today and make a true comparison here any longer as it would not be entirely fair. So let's just get started with what I have observed from day one...


Character creation - The creation of your toon/character is fairly simple and definitely not complicated. You pick a face add some scars, jewelry, some skin and hair color and viola!! You have your toon, oh and don't forget your gender folks. Though some classes are gender restricted, this is by design so don't get your panties in a knot. If you really want to know why do some reading on your WH the board game and get some learning in. Reading does great things for the mind...


Questing PvE - PvE questing is something that gets you really introduced to the game and you do it to sometimes to farm for your components for your crafting, well you do it mostly for components from what I can see so far. It is not tough if you play it smart and don't "Zerg" with a magic user and agro five mobs of your same level and expect to live, and if you do live well Waaagh was on your side.


We must not forget the PQ or "Public Questing here as it may be a big factor in your play as well and can be most beneficial for both the lowbie and veteran alike. You participate in open quest that is related to what they call chapters which will update itself in your Tome of Knowledge as you play and you can read this at your leisure. As you participate you will be at the end told your level of contribution to the quest and assigned a bonus number which gets added to your roll in the quest loot bags. I say added to as there is a random roll to the component as well which will roll from less than one hundred to greater than one thousand. This means that even if you do contribute the most you may not receive any of the bags of loot and even if you did not contribute as much for what ever reason you may be the one that places first for a bag of loot. These bags of loot in the quest will vary in both number and quality to be dealt out depending on one, the size of the group and the randomness of the bag color given. Bags can vary in color mostly which equates to size from white to purple so far as I have seen. White give out some loot which may or may not be better than anything that you have more than likely not though. Green gives out uncommon loot which is more than likely better than yours even if yours is green already. Blue gives out a blue item a green and some other stuff. There is also some other colors like gold which I have no idea what it gives out yet and "Purple" this is some really nice LOOT!!! I got one of these with my Ork and it was super nice purple armor. But each of these bags is assigned to you as BOP "Bind on Pickup" and cannot be sold or traded. The influence that you earn while doing these quest as well get you some loot too. There are three tiers to every chapter and as you do more PQ's you can pick these rewards up at your local "Rally Master" which you will see clearly in most of your camps/villages/cities with a blue icon above him/her.


RvR - Realm vs. Realm arenas, these come in all types and shapes. From get the dude with the flag to capture and hold and get the guy with the flag before he captures the flags. And those are only the ones that I have seen so far. You will want to play and win these games/battles often if you are not adverse to PvP stuff as they will put you on a much faster track to leveling than questing alone, and the nice thing about this is you never have to quest again if you choose and you may still level. The part that you may need to build some tolerance for is the fact that some players/teams that you will be put together with will not understand or sometimes even care about the objectives in the arena you are in. And on top of that if the group is all over the place and does not stick together for the most part you'll not survive or more than likely even worse not win that round.


So try to ask what the objective is in the arena you are in if your new and stick together when possible as "Safety in Numbers" speaks volumes toward your groups success.


There is another aspect to this as well and that is "Zone" RvR where in every zone you are in there are "Two" objectives to try and take in which players of that "Tier" (Tiers are what divides the the level of competition so that you don't get clobbered all of the time or even be able to clobber lowbies all day. You have so far as my experience goes levels 1-11 that comprise Tier 1 and levels 12-21 for Tier 2) Any player that is too high of a tier found attacking or even helping players in a tier below them instantly become a chicken and lose the ability do anything other than squawk like a chicken.


Back to the two objectives in your zone if your side controls these they get perks like % increases what is earned in realm points and influence and some other perks as well. So these are very important to control for your side. And you don't have to Que up for these like the arena battles you just open your map look for the two little shields that are either colored white or red depending who controls them now. You just walk toward those little Shields and when you are close you will get a counter on your screen that lets you know in seconds you will be flagged for RvR in which anyone in that zone that is on the other side you may attack or be attacked by. So go smash some baddies for your side...


Next time we'll take a look at gear and crafting.....

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